Homeless camping ban passed in Portland

Portland’s city council has passed a ban targeting homeless encampments, forbidding them from being on public property during the day. NBC’s Aaron Gilchrist reports.

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  1. For whatever it's worth due to the court system I was homeless and Denver a decade ago I had to stash my pack everyday in the bushes somewhere so I didn't have to carry it around

  2. Make a homeless shelter then 🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. Aren't the illegals crossing the border getting put up in hotel rooms at U.S. taxpayers' expense? 🤔 But we can't help our own citizens? Huh.

  4. How bad do you think it will get when Artificial Intelligence takes 90% of jobs away? Banning homeless camps isnt the answer. Let the working class of people keep more of their earned wages. You tax the rich less than the poor. Until you start wanting real change, its only going to get worse… much worse. Amazon is killing the American dream single handedly with their non union low wage 20 hr work weeks. If a company this profitable wont share the wealth… who will? Jesus please help us all.

  5. They are working on a process that turns homeless people into yacht fuel. That will solve the problem.

  6. Wish Ohio would do this.

  7. Their just voting on anything because they want a salutation, but this isn't iT. 0pen All of those abandoned buildings that have just been dormant for years. Then, create a program that HELPS 0ur homeless people not move them around day to day!)🔴🙄

  8. Meanwhile the US military………………………….$1, 000, 000,000, 000 for American freedom to be homeless……..per year

  9. Where are the social programs to help citizens???

  10. There are a few things in this article that are completely faults number one is nobody forced anybody to be homeless and secondly minimum wage is not supposed to cover rent it is not supposed to be a livable wage it is a beginning a position salary it is for lower-level employees by the time you're in your forties or fifties or whatever you should not be a lower level employee

  11. I have been "homeless" over 75 times when I was in the middle of moving from one state or country to another. While in transit I could be homeless for a week. Motel, car in a rest stop along I-10? Normal when moving from SF to NOLA or Hawaii? Everytime I moved to Hawaii I didn't know where I was going to live. But I ALWAYS FOUND a place. Why is everyone so broken these days? Cellphones? I used to do all my interactions face to face. What's different no authentic Personality. AI makes you nothing but a blip.

  12. Not too long ago in America there were rooming houses and people would gladly live with roommates because that is what that time in their life called for. Aside from mental health and addiction I don't understand why some people view being Homeless as having freedom, because you are infringing on the rights of others to live. Nobody wants any personal rules or order in their life but then don't understand why their lives are falling apart.

  13. Thats the america i know…give em the boot and help no one

  14. Fantastic news! Hope other cities follow and they have the courage to enforce the rule

  15. Accommodating the issue was never the answer. Will this scone enforced? My guess is no.

  16. They should bring them to the activists’ homes since they want to help so bad!

  17. Took the fear of a multi-million dollar court judgment to enforce the law.

  18. Things get a little worse a little at a time, giving people time to get used to it, time to get distracted or forget that people are suffering. Your choices are to feel sorry for yourself while dying a slow agonizing death, or to get shot trying to make a change for the better. We need to not forget the French revolution.

  19. Destabilize their life? Right….they've poisoned the Willamette Rivers with trash and drug needles, caused a biohazard by shi**ing in the streets, caused various fires in the city, trashed the parks, caused environmental issues, and the list goes on. SO EXCUSE US IF WE WANT THE CITY TO BE STABLE AND CLEAN. No more excuses, clean it up.

  20. Atheist are such heartless people.

  21. Kick the people down the road, just sell your soul already! We kick cans down the road because we can’t come together enough to address these issues (problems). Find a place/way/method. Communes worked in the 60s.

  22. He has been homeless for 10 years? Join the Army, he won't be homeless anymore.

  23. Why don’t all of you who voted for this and I’m talking about Democrats. Put the homeless into the empty five-star hotel’s or in the many empty commercial buildings that used to be thriving businesses that used to serve the communities and now have left the state.

