Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Homan: Nobody's done more for the country to protect Americans than Trump

Thomas Homan, former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), discusses the end of birthright citizenship and Trump’s immigration victories. #FoxBusiness

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  2. Hell yeah! President TRUMP has made America great again! Keep America Great! Trump 2020

  3. It is all about anchor babies 👶 and then receive benefits as American born citizens

  4. Love Homan, a true Patriot. These fake US birthright citizenships are so criminal & fraudulent! Especially, since they have no loyalty to the US.

  5. Right on! HOORAY for President Donald Trump!!!🙂❤🇺🇸👍👏

  6. Mexico is getting sick of these people too!

  7. President Donald Trump is saving America… Best President ever and under such pressure from every direction. A very special man!!

  8. I heard women from many countries are doing that, including those of our nearby overseas countries. You name it.

    Birth right citizenship should be NO MORE!
    Anchor babies – should be NO MORE!
    ILLEGALS should be DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY – AFTER facial recognition, finger prints, DNA.

  10. The 14th Amendment Section 1. for babies born to citizen parents, emancipated slaves also being citizens. Ratified July 9, 1868.
    Everybody, get a copy of the Constitution, get two and give one to someone. Read it, you'll learn a lot.

  11. The amendment they are using is the one that gave slaves citizenship after the Civil War. They were brought here agasinst their will and abused. Illegals come here freely.

  12. President has all the rights to protect the American people from the corrupted presidential candidate.✅
    How can they put him on trial for finding out the corruption.⁉️

  13. President Trump has done more for Americans than any other Presidents

  14. Totally agree…ICE, ICE, baby…"TRUMP/PENCE 2020"!!!

  15. Who is paying fpr this???. Outraged. Time we stand up..

  16. That smile is proof that our President is on the right track….!!!!

  17. The Trump administration has sooo much common sense, something extremely rare in the left.

  18. 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020-24🇺🇸🇺🇸
    By a landslide!!!!!!!!

  19. Please ice, get these people the hell out of country!!!!!! Illegals and Refugees must go!!!!

  20. Trump protects us from people experts, criminologists and labor economists, tell us lower the crime rate and improve the economy. He also protects us from clean air, clean water, and health insurance. Trump protects us from old age, through a lower life expectancy.

  21. Thanks Tom for the great work you do! I couldn’t stand the way AOC tried to pigeonhole you! Your a good Man and a great American!

  22. No More Anchor Babies To Secure Citizenship!!!
    Finally Some Common Sense!!!
    Homan Says It Like It Is!!!


  24. George Soros needs to be hung for treason

  25. I always say if either parent is not a u.s. citizen their child isn't a citizen, it only applies if one parent is a u.s citizen then maybe the child is a citizen! I remember when president Reagan said if an illegal alien has a child here they are not entitled to benefits or they are not considered a u.s citizen!!!!! Trump 2020!!!!

  26. Glad to see the Mexican Southern border patrols swinging clubs……… the are getting invaded too.

    The tit has gone dry, the milk in the land of Milk and Honey has gone sour.
    Stay in your own country and fight to get it fixed.
    Don’t come here illegally with your problems.

    Trump 2020…..MAGA


  28. Nobody but Trump! Nobody! Thank God!

  29. Nobody’s don’t less for the American people than the Dems

  30. Democrats are traitors of America people because they care more about illegal immigrants and make us pay for all their cost. How is that benefiting us? Even worse is they distort the news by their fake media and these black racist Democrats pretend to care when they don’t even care about their own people and violence in the inner cities, like Baltimore, Chicago and such. If there are an American citizen and an illegal immigrant needing the help for whatever reason and the camera is filming them, they will push away the American citizen just to get help to the illegal immigrant. Just idiotic and hateful.

  31. And guess who pay for this? You and I.

  32. Can we make them take pregnancy tests instead of just asking them?

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