Hollywood on strike: Justine Bateman on AI and the future of entertainment | 5 THINGS

AI technology has emerged as a sticking point for workers in the entertainment industry. Actor, writer, director, producer and computer scientist Justine Bateman joins us to share her take.

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AI technology has emerged as a sticking point for workers in the entertainment industry. Without any guardrails, writers and actors both say their work can essentially be used to train AI that can then put them out of a job. As an industry bellwether for AI’s potential to displace huge numbers of workers, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and Writers Guild (WGA) are both under contract renegotiations that are being closely watched by many outside of Hollywood. What’s really at stake here? Actor, writer, director, producer and computer scientist Justine Bateman joins host Dana Taylor to share her take.

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  1. Damn I can see through her nose into her brain 😨🫣

  2. smart lady, love listening to her.
    What irks me, too, is how our society "wastes" technology on stupid stuff, and the results are always mediocre. This grooms people into accepting mediocrity, as well as decimates a labor force/creativity, and the desire to achieve, which is at the heart of perfection. Corporations are using AI to set us all up to be lemmings.

  3. Is it ironic but does this lady actually sound like an AI

  4. What on earth is going on in the world??
    This is disgusting behaviour and lacks integrity.
    Praying for all the artists that are so gifted.

  5. Yes, I agree, time and place for tech and focus more on human creativity but 🤷‍♀️follow the 💰 trail.

  6. Very informative and interested. Thanks for sharing ☺️

  7. Human BE-ings wake up 🆙
    AI is taking over because the Mark of The Beast System is going to be introduced!!
    Anyone that wants to have the luxuries of the Matrix Material World System can continue ONLY by accepting the Mark!!!! TURN TO JESUS CHRIST FOR THE SALVATION OF YOUR SOUL!!!!! WE HUMANS THAT STILL HAVE A HEART AND SOUL must unite and love one another and help each other to RISE above this madness 😢Spiritually Speaking ❤

  8. Take this post off the air too.
    Some peeps afraid of free talking

  9. Justin Bateman Rocks!


  11. What none of these Hollywood folks get is that literally nobody else cares about your impending obsolescence.Welcome to the rest of the world. The come down will be hard.


  13. the consumer is so fed up with woke hollywood – the sentiment seems to be against the artists – but 9 out of 10 it is not the artist decision to have your all inclusive token characters of overly strong butch woman , stupid white man, and the pan sexual couple eating turkey bacon in a breakfast at tiffianys remake. it is shocking and a suprise – even though we know this power of greed ::: every person in the entertainment industry and out of the industry is entitled to their own image and voice : the right to be compensated by anyone (or thing -or corporation) using the said persons image and likeness including their unique voice ::: the truely shocking part is that this is not already a law / or is it? what must happen is an incentive based system for the mutal benifit of the artist and the profiteer i sure thought… we already did this like 15 years ago…. Guys…. WHERE ARE WE???? PAN OVER TO DINOSAURS…. no an f ing smoke monster again? okay forget it

  14. I feel boring series, poor written stories destroyed content. Ai is better, ai doesnt get stoned before a wrtting session. College wrttting education didnt prepare you for the future. Grow up. The great writers are still writing. Great actors are great actors.

  15. Hollywood has stolen the innocence of a generation of children. They defile the airwaves by glamorizing profanity, perversions, sexual immorality, sorcery, drunkenness, orgies, and debauchery. They deserve nothing. Let them enjoy the rewards of their master.

  16. …Whatdayamean they cloned Selma Hayek 👀…without CONSENT !! or Pay..oh dearlord. What the f*uk is Hollywood doing ?

  17. GOD (JESUS CHRIST) has been answering prayers. Pedophile Hollywood will go under!

  18. This is the most understandable explanation so far

  19. the very big issue is child trafficking….what is this channel…

  20. She brings up excellent points that I haven’t even thought of. That’s why we must listen to the pros.

  21. She gave a very compelling argument for why politicians should take notice – because their jobs are also subject to replacement by AI. This should be repeated in the media ad nauseum.

  22. Justine IS 100% right! AI is going to do away with a LOT of our everyday normals!

  23. My dream is that a Disney AI robot goes out of control and destroys the entire city. Go Go Godzilla!

  24. GOOD I hope they go on strike and stay on strike – actually, I would like 99% of all of Hollywood disappear – it's time. I'm fed up with most of what comes out of Hollywood and they are clearly disconnected from the average citizen. Many of us are beyond tired of hollywood elites and social media constantly assaulting our conscience with over the top brutality, violence, violent sexuality, and gender bending – It's actually very RARE to find something you feel comfortable enough to sit and watch with your family. Perhaps AI can come up with something better – that's actually entertaining instead of the twisted garbage that they call "entertainment".

  25. Everything she is saying is correct from an emotional perspective and from a leverage perspective for the guilds. However, with the more technologically advanced AI systems and integrations into the internet I would argue that the feed of new ideas or content that she is referring to is completely incorrect. Every subculture ground swell comes from ideas and people discuss those at length on the Internet. This would allow for a far more accurate mirror to be held up to our society on a far more rapid basis. As to the actors likenesses, the actors have a hard choice similar to the music industry decades ago. Sell their likeness and make small residuals (think Spotify) or the AI will generate a similar looking actor or actress (think about the hundreds of look alikes on a typical casting couch ie need a Blonde, mid twenties with similar build to Riece Witherspoon) that they can promote for decades across multiple movies who will never age allowing for fan loyalty to remain. I personally grew up idolizing Sly and Schwarz and now they are old. Imagine never having to watch Rambo age. The studio doesn't need the actors likeness in the long run, they only need it during the transition period as they transition fans to pure fictional AI characters they can own in perpetuity who the fans will love after a few movies as long as the quality is there. This battle is lost as soon as the quality of production is presentable.

  26. Wow I was thinking about moving to LA to pursue a career in screenwriting but my dad been telling me their on strike I agree I’m tired of seeing the same shit which is why I’m writing books I want them into a tv series I’ll get it together myself it seems like so much craziness is going on ✍🏾

  27. Hollywood has been dead for a long time.🤘

  28. So dumb. All writers ave their work "fed into" other artists who then draw on it to create their own "original" work. This is essentially gorse and buggy drivers striking against automobiles. Stop resisting tech. You can still act if you want. Just might not get the pay you wish .Allow those willing to work for it to take what they will. Most Hollywood writers are trash anyway. Actors too.

  29. Thanks Justine well said ❤

  30. Most actors and writers can afford to strike but what about all of the people make $15 – $20 an hr. They will suffer the most. They are not getting more money or better benefits

  31. Great interview I went to high school with both Justine and her husband both good people and she is so on top of it all. BUT interviewer please lookin the camera with your nose down all I see is your nose hiles! Distracting seriously

  32. Replacing directors?? That is CRAZY!!

  33. The pornography industry would follow soon. Ai is devastating.

  34. Too bad the Hollywood elite never thought about that when the average working person was phased out their jobs when robotics took over manufacturing… So i should feel bad that the curent robotics in the form of an AI tskes over their jobs!!!

  35. Stike as long as you 🌖 wants?

  36. A lot of people are actually glad about this. Hollywood has been putting out such woke trash for the last few years. Sane people and our children need a break.