  24. thats good! you guys are commendable for being sympathetic to the homeless problem. They are HUMANS who the majority of them struggle with addiction and mental problems. But you see the solution is not in tolerance and looking the other way while it negatively effects the economy and the rest of its citizens. There is no harm in seeing what doesn’t work, and that still dosent change you character or compassion for people🤘there needs be a deep rooted change in minimum wage and access to healthcare and mental health.

  25. I'm 66 and have chronic medical conditions and if it were not for my adult child taking me in, I would be homeless and probably die within a week. Something has give folks. The majority of the homeless are homeless through no fault of their own. Why not let the city buy a piece of land that these homeless can live on, away from the businesses who are complaining. I've seen some cities building tiny houses or individual shelters for their homeless. Why can't the state's budget for the same thing?

  26. No jobs and no camping in Portland Oregon where forests

  27. How are you going to fine homeless people $100? I am in favor of the no camping in daytime part of the law, but this has alway been the catch22 with the homeless. There is no way to punish them. do you take a homeless person and put them in jail that costs 10x as much as just housing them? How are you going to enforce a $100 fine..

  28. OHHHH wow maybe lower rent!!!!! i know wild idea

  29. Ideology meets reality. Compassion begins to recede as self interest is impacted.

  30. The 10-year guy not looking for a job or something that's crazy we are allowing this

  31. It’s like addressing climate change, no one wants to take on the heavy initial cost for a cheaper cost in the long run (and prosperity of humanity).

  32. Seems like a nice place

  33. I wonder how these do-gooders who resist this type of law would feel if the street they live on was infused with old RV's and tent communities. Get a spine people, the homeless will take the easy route if you let them.

  34. Just find a better place

  35. This is their solution to the homeless issue? Instead of helping the homeless, they're going to harass them and make their already nightmarish lives worse? Haven't they suffered enough? What is wrong with this country?!!! America is one of the worst countries in the world and this proves it!

  36. maybe you should ban people and property management companies, etc from pruchasing, renting out, owning, etc more than 2 residences. maybe that would actually make the market freer and the working class would have something to work towards. because how it is now, theres no point in working. you still will never be able to afford buying a home. and renting makes you give up because your wages you work so hard for go to nothing but a lazy landlord middleman making us pay off his mortgage and pay him profit for doing nothing but hoarding houses.

  37. Politicians be like: "We've banned being homeless. Now these people will just buy homes and all the problems will be solved!!" 😁

  38. Lol. Oh you passed a law? Well, wouldn't it be nice if laws were actually enforced?


  40. Fine $100 dollars to homeless people makes sense 😅 yeah good luck portland

  41. Imagine banning the homeless and not homelessness.
    Homelessness is a failure of the state.
    If homelessness is illegal, it is the governor who must spend time in prison for each hour a man is on the street.

  42. People who don't live or work in these area want to protest, yet again. This is the same thing with the BLM coming into black communities and asking for less police whenever the people in those communities want more cops. SMH

  43. Ban homeless camping 24 hours a day, this is stupid. The police will not enforce this ban, Portland has a shortage of police. It was BLM protest and defund police movement.

  44. @2:43-44 “we all want the same thing, right?”
    NO. Homeowners often want EQUITY. housing supply increases might slow the rate of Equity APPRECIATION. therefore some USAians do WANT HOMELESSNESS…of ‘others.’

  45. Address the drug epidemic; convert empty buildings into *affordable housing that are not multi-use with retail; raise the fkn minimum wage; vote Republicans OUT as all they want to do is put people in jail which solves nothing and cost tax payers more. And where are people going to get the money for fines? I'm a San Francisco native and moved to Portland in October 2020 when I was 50, because I was so incredibly sick and tired of working to death with nothing to show for it, dealing with so many rude angry people, traffic/commuting, insane cost of living, etc.. Most people are one paycheck away from being homeless. SF and the Bay Area died long ago, beginning in mid-90s with the dot-commies invading and gentrification ensued thanks to Mayor Ed Lee who gave them free reign. *Can't afford to live here, then leave became the motto of non-natives. And now look at SF! GREED profit before people! And don't' think it's just San Francisco, Portland, LA. All major metropolitan cites are dealing with the exact same issues

  46. The same "concerned citizens" also block affordable housing