Monday , September 27 2021
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Hong Kong police ban upcoming demonstration by protestors

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the fallout from the protests in Hong Kong.

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  1. We support HonKong ! Trump should deliver Hong Kong

  2. US embassy better makes sure that have helicopter pads on the rooftop ready, because they will soon be kicked out by the Hong Kongers with their tails in between their legs, as they did in Saigon 1975.

  3. "If [Xi Jinping] puts down the protests, he loses" Uh… no.

  4. Rise up China – time to despose Jintao

  5. China needs to do what it has to do. US need to back off. When black communities were rioting in the US, the national guard was called. China said not a word. But US is the know it all. Needs to shut up and let China resolve its family issue.

  6. they need to go to war with their own country I feel very bad


    TAKE IT.

  9. USA NED CIA always fund all these terrorists activities just like in Syria they funded ISIS, Osama etc. At the end they get the bad karma of downing of WTC, so they have not learned from their lessons yet! So americans can expect many great bad karma to come!

  10. It could also be beneficial to the United States. The United States could supply arms to the Hong Kong Revolutionaries and if Hong Kong wins their independence it could turn out profitable to the United States whom so generously provided aid to Hong Kong's independence from China.

    Besides if it came down to war it would give the United States two fronts to fight from Hong Kong and Japan whom I'm sure will support the United States attack on China in fact Japan would also get in on that action.

  11. Things are simpl, the Communist Party must fall and China should become a democracy.

  12. good thing i don't have a 401k…. but i don't agree with china trying to flex muscles in hong kong…freedom rings for everyone at a high cost!!!

  13. China is an Orwellian hellscape. Hong Kong is the only bastion of democracy in China.

  14. There are protests in France for the last 30 weeks. They are allowed to continue because it is a democracy. Only an EVIL , controlling tyrannical, Government will try to shut the people up who see through their evil! Love and prayers to the protestors! They are fighting for their lives and they are putting their lives on the line for what they believe! Cruella Deville aka Carrie Lam needs to step down! She is only a puppet for China!

  15. never give up HK!
    ..the world is watching and definitely not giving HK up!..
    we❤❤❤ HK!

  16. Does your country allow protests which are intended to be led by front liners armed with spiked poles, bricks, electric saws and petrol bombs and when this has repeatedly for over 10 weeks?

  17. Red communist China, wants to be in control of the whole world by 2049.
    DT 20 ❤️20 🤔

  18. 401k is the same as SS. The bankers will end up with your money. To hell with “ “.

  19. Clearly China 🇨🇳 has violated numerous terms of the agreement with Great Britain 🇬🇧 over Hong Kong’s sovereignty! Great Brittany can legally take back control of Hong Kong.
    Should the British actually take back control over Hong Kong? Would the majority of Hong Kong people support this? Even if they did, would China allow it?
    Thank you for your time! ❤️🤗🖖

  20. Power to China. No freedom for Hong Kong. Protesters will be arrested. lol

  21. This is why Trump told US companies to get out of China. A communist crackdown is coming. Free and fair trade will no longer be possible with China… as if it ever was. The writing was on the wall as soon as Xi appointed himself ruler for life. Capitalism cannot exist in this environment. Our trade partners must be true democracies. Trading with communist countries leads to government-run work camps where products are made by political slaves. To make more money to support the government, the create more slaves to build products to sell to the West. Buying from China only encourages the Xi government to round up more citizens to put into slave factories. We are inadvertently encouraging communist crackdowns and control of their citizens when we buy from communist countries.

  22. WWIII and World Wide Civil/Race Wars… It is going to be a bloody and painful decade or two to come. Come On Yahweh… come back for Your Believers and JUDGE THIS WICKED WORLD ALREADY.

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