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  1. From China to The Bronx, shits lit

  2. Forget the trip. HK protestors are being persecuted. What kind of humane govt blows teargas into their own airport. The CCP has not evolved since 6/4/89. All this over a stupid extradition bill which they could have rescinded. CCP will fall. This is the govt that tortures its own best and brightest. Brave HK people. Jiayou!!!

  3. Anybody know of any independent channels livestreaming Hong Kong – NOT mainstream media?

  4. Subject: “Carrie Carta”

    Dear Fellow Hong Kongers,

    I and my government need a radical shake-up to change the way we think and act. To begin with:

    A Communication Centre via Smart phones for the sharing of information. And among other things, responding to demands:

    1) The bill will be officially, immediately and permanently withdrawn.

    2) The government will retract its characterisation of the violent clashes as “riots”.

    3) There will not be any inquiry into the actions of the police and protesters. I am the instigator of the whole debacle. If anyone is to be blamed or punished, it’s me.

    What does it matter who has done what to whom, when and why?

    Why sacrifice the future for the past?

    Crying over spilt milk is for babies.

    Both sides are dead right and both sides are dead wrong. If we don’t want us all to be dead and gone together with Hong Kong, let bygones be bygones!

    4) Everyone arrested in respect of the clashes will be unconditionally freed and his/her police records erased – everyone exonerated and compensated. A Certificate of Commendation will be issued to all protesters with their names embossed in gold with the title: “Hong Kong Hero”.

    5) The International Court of Justice will be the umpire for any future disputes in the interpretation of “One Country – Two Systems”.

    6) My future will be in your hands, so will the future of Hong Kong.


    I wish to end the Protest by signing a document: “Carrie Carta”.

    Yours sincerely,

    For Carrie Lam by Colin Leung

  5. Chinese ANTIFAs denouncing their own ethnicity, nationality, blood and heritage. The most bizarre type of racism. They miss their English lords and wish desperately to be back under their rule. I call these kind of people trash and are a waste of oxygen.

  6. 我觉得有必要开坦克进场了

  7. Apply to middleast countries

  8. Iraq to take in all refugees now

  9. What's the difference between mainland Chinese, Hong konger, and Taiwanese?


  11. Hongkong now is a puppet for usa

  12. don´tlike your opinions LOVE MY CHINA::YES MY CHINA CHINACHINA

  13. Keep fighting…. pro democracy

  14. This is simply brutality towards an innocent no matter how loud you scream: ….but democracy

  15. That man is a journalist. It's been proven. Is that obvious ? Even in your country, what kind of people would be tied up and treated brutely like that ?

  16. Soon the Mainlanders, too, will revolt against the Chinese bureaucracy and Xi and his rulers will be finished. They are terrified of the Chinese people rising up against them. Carrie will be gone, then Xi. Long live the Hong Kong Revolution! Long live the Chinese workers, peasants and students against the billionaires and the bureaucracy! Long live the Great Chinese Proletarian Revolution of 1927 destroyed by the Stalinists! Fuck the police!

  17. It is common sense that an effective way to deter bad behavior is punishment. In Hong Kong, we now have a situation that most of the violence offenders will be released soon after they are arrested. Why? Most Hong Kong judges are on rioters’ side because most of them are British-trained or with British citizenship. See who are on the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal! No wonder, the riot party in Hong Kong keeps rolling!

  18. HK is not China!
    Don't forget the Tiananmen massacre in 1989!

  19. This is not protest, this is riots with innocent. Where is the Chinese government?

  20. Would this be tolerated in America?

  21. Vermin goes on the streets.

  22. What a biased Western Report!!! The protestors use force in 1st…When they Vandalized the legislative Chamber of H.K. To the reporter & protestors, You know what will a democratic country will do. FYI, This is the action of leader of free world the good old U.S.A. Send in 4,000 thousand Army & Marine troops to stop the anarchy in L.A. way back in 1993. Check this out yourself. You call the HK authority brutal. You call China too much. What America value are you guys talking about. Checks this out…
    The report only centre on the police brutality, they never report on the protestors did to a innocent reporter that they suspect.
    President Bush said this during 1993 "The brutality of the a mob, pure &simple" He said he would "Use whatever force necessary" to restore order. What a twisted report.

