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HOME DELIVERIES & LUXURY HANDBAG GIVEAWAY! // Vlogmas Day 11 // Fashion Mumblr

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Paloma Blue pyjamas –
Pearl huggies – [USE CODE JOSIE10 FOR 10% OFF] Cream rollneck (similar) –
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Sweaty Betty leggings –
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  1. You have a ganglion cyst on your wrist. My friend had that it from over use usually. It’s harmless but you will probably have to get it removed.

    Sorry for the weird comment. Love all your videos!!

  2. Lipstick is beautiful and Phinella is on your chest of drawers in your bedroom #wakingup. Why didn’t you sleep in Chiswick for the delivery? 🎅🏻🎄🇦🇺☀️

  3. You really suit the red lipstick .. also very Christmassy… Phinella on your drawers in bedroom … I also let the ads run now .. very little helps and worth the fab content we get from you ! And the Aspinal bag looks gorgeous ❤️

  4. Phinella has a birds eye view from the fire mantle piece of the new chest of drawers and, yes, of those very tall lamps!
    Loving the vlogs Josie 💕

  5. Oh my god! The scary fog n the garden haha! love youu <3 always sharing your videos with my besties and my mom!

  6. The red lipstick on you, girrrrrl 😍❤️ you look wonderful xxxx

  7. I love the red lip! So festive. Finally found Phinella on the first try 😂 Shared the vlog on Twitter and Pinterest

  8. Shared this vid with my friends on iMessage and WhatsApp 🎄🎅❄️❤️

  9. Love the red lip looks amazing on you love your channel love from Ireland x

  10. Shared via text to friends and family

  11. Shared on my Instagram @just_alittlereno spotted Phinella on your chest of drawers right at the beginning of the vlog. Loving the finding phinella 😊

  12. Hi Josie. The wrist lamp is most likely a lipoma. I have the same currently and I’m awaiting consultant appointment. Benign and nothing to worry about but can be removed. I am so enjoying vlogmas. Absolutely adore your two boys. 💕

  13. Hiii, I love your videos and you. I also shared your video with my friends on WhatsApp 😊😊

  14. I shared it to all my closeted friends and family- they love your yt Chanel. Instagram: torii0310

  15. Forgot to say phinella was on the bath yesterday and the chest of drawers this morning 🥰🥰🥰. (I have added a link to your vlogs via my Facebook – hope it works as I’m not as tech savy as I thought 🤣🤣) fingers crossed 🤞

  16. Love your videos . Beautiful and cozy home . One of your subscriber from Sydney Australia . Originally from kabul Afghanistan. 🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫💐

  17. Josie – the more natural lipstick’s are much more ‘you’. I agree with you those bedroom lamps are too tall and too modern for that beautiful room – am sure you will find something you ‘love’ for there instead. I am blaming you for getting me ‘addicted’ to cauliflower soups – am loving them and find myself making a huge cauliflower & broccoli cheese on Sunday so there will be some to turn into a yummy creamy soup on Monday’s 🤣🤣. It might have been an idea to have stayed in the Chiswick flat the night before the sofa’s arrived – to be sure of being there – perhaps you can stay overnight next week when they are due as your friends will have left by then. Love the Aspinal bag – ❤️. I can’t believe you don’t know who Ronnie Barker is 😱🤣😱🤣😱. So loving the Cotswold misty days – and all your vlogs – make me smile every day. Your dinner looked yum – and was called ‘piccalilli spiced rice’ because some of the ingredients are what you use when making piccalilli 🥰. Have a fabulous weekend you two ❤️

  18. Love Vicar if Dibley! In South Carolina we watch Public TV which features a lot of U.K. shows as well as Britbox. My husband and I watch more U.K. shows than U.S.!!! Love the nightstands. Red lipstick very festive & looks great on you!🙋🏻😀🎄

  19. Picalilli is a pickle made from all the ingredients you added to your 'picalilli rice' – looked yummy 💕

  20. I love the puppy love, 
    ps that's probably a Ganglion Cyst on your wrist

  21. Pink bedroom looks so lovely…expect those lamps….completely agree with you! Xx

  22. I’m doing my maths A-level exam this year and I literally never put my Casio calculator down… can’t escape it

  23. I really fell in love with that lipstick, such Christmassy vibes! However it seems I cannot find the "At Dusk" shade you are wearing, is it a new one?

  24. Phinella spotted 😬 I even went back to look lol! Shared as always and going to insta and tweet 😊😊😊 thank you josie! X

  25. Her vlogs give me lifee😭❤️❤️❤️

  26. Phinella was on you bedside stand. I love tge red lip and don't worry about shortening the vlogs. They are perfect.

  27. The red lipstick suits you so much ❤️ You look stunning!

  28. I love your vlogs during this festive season🎄💫✨and enjoying myself so much look for phinella🪶 thanks for spreading Some festive joy🎉🎁🎄sharing with Messenger; to Challenge my friends to finding phinella alsswell🙈🤩👌💓

  29. The red lip is stunning on you😍

  30. I was thinking about the murder mystery comment while you said it ha ha ! But it’s still a beautiful place you live in . Those lamps are way too big for a side table … get small vintage ones

  31. You are correct those lamps are awful for that room. It’s better to remove them now they spoil the whole look of this lovely room. Charlie what were you thinking of?

  32. Poor communication from Dwell! Under the circumstances of your move, their late delivery and co vid, you would think they would be more flexible and understanding.

  33. I so feel with you Josie re sofa and furniture. I was in similar situation in April/May, with sofa being late, then wrong, then would not fit through the door and I had to pay for redelivery and crane etc. then delivery men would not want to come up because of COVID 🤷🏻‍♀️gosh, as you say, inconveniences that we don’t need. I got my sofa in November. Sending you positive vibes by FedEx to get yours soon, greetings from Dublin xo p.s. you are only 10K close to your milestone!

  34. Hehe you’re watching my vlog whilst I’m watching yours, this is so wholesome 🤍

  35. Couln't you just sleep in the chiswick flat the night before the delivery, then you will definitely be there when the furniture arrives?:)

  36. Here's 10p from me, to get treats for dickie and dexie😋😁

  37. You really do make my day, I’m either watching before I go to work at the hospital or on my lunch break so not to miss vlogmas ☺️ the little lump on your hand is a ganglion, my daughter has had one removed and another one drained, quite common not harmful and usually caused through repetitive strain. Please don’t be bashing it with a bible as they used to do in the olden days 😂 xxx

  38. Arh, that look you gave Dexter 🤗🥰 pure love! ❤️ ✨

  39. Josie I can assure you your hours and hours of editing pays off you always make wonderful vlogs xxx

  40. phinella yesterday at the tub and today at the dressing table 00:22!! #findingphinella

  41. I love the red lipstick, you need to wear more bold lip colours, they look beautiful on you. By the way that lump on your right wrist looks like a ganglion, they usually settle themselves so don’t worry PS am a doctor.

  42. Red lipstick is perfect on you!!❤️💖

  43. #FindingPhinella today at the beginning on your bedroom chest of drawers and yesterday in the bath 🛀 🐦 🥰 p.s. the red lip looks stunning on you

  44. In yesterdays video #finella was on your bathtub while you were refreshing your makeup and in todays video was on the firepkace mantel💕💕

  45. I wonder why there're no curtains on the window. Curtains add so much warmth and elegance to the room. Without it the windows look like sad black holes at night.

  46. #findingphinella. Bath and pink mantle. I’m keeping everything crossed for a thermomix 🥰🤞

  47. how on earth do you eat what you eat and stay so slim!? I look at pasta and gain 10lbs.

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