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HOMEWARE HAUL // Moving Vlogs Episode 52 // AD

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This video is in collaboration with Amazon! Watch me turn a cardboard box into #morethanabox, making a lovely little gift box. There’s some more fun ideas and inspiration here:

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  1. The dresser in your bedroom: Stack some beautiful boxes in the middle, a tall lamp on the left side and a lovely sculpture on the right

  2. What a lovely DIY! Am going to try this!

  3. Loving the new cushions!!! Loving the pink and green together!

  4. I think there are too many patterns happening with those pillows, the new ones would look great in the pink bedroom. You can't freeze herbs but you can dry them out – if you leave them spread out on a tray in for a couple of weeks or hanging upside down in a bunch.

  5. Potentially odd video request, but I wondered if you could do a video on affordable workwear attire that in keeps with your style? I wear similar colours and style of clothes to you. My work have cracked down on their uniform policy so it’s now only knee length skirts and dresses, smart tops etc but I don’t have the budget to buy a whole new wardrobe or buy really expensive clothes 🤷🏼‍♀️ or do you have any brand recommendations? 🥰

  6. Have you considered getting some of those plug-in insect repellents? We live in Australia and have a couple and we very rarely see a spider inside. Apparently they omit a very high pitched sound that cannot be heard by humans or animals ears

  7. What about in the midst of COVID? Is this Ad current?

  8. Not a pro, but it looks really nice with the headboard & your lamp shades. Looks really nice, I quite love it 🙂

  9. Since I am very creative and always have been, I have been knitting even more during the lock down, which, unfortunately has resulted in very soare wrists, hands and shoulders. So now I have taken up patchwork again and I’ll have to see how that goes. To be creative is so much part of my personality and not a day goes by without using my hands and my imagination for crafts. It gives me so much joy and pleasure to be productive and it also has a therapeutic effect, that I find hard to be without. Your little box is just so pretty. 👍🏻 I never thought I’d be seeing you doing stuff like that. So skilled.🥰 Greeting from Denmark.🇩🇰👋🏻😍

  10. Okay, you've got me. This continued mention of Soho house/farmhouse in multiple videos now requires me to research. And you mentioned that style in your video of the attic room setup. Today's video….I don't know if they're meant to be together, but the new chest and that floor lamp look great together! Drawer locks! Wonderful! Love the new floral print pillows. For me, there are too many pillows on the bed. Less pillows in larger sizes would be better. Stay away from the diagonal positioning…too harsh. For the chest, I'd opt for an easy to clean runner in a complementary color and a few always-reaching-for essentials. Nothing else. Flowers are a smart idea. One big vase with a big bouquet and tailor the aroma to relaxing and sleep-ability.

  11. I love how much certainty and confidence Charlie has every time he launches into talking about something 😂 Your dogs are so loved! Once again, your house and your life and you both are beautiful! Maybe a large vase of dried flowers or pampas on the chest of drawers 🌻

  12. Very nice vlog. Congratulations on home purchase. So nice to see what's going on in England.

  13. I love the doggy “voiceovers”! They crack me up! 🙂

  14. Dressing table needs a vase or something of that size. Try putting 2 sets of white pillows, put them upright and then lay the cushions next to them.x loved the earrings you were sent.

  15. So so happy to have another Josie vlog to catchup on! Loved the fun fact from Charlie about the Beckhams – I love them too! The new purchases for the house are gorgeousss 💗💗

  16. I would lean large mirror on the top, but mainly I would put the dresser (and the chaise longue too actually) elsewhere and open the space and let the beautiful bed shine – with this setup near the bed it looks suddenly very cluttered I think 🙂

  17. I was thinking a lovely large framed pic of you, Charlie and the boys I would think about an A4 size and then a lovely gold mirror tray where you can put your candle, jewellery that you take off before bed/bath and other bits and bobs because that way the top will remain clutter free. If you don’t fancy a framed pic then just a lovely big crystal vase Enjoy playing around with this space. 😁

  18. You know you can use the wine grape leafes for stuffed rice " dolmas".

  19. I think a large vintage looking Jug with flower s in would real give it that country house vibe. Or you could place some art work there

  20. Stack of two coffee table books (fashion?), a gold frame sitting on top and leaning against the wall, candle off to the side of the frame, then a vase with faux olive branches in it to give a bit of height!

  21. The DIY box, wow!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾

  22. Fresh flowers maybe a picture frame resting on the chest drawer ( not hanging)

  23. The chest of drawers perfect by the bed 🥰x p.s trend/classic , it does make sense, it is a trend that keeps coming & going consistently , adore those bed cushions don’t get cushions to large it would drown that beautiful headboard x on the chest of drawers , maybe faux greenery ? Fresh flowers take oxygen, but your room is massive so probably okay 👌😉xx

  24. I love the voices Josie and Charlie use for the dogs!!! Makes me laugh every time

  25. I absolutely love your home it's beautiful I think your bed would look good facing the fireplace just a suggestion

  26. I’d be interested to know if the frozen herbs worked

  27. First, I LOVE your channel. Been watching since before you moved to your new beautiful home. ❤️ I think your vision in the master bedroom is really coming together. May I recommend removing the textured pink (gasp!) cushions and keep the creams/whites, greens, golds. There is something really stunning about what you are doing and my eye is drawn to everything in those tones. I think the pink may be better elsewhere. (Because they are so beautiful) 💐

  28. What’s the plant app called? looks very handy.

  29. Loved the soho farmhouse pillows on bed, maybe just the four and move the pink ones somewhere else. Would be lovely with the green bed and the little floral bedding, would accent the pink pillows. Don't get larger pillows or you won't be able to see the back of the bed in your master. Maybe a silk flower arrangement on dresser with a pretty jewelry box for your current favorites.

  30. Wondering if a cover or cushion the size of the pillows, in the pink fabric of the cushion placed at the front, would bring the look together? Yes, larger cushions might also work.

  31. I like your More Than A Box. I might try that out, of course I don't have any of things required to make it.

  32. How about a beautiful bouquet for silk flowers on top of your drawers?

  33. Thank you for the inspiring and uplifting vlogs. Such a breath of fresh air. Can you send me the link to your amazing security cameras please?

  34. The pillow and cushion arrangement can be improverd on, I have been in the the business well over 20 years, ask your upholsterer, I am sure she will have ideas for you, the room is stylish and deseservs proper treatnent to look its best. and I Love the house, x

  35. On the drawers you could put some plant in lovely pot. Then perhaps frame or two with pictures/posters.

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