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Hong Kong is an 'embarrassment' for Xi Jinping: Scissors

American Enterprise Institute’s Derek Scissors on the protests in Hong Kong and the U.S.-China trade war.

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  1. These “experts”at Fox Business fit the description of citizens in fictional land of the blind. They each describe enthusiastically what they see in their heads and re-enforce and debate about it. It can be amusing for sighted persons to watch.

  2. 11 weeks already, it does not seem that the people of Hong Kong are going to back down from this stance

  3. The SS storm troopers waiting on the outskirts of the city. The Gestapo Chief Chen Quanguo is expanding the re-education camps in Lopnur and Karilhk counties. Wonder how many people will be tortured or disappear forever?

  4. Trump is a daily embarrassment for humanity. USA is a blight in humanity Land stolen from Native Americans

  5. And Trump is not an embarrassment to the US?

  6. Once again the US meddling where it has no business to. HK is China’s territory and China’s business only, for better or worse. As if China had an opinion about the US Deep State atrocities against Puerto Rico and started meddling in it.

  7. it looks like doing interview about China with person know nothing about China. so funny..

  8. China's XI should be embarrassed his people have to eat DOGS. What kind of leader does that make him? Democrats are baiting various countries with their promise to take back the White House in 2020 and change the terms President Trump negotiated. Filthy Democrats need to pay in 2020 Trump House and Senate.

    TRUMP 2020!!!

  10. As an asian Trump supporter, I’m so disappointed in Trump for not taking a strong stance in this HK situation. Definitely not the Trump I know.

  11. LMAO 😂 Fox News … what else

  12. Id say the Chinese have dealt with HK riots with grace so far. In the US there is no way the US gov would tolerate this kind of disorder without cracking down.

  13. Nah, it's never an embarrassment. We're just watching themselves play, we mainlanders are fine. Honestly this whole thing is nothing but foolishness.

  14. Hong Kong is screwed. Communism and independence/freedom are complete opposites. The same clash is occurring in America and in Europe. The left will always resort to violence to suppress freedom. They always have.

  15. Hong Kong is an 'embarrassment' for Xi Jinping orchestrated by the US government.

  16. Why was Trump extremely disappointed with the incident of hong kong? Has hong kong been one of the territories of the US?

  17. I think president Trump has to let China seem to have a win in order to get an agreement.

  18. I thought the first part of the title 'HK is an embarrassment for Xi Jingping' is really what fox is trying to say. The later part of the title 'scissors' means V-victory. Like Chinese girls' selfies, yay, with their fingers being V-shaped… lmao.

  19. If the HK thugs were trying to generate a sympathetic protest in China, they couldn't be more wrong in how they go about it, because Chinese in mainland are jaw dropped to the floor, thoroughly disgusted by the HK thugs, surprised that the PLA hasn't march in to stamp them thugs out in one swift blow…….

  20. The fact is that the guest does not distinguish a majority of peaceful protesters from a fraction of violent mob-turned protesters. Nobody opposes peaceful demonstrations. While most protesters are peaceful, a fraction of protesters are violent and want to become famous heroes by vandalizing police departments,throwing petrol bombs to police departments, cursing and beating Hong Kongers who do not approve of them, even preventing Hong Kongers from going to and from work and stop little children adn old people from leaving the airport. This small fraction of mobs threaten journalists not to film them because they want to get away with their violent and unlawful actions. Those mobs always wear masks because they always want to become famous heroes by doing illegal things secretly. By watching live broadcast by Hong Kong media of what the mobs have done, everybody will be disgusted by these mobs. Hong Kong police are too soft on them.

  21. It is like Venezuela, only their people are fighting for survival while hong kong people are fighting for democracy. But both are fighting for their future.

  22. The people in mainland China would only be more furious with the rioters in HK damaging virtually everything that HK represents. US must be extremely disappointed with the current situation in HK, wishing more turbulence instead of a controlled atmosphere. Oh and by the way, Trump has blinked again with the withdrawal of the 10% tariff on Chinese goods this Sept. Trade war is a beautiful thing according to your President.

  23. | Tiananmen square |
    | Tiananmen square |
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  25. Add another 10% to the tariffs if they don't back off Hong Kong… Stand up for Freedoms and liberties..

  26. Hopefully China doesn't fall for the shell game being played by the United States to be distracted by Hong Kong while it destroys another country with a independent foreign policy, Iran. Look over this way don't look over there.

  27. Siempre dispuesto a dar mi vida por la gran madre Rusia atte Iván Alejandro Cortés Aceves

  28. Atte Iván Alejandro Cortés Aceves
    La posición geográfica de México pieza clave para la Victoria RUSA y CHINA.atte Iván Alejandro Cortés Aceves

  29. The United States 🇺🇸 should NEVER have recognised the CCP as a legitimate government !

  30. Imagine, someone actually running our Country for the first time in 58 yrs. Maga


  32. Meanwhile Assange leaked evidences of thousands of people killed by US military, which embarrassed Trump. And it’s even more embarrassing when Trump says he doesn’t know what WikiLeak is. 😆

  33. Why US always play dirty work instead of fair compete?


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