  23. 狗近平! 你不要忘记天安门事件。这一年再要发生一摸一样的。你得紧张了。韩国人支持香港人。香港加油! Free Hong Kong

  24. If speak Mandarin means China undercover cop, then 1.4 Billion cops are standing by

  25. if this HK democracy protest nothin happen the chinese communist secret police will have a massive searches of all houses,establishments of the involved politicians,personalities and protestors they will prosecuted and arrest them secretly with or without trial and they will bring them to consecration camps inside mainland china forever like what happen in uiygurs and tibetans pro-democracy even falun supporters and mass tortured will be rampants …what do u think…

  26. It's the people against dictator. They have no weapon, not protected by police, army. But they united, running without leader (leader will be arrest)

  27. I think one country two systems is like the devolved government of Northern Ireland and the central government of UK. The northern Ireland parliament can make their own laws, but the Westminster parliament can override northern Ireland laws. Irony to the protesters waving UK flags. I feel angry and sad for those young people in Hongkong. But, most of all, I hope they find a wise way to their future, and do not shed their sweat and blood for some misinformed ideas about democracy.

    Moreover, the current legislative system in Hongkong is akin to that of the City of London where corporations and professional bodies hold more sway over the legislative process than the people living there. Why it works in the City of London not in Hongkong would be a profitable question.

    Lastly, it is also important to ask how do Hongkong people envision the future of Hongkong. Politics is THE art of compromise. My way or highway begets indifference. Violence begets violence. Be really careful, and get there alive. I wish you good fortune.

  28. why dont you reporting Protester cut off a hk police finger? And they use laser gun to hurt hk police eyes before that protester got shot by rubber gun? This journalist reporting fake news

  29. Excuses me?! Protester being polite to the airport, what i see is they hitting random people! What a terrorist.

  30. over population at it's finest …. maggots

  31. Freedom does not come cheap, we know the feeling, we support you people HK!

  32. You want freedom? You even don't allow other people to have different views with you! This is what you called freedom? hypocrite

  33. under british rule, u didn;t have free elections too, why didn't u protests?

  34. what freedom have they restricted you? they gave u freedom to protest, in masks no less.

  35. 作为大陆人,我能理解他们的担忧,但是我不能理解他们的举动

  36. to these brain-damaged blind ppl: did China say a word about the protests or terrorists of USA or Europe? why the USA always care about China? because China become stronger with a different system and they are all yellow?

  37. Wow, great demonstration for freedom and democracy is to attack people and restrict passengers freedom of movement ? If you are soooo right. Show your face! Why covering your faces? Oh, they know they will go down later

  38. Attack.China thats the best, China bullies Philippines!

  39. who give those fuking people the rights to search other person's item and lock them up?

  40. I generally support the protest of the extradition law.. but this, this I cannot stand by…

  41. Those protesters are becoming terrorists, who are carrying out their terrorism. [Terrorism, the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. –Oxford Dictionary]

  42. Keep it up Hong kongers.
    Let's hope this leads to a revolution.
    Carrie Chicken Lam must step down. She has no interest with HK and it's citizens. She is only staying in the job to continue receiving her fat paycheck.

  43. American value is not God's value, it's merely about its international interests, capital and commercial. This value has caused lots of regrates and trageties in the world.

  44. It's all meaningless this protesting, and now public opinion start to change to hate the protesters especially this disturbance to this innocent people in airport

  45. Get your filthy tv fake news off u tube – ABC = all about communism

  46. those HK riots do not deserve any democracy, they are a bunch of selfish greedy people, no humanity

  47. The assaulted man, Fu Guohao, a well-known mechanism of the famous Chinese media Global Times, was tied up on a luggage truck by mobs. He said to the mobs, "I support the Hong Kong police. You can beat me now!"

  48. it's really hard to understand someone trying to fight for 'freedom' and block traffic, keeping people from going to work, and threat people who have different opinion like gangsters!

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