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Hong Kong protest continues, regardless of weather conditions

The relentless pro-democracy protests continue as Hong Kong citizens will not stop until their political demands are met, while the Chinese military looms in the distance.

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  1. There can't be over one million people. If there really were one million people, the crowd should have filled the streets from Causeway Bay to Central, then through the Western Cross Harbour Tunnel, and filled the streets to Yaumatei. As a Hong Kong citizen who have spent all my life in Hong Kong, I fully understand how small Hong Kong is 😂.

  2. peoole in hongkong protests! totally racialist! people in mainland is well educated. not the low creatrues in your mouth! your protests is ridiculous!

  3. This Jushua Wong guy committed so many crimes against the Hong kong people and will be prosecuted by the justice.

  4. Salute and support HK Police. Shame on Zombie rioters, f*ckin' politician and evil anti-government media.

  5. Love from viet nam to all hongkongers….be safe and strong all my beautiful friends…

  6. CIA organized riot,US and UK supported riot overthrow many middle east countries government by this way many times,then US can control and kill middle east people easily,all excuses are democracy. UK and BBC so Care about democracy,should let Scotland and north Ireland independent right now!BBC do not judge other country use double standard,disgusting!

  7. The organizer of the protest claimed it's 1.7 million people, and many media outlets (including ABC) just accepted the estimate without any question. HK police gave an estimate of 110k number. Which is close to the real number?
    Let's do a comparison with two pictures: 1. that of the Michigan stadium holding 100k people,
    2. This is what 1 million people looks like (it only shows part of the 1 million as it was simply too many people)

    You tell me which is close?

  8. Y’all are fcked up for supporting this. But I bet that’s what you slave owners want. You enslaved the Irish you enslaved the blacks and now you want to destroy and set up military bases all over Asia. Too bad Hong Kong was always China’s since the 200 Qing Dynasty before the west sold opium and now look how the tables have turned the west are the ones who have become desolated from bad policies like allowing illegals and drugs and your teens and young adults are falling into opioid addiction. But that’s not what’s the worst. The worst is actually your school shootings where your own children perish from your once again horrible policies that don’t keep American children safe. No thanks China doesn’t need all that Parkland Columbine Aurora Santa Barbara Orlando Fort Lauderdale mess. Yall can keep your democratic policies that’s destroying the very fiber of your country

  9. 1.7million? Reporters math is so poor. Shame on you ABC.

  10. Wasting time…..NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE…!!!

  11. @YX C  I am sorry for you because you have not or you would not want the capability to comprehend the meaning for fighting for you free will and rights..

    people like you in china are indoctrined by the communists ideology that everything which threatens it are enemy of the state and are wrong!.. so these people in the mainland are not capable of symphathy to the HK people as you see them as wrong.. as terrorists threatening your "perfect socialist communist world..

    there differences in the and those people like you..have now the chance to see and feel..what it means fighting for your own aspiration and future..not what the chinese party or the chinese state want from you to be or to feel or to fight..

  12. @YX C  🤣🤣lost of word!! if you think western democratic and in freedom born persons are violent?? how do you call those communist socities born persons?..
    take a moment..and look around you.. if your are in china and you on your own a is easy to answer that..all people in your vicinity are the same..forced to think the same..behave the same..except when you say something bad to the party or gov. then you are in trouble..

    so going back to your word.."violent"..I will gladly be called violent..if it means at the same be a free person who can express himself to form my to work as I to live where I to buy and eat what I to see places as I want..and all these rights and freedom guranteed by my country which think the same and guard them for our future generation..
    then call me "violent"..because I am a free man !!…
    YOU on the other are NOT free..not even as near my freedom and your so called "violence"..

  13. Free Hongkong…
    Open the door for Democrocy
    All the best from India

  14. そんなの重い道理には行かないよ、彼方たちの

  15. それはない、それほど中国は馬鹿ではない。市民のはけ口必要と思っている。

  16. If you kill your girl friend , go to Hong Kong, people there will protect you, Western media will support you!!

  17. Hopefully the rioters get arrested asap. We need our peaceful life back.

  18. Fake news,the big crowd with umbrela are fighting against black shirts to support China government and police.

  19. 这个黄之锋居然还在放洋屁?狗东西

  20. Why can't I see the image of the mob attacking the police?You can go to search for Chinese videos and you can have new ideas.

  21. I hope itsxwell for them butvu must learn Jesus said theircwould distress of all nations. were in birth bangs . this is the time getcright with a Holy God who is offended with sin hating His word not seeking Him lying lusting loving are cell phones more than loving God. not giving God His right ful place . Jesus said I am the way the. Truth no man comth to father but through me.Jesus alone can save your soul their will be mass blood shed millions . economic colapse all that matters is your soul is saved. turn to Jesus Christ who is the way the truth the life no man comth to the father but through me.

  22. 香港人真的怂,到现在还没闹出人命。

  23. Just wait until protesters start using molotov coctails

  24. These young people make bomb storage and attack citizens in Hong Kong, they are pro-democracy freedom fighters. When someone makes a bomb in America , he is a terrorist and can be shot by police. Hmm how interesting.

  25. the west know how to capitalize on chaos

  26. @WiseDee  do you really think your lazy coward dumb ass..will ever be capable of fighting for your own self worthy??..with that attitude of are already lost! they way you denounce the commie propaganda above is so a miserable attempt🤣🤣
    pull youself together and decide which ideology you really believe the way commies hate cowards like you..they want who fight with convictions!..

  27. @ I like trains…commie china must be so on edge right now..that HK has showed them resistance and have foiled and showed the world their timetable to annex HK and Taiwan in the near future..

  28. @WiseDee  you are fucked up by the chinese communist cannot think you have no choice but to spew these commie shit of yours

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