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Hong Kong protests turn violent as police fire live ammunition

Fox News correspondent Kitty Logan explained the escalating violence during the Hong Kong protests after police fired live ammunition and tear gas at the protesters.

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  1. Not surprising. China is the biggest liar in the world today All generations and all countries of the world awaken to stand against the CCP because the CCP=the Nazis.

  2. It’s horrible I wish I could help but only 16 we need some govt or someone to step in edit: i know this would cause some sort of new age war with china

  3. These are not "protestors". These are Human Beings putting their lives on the line to fight tyranny. Get rid of your horrible dictator! God Speed my brothers and sisters in Hong Kong. America wants you to be free also. We are ALL GOD'S CHILDREN. Don't ever forget that. Your in our prayers! Stand strong! WANTING FREEDOM IS NOT ILLEGAL.

  4. S embassy personnels better ensure that have robust helicopter pads on their rooftop. They will soon be kicked out