Saturday , July 24 2021
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Hong Kong Protesters Sing Sing Star Spangled Banner During Demonstrations | NBC News

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters sang the Star Spangled Banner and called on President Donald Trump to “liberate” the Chinese-ruled city, the latest in a series of demonstrations that have gripped the territory for months.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Hong Kong Protesters Sing Sing Star Spangled Banner During Demonstrations | NBC News


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  1. The dems should watch this. Nobody wants socialism .

  2. People of Hong Kong you need to be asking Yahuah God Almighty to help you against your enemies! Trump cannot save anyone!!!!

  3. Beautiful!
    God bless the people in Hong Kong! I am so impressed that though these young
    people were born after China took back Hong Kong and are educated under China's
    propaganda, but they are smart enough to know the importance of FREEDOM and
    started this movement! I hope people here treasure the freedom that we have in
    US instead of turning our country into a socialist country! To the young people
    in Hong Kong, you are my heroes! Keep on singing your beautiful anthem!

  4. Oh what a shame, betrayals carrying American flag. This is a disgrace to the Chinese race

  5. We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves.

  6. I’m a young hk myself and it really warms my heart that someone cares for my future.our future!

  7. Are you sure the Americans really care about you? I have American friends and non of them are concerned about me at all. We are just friends. We are just too busy making a living and we have our own daily struggles. Someday they will be forced to accept reality and know that no one cares about them. I am not sure if Trump really loves them. Trump, do you love them? Do you know them? Then why are they calling your name?

  8. Love you Hong Kong, An American who cares

  9. They bidded us against each other for years get your freedom we are the enslaved ones one life!!!

  10. These guys like America more than the "democratic" socialists who want to crap on the economy that makes us great.

  11. We love you Hong Kongers!

  12. I hope and pray that Hongkong will become a country. That will be out of China’s empire. Hongkongers need Americans to rescue them from China’s communist leader. Anti can join China. We should trade. Antifa can move to Hongkong. Hongkongers can come to America.

  13. US please send in the 7th fleet! liberate hong kong and its people!

  14. America had slaves and they still refuse to pay reparations thousands of years later…

  15. They are doing evil things under US flags.

  16. Sing by day riot by night. These kids are having the best summer ever.

  17. Are they Chinese? Clowns or cargo-cultists, I don't know… HKers, what's wrong with you? Even US protesters use own national flags, and only you are people without homeland lol

  18. They fight for the freedoms we have while the idiots here fight to have their freedoms taken, these people are hugely oppressed and only wish to have a voice in their country. Makes me sad.

  19. Can't wait for the antifa to set the white house on fire.

  20. Liberate Hong Kong. President Trump please liberate Hong Kong. Haven't negotiate to China! Peace and freedom to Hong Kong people.

  21. Rubio: China's threat to U.S. national security is not a game In this video, you will be explained the strategies the China government has been using in order to become world new super power. It will tell you so far what China has accomplished. China communist party is determined to rule and dominate the world. Is China the next Nazi?

  22. Youtube is filled with China Chinese cyber workers hired by China communist party to help spread propaganda.

  23. If they expect Trump to liberate them they would be better off with china. At least they would only have to deal with fascism there. If the US liberated them they would have to deal with both fascism and racism.

  24. No one is free when others are oppressed.

  25. No one is free when others are oppressed.

  26. Don't worry, we will free you Hong Kong

  27. Sad when people across the world have more respect and admiration for the freedoms present in this country than many of its own ungrateful citizens. Keep fighting Hong Kong, we're rooting for you.

  28. Talking about freedom, Europe is more advanced than USA, why they follow America, so weird…shouldn’t u learn from the best¿

  29. I was just in HK. The Hong Kong protesters are TERRORISTS. I was just there on business travel. I will NEVER go back. The protesters are destroying business properties, tried to derail trains, and it took us 7 hrs to get out of the airport to a hotel 3 miles away because of the scum protesters. The fake media needs to tell the truth… and not paint the protesters as some freedom loving nice guys. they are not. Before I left for HK, I was for the protesters… Now, I hope the China Gvt sends in troops and wipes them out. They are scum.

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