Thursday , January 27 2022
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Hong Kong offers $2.4B stimulus package to appease protesters

FBN’s Susan Li on Hong Kong’s economic contraction and the government’s stimulus program.

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  1. How about 2.4B bitcoin? You are just going to print it anyway.

  2. Are the commie Chinese offering to put diapers on the people of Hong Kong to take care of them with free stuff? Yeah, we all know what it means to be infantilized by a government, it's called welfare, and a trap to loose your freedom. Don't accept it, Hong Kong.

  3. Funny how Macron tried to buy off the Yellow Vest protesters as well. It only pissed them off more. Money means nothing if you're still a slave to the man.

  4. Hong kong is losing their special tax status, the chinese government was using Hong Kong's special tax status to avoid paying any us taxes on all their business dealings, USA stopped that this year and just after protests started. China doesnt see hong kong as being any different or special then all other chinese cities so that's why they are closing in on hong kong. USA has nothing to do with protests, we are watching as spectators only

  5. I thought they said it’s a nonviolent protest

  6. The US is busy making friends with Middle East dictators like Saudi, one of the worst human rights violator on this planet. Meanwhile, someone here is talking “value of freedom” blah blah. What’s wrong with you people?

  7. Living costs are so high in that city, plus the cultural marginalization of the local Cantonese culture by the mainland language and culture and now the increasing attempts of political assimilation to the mainland. That has obviously become too much for even the otherwise very unpolitical and "docile" Hongkongers. These cash "bribes" are regarded as such and make matters even worse.

  8. People died got injured/arrested and suffered permanent eye injures and the SAR government think they can just pay their way out instead of actually listening to the people.

  9. is America want all this Hong Konger??????

  10. That money is coming from China.. lol… Those that take the money will soon disappear.. To a camp in China making $3 a day. Lol

  11. I’d rather live in dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery – Thomas Jefferson

  12. I really hope it takes more than that to buy their freedom cuz that's what they given up

  13. I support the protesters in Hong Kong ! Communist China, go to hell !

  14. Sad that they try to buy the Hong Kong people. Freedom and Sovereignty is worth soo much more…ask yourself this…who is the master of your ship? Your choice.. pick wisely…

  15. Take the money to buy more protest equipments! 😬

  16. As the Economist magazine recently pointed out: “Free speech is hard won and easily lost, and neither of the world’s superpowers – American and China – is likely to stand up for it.” How true that is. Nowadays, free speech is worth jackshit.

  17. It is wrong strategy… should not give the sweeteners here …. the protester is funded by the good Hong Kong economy of their parents… only the non protester is the one still working hard have no time to come out and protest.. Guess you need to sacrifice some economic progress in order to teach your Hong Kong kids a lesson.

  18. US is funding the riot. There will be a UN investigation.

  19. Power to the HK people! The brave HK protesters, the Nelson Mandelas of today, are fighting for freedom and a better tomorrow! HK forever!

  20. $2.4 billion has a limit but the price of freedom is forever. Don't take it. Keep fighting our brave brothers and sisters.

  21. When so many people are protesting like that is evident that the problem is the government. Free Republic of Hong Kong!

  22. Don’t take the printed HK dollars …buy bitcoin

  23. Did you ever play that game when you tight a line on the money and you pull it someone followed and when they get closer you are laughing. Nice trick!

  24. Just like the Democrats want to do. Give us all the power and we'll give you some free stuff!

  25. Why are comments disabled on the Epstine video?

  26. Please don’t give up The people of Hong Kong keep fighting !!!

  27. They are protesting communism and China's offer to end it is a gigantic check for all comrades.

  28. 自由风景线,枪杀美利坚。
    usa has freedom,so just shoot.

  29. USA liberate HK which is such a wonderful place full of wonderful people.

  30. Commie puppet HK gov is stupid, this movement is not about money at all but 1) the evil Bill, 2) Needs badly real universal suffrage to prevent another puppet Chief Executive from selling out HK to china criminal party. CCP been robbing, grabbing, stealing, abusing HK's rich tax reserves and US bills daily off HK in an amount much more than that!

  31. So Hong Kong is giving a stimulus in the amount of $2.4 billion? Lets say the population is 7.44 million, does that mean they will give them $322.50 each to shut them up? That’s funny, but either way the protesters wants something beyond monetary compensation that will give them rights and freedom. Money cannot appease what they want.

  32. This is the Chinese stuff that pisses people off and escalates stuff… it's just going to make things so much worse… its teenagers causing the riots not buisinessmen. it's this authoritarian patronizing attitude of the PRC that fules the rioters rage. Same thing happened in Tiananmen.

  33. There was a South Park episode about man bear pig returning because of gifts taken by an earlier generation.

  34. No surrender until you get your gun rights!!!! Tear it down boys!!!



  36. Braveheart speech comes to mind.

  37. Lol. Hey are way of life is so bad they’re willing to pay to get people on our side. 😂😂. Hey can’t blame them. It worked for the democrats and black America. They gave em smart phones and freebies for Obama’s vote.

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