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Hong Kong markets taking a hit from protests

FBN’s Susan Li with the latest on the protests in Hong Kong and their impact on the city’s markets and economy.

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  1. Stupid protest.

    Firstly not doubting sincerity of most of the protesters but frankly a very silly affair.

    China doesn't have to do anything.

    They can just let Hong Kong waste away. There are enough cities in mainland that can replace it now.

    Ridiculous to see British flag the old colonial power who repressed the HK people and never gave them any freedom until it was frankly time for Chris Patten to score political points back home.

    The original intent was to stop the extradition treaty (a treaty with enough safe guards built in). That was effectively suspended by the HK govt.

    Now its just all manner of greivances being aired and unrealistic goals likely at expense of HK's future.

    The only thing HK has that stand sit apart from the mainland is its rule of law. Now if that is being questioned and undermined, businesses are going to vote with their feet across the border. HK will be hollowed out.

    Just my opinion. No beef in the fight.

  2. America should always help countries fighting for liberty and freedoms. Help Hong Kong if we are going to help.. Get out of Afghanistan. It's a waste of time and money..

  3. what a sad day for him he is hk future hero 🤣

  4. STOP! Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc… What do you really need it for??? "Likes", Ego and phony pretend "friends" ??? You are letting these "pimple faced nerds" dictate, influence and control your life and the world… do you really want a pimple faced d¤uchebag like "Mark Zuckerf¤ck" and likes telling you what to do ? you're giving them power over YOU, the day they don't like what you do or say and block your account you're F¤cked ! PeOpLe ClOsE YoUr AcCoUnTs !!! and start living !

  5. The people of Hong Kong will soon lose their freedom. China a communist country will eventually take it away from them.

  6. Typical write trash media…where is the democracy and freedom of content that you preach..lol.. controlling other people's content because you disagree with them and conveniently label them as "misinformation "…what a joke ..Fox News, the leading employer for journalists from GUTTER University.

  7. Honey? ….what happened to your lips?….let me put some soothing ointment on them for you.

  8. China meddling in our elections. Where’s the democrat outrage? China is not our friend and will harvest your organs. Just wait and they will bring the violence against its own citizens. Communist leaders will crush this insurrection and harvest their organs. A good heart for a transplant brings $150,000. A good liver cost $100,000 and there is no waiting in line like in America. Next day service packed in dry ice.

  9. Huawei smart phone will soon turn into toddler play toy !

  10. People talk so much about China, has zero ideas about China. Thanks for the Internet.

  11. Does anyone remember why they started to protest? Does anyone go to check whether it is reasonable enough for them to continue the protest? It is always easy to take a side, especially your side, and judge others but it is always hard to think which on the earth is the best for the people inside this mess. Best wishes for Hongkong.

  12. It is really surprising to see so many people stand for those violent protesters. They damaged public properties, use children as shields, use weapons like the laser pens, harmed the innocent people (like drivers) and police and even their own allies (and then blame it for the police). They are not like the peaceful protest that may in your mind. Who gives them the right to hurt other people no matter if they are on the same side or not?

  13. Sue Lee, what did you do to your face??😂😂🤣

  14. 中共惡系列.願國際抵治

  15. Hong Kong the protestors of SHEthePeople and China is very conservative of decapitating transgenders! Why Hong Kong govt delays in handing over immorals to China? Hong Kong Clean up your Census count and deport the fraud/false into their parents shelter homes/resorts.

  16. Shut up you recession pushing open border fake fox news skank

  17. xi has the power to fix this so easily….NO TRADE TALKS with United States until this is addressed!
    Hong Kong wants FREEDOM! We want Freedom for them as well!

  18. The mask look like panda isn't it

  19. And you call that freedom of speech? what a joke.

  20. Soon people try to get money. Banks close. No money in bank. Credit card denied! Can’t pay rent, cant buy food. Can’t pay cell bill. Work can’t pay salary. No work. No school. No electricity. No nothing. Can’t go to mainland. Border closed. So what? No police. No govt. Now what?

  21. Hong Kong is an isolated Chinese island whose economic impact on China has declined to nothing compared to other Chinese mega cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, etc. most investment holdings in Hong Kong were transferred out years ago as the plans to orchestrate this INCIDENT was being formulated. China is massing troops on the border to keep people from leaving the island and entering the mainland. when banks close, power is shut down, airport shut down, and chaos and anarchy ensues. Then you will have millions without food or water, no money, no country will take them because of their radical views and methods. End of story for Hong Kong. Tycoons laughing in their mansions in Europe and Bahamas. All their money is in foreign banks and investments.

  22. Just obsoletely stay away from China. Never expect the Communist to be kind to outsiders. do be fool.

  23. Put the big squeeze on them young dumb brainwashed leftist.

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