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Hong Kong is facing its most serious political crisis in decades | ABC News

The tensions are rising ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

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  1. I did support them, until i watched the live stream from appletvhk in which i saw 40 photographers silently surrounding 3 black dressed hooded "boys" who stood together with almost harmless firecrackers aimed at the window of an elderly couple who had put a flag out Their Own Window supporting China. It went on for 3 minutes, pop-pop,pop, pop-pop-pop,pop. It was surreal but also so lame. When their toys fizzled out, they ran off like heroes?

  2. Whites are being replaced globally with immigration and domestic policies. Report the news before we remove you and get someone who will. You've been warned.

  3. Then China sends troops in and kills everybody..

  4. Shame on you ancient pig Xi Jinping. Let Hong Kong people free. Peace be with Hong Kong. Regards, from Perth, Australia.

  5. That flake of a newswoman doesn't give a shit.

  6. America never ever ever give up your guns!

  7. Communism is a cult. HK wants to leave LET THEM LEAVE

  8. Ready don't know what's wrong with these protesters..

  9. I can feel the disappointment here, No matter how hard these "freedom fighters " try, No Chinese troops, no martial laws.

  10. The U.S. should cut off all trade with mainland China and all their student visas until they recognize Hong Kong and Taiwan as independent nations!

  11. Sadly America helped to raise and feed the dragon that threatens to now consume Hong Kong. Bill Clinton said 25 years ago that China will become our friend and ally. Lol, the Clintons selling out America one more example.

  12. They won't report on what's happening in Paris…

  13. Coup d'Etat: The Philippines Revolt – 1986

    Hong Kongers should watch this for their protests to be successful.

  14. The tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots every once in awhile.

  15. Mainlanders just chill and enjoy the 70th celebration while watching the protestors beating up police and anyone who voice against them.

  16. The unelected CCP violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration, put 3 million Uyghurs in concentration camps (can you say genocide?), poison the world with fentanyl exports, defaulted on their sovereign debt.  Why would HK want to be a part of China w/ the CCP still in power?

  17. HK is highly educated, and they weren't subject to CCP brainwashing from birth. It's logical that they would want democracy, freedom and rule of law. The sorry chaps in mainland China don't know any better.

  18. So you think the 1989 Tiananmen Square was an anomaly?

  19. I heard many are Christians who are resisting the godless communist in Beijing.

  20. Go Hongkongers go! The world will stand side by side with you.

  21. Lets face it,some of these protesters just want to get some. Most just dun have a good excuse.what would you do if you can do whatever and get away with it? Cut the hongkong police some slack


  23. Where is Gordon Freeman…

  24. Jackie Chan is anti Hong Kong.

  25. Come on CITIZENS of CHINA keep on FIGHTING show the GOVERNMENT who runs the COUNTRY

  26. You'll see some of the footage in the next Apocalypse movie for sure🤭

  27. Democracy is at times a joke

  28. Take note Leftists: This is what happens when you suppress free speech.

  29. The right of revolution (or right of rebellion) is the right or duty of
    the people to best secure their interest and the interest of future
    generations in a direction that best guarantees their best chances of
    freedom, self expression and autonomy against authoritarian rule. Stated
    throughout history in one form or another, this aspiration of the human
    spirit has lead to such events as the French Revolution, the Russian
    Revolution, and the America Revolution. Now in the 21st century it is
    finding it's way worldwide among the youth that would have amazed and
    have delighted the greatest minds and philosophers of the 19th and 20th

    The people of Hong Kong have long enough have had their history written for them from the mainland of China and Great Britain,
    now, in the 21st century they are finally able to take up the pen themselves and write the next chapter – their own story.

  30. China wants democratic rule, of course the people in power are dead set against it, they don't want the citizens to have any say or to elect popular leaders because if that happens a whole lot of party hacks will be out of a job. So they will end up doing what they always do which is to use a military solution

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE IN HONG KONG ?   Watch the video to get to know them !

    Sometimes they are so peaceful, sometimes they are so violent.
    Sometimes they are innocent citizens, sometimes they are vicious thugs.
    Sometimes they need to be peaceful and innocent to face the bias media (local and foreign) cameras,
         sometimes they show their true color of violence and viciousness to terrorize those who dissent and are law abiding.
    But one thing they always do on a daily basis is DESTRUCTION, not CONTRIBUTION, to the society. 
    And their actions are fully funded by your US tax dollars…NED

  32. Jesuit CIA behind all human tragedy.

  33. if want there freedom they going fight for it

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