Saturday , July 24 2021
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Hong Kong offers $36.6 billion bid for London Stock Exchange

Former NYSE CEO Dick Grasso on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange making an offer for the London Stock Exchange.

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  1. No wonder Trump said you guys are fake news.
    Now that every business man want to get out of China, you saying LSE want to go in?

  2. lol with the current unrest this is all a pipe dream

  3. Let’s get this straight shall we, China just tried to buy the London Stock Exchange

  4. One country, 2 system + another system.

  5. So much for the protests! Didn't do too much damage to HK's resilience.

  6. Believe it or not…… Gaint AMAZON logo is coming to Hong Kong. it will happen. Amazon wants to be bigger than alibaba.

  7. Can someone explain to me in easier words what is going on?

  8. Tories to sell London stock exchange on the cheap.worth 💰10 more of what is offered by the real buyer(China)😯
    What's next?
    Selling 👑Buckingham Palace?😝

  9. For decades, CCP has been relying on hong kong stock market to raise money for their state–owned companies…. but now, the US is about to cancel the existing status of hong kong financial hub due to the potential legislation change. Thats why the CCP tries to buy London Stock Exchange to continue this fund raising trick for their state owned companies.

  10. Another communist plot? The Brits would be traitors to even think of that. An act of desperation drives this. Mainland investors facing massive losses and interest debts for positions held on their exchange, trying to peg to a western stock exchange and dragging it down, whilst their own exchange falls. Also for use as a political too, l to help stabilize their own markets and reduce western criticism of the terrible handling of Hong Kong. Lock in the west so it has a greater vested interest in quelling the protest movements. Its a covert way to try to manipulate UK public opinion over HK? To them the Brit market is worth far over 100 billion dollars. They could easily get 3 times the money and in the final analysis, even that would be a bad deal for the Brits. Very much a sneaky politically motivated funny money paid for scam?

  11. Is there ANYTHING, anything at all, that Dagen doesn't assert an opinion on? Wow, an Art History major…..with spurs.

  12. You mean China wants to buy LSE.

  13. 2million ppl on street everyday? How could this lady do business news with such bad mathematics?!

  14. Noway! Hong Kong will eventually be taken over by China.

  15. I can't believe these people are seriously entertaining this. China is so expansionist and Hong Kong is under Chinese control. This guy is such an idiot.

  16. After they have controlled London, they will Come to NY.

  17. Tell them no and let HK crash and burn.

  18. Wondering what Donald j Trump thinks of this?!?

  19. Well China .your communist rule…is weak..

  20. …like…the whole thing?

  21. Hong Kong is now china. So their going to sell the stock exchange to china?

  22. Hong Kong is owned by China now

  23. Finally some news, I want money give me some I want money give me some I want money give me some I want money give me some I want money give me some I want money give me some I want money give me some

  24. Don't sell, can't sell,.. if sold and china rolls into Hong Kong,… you do the math.

  25. the biggest money loundering country can move chinese money out of hong kong?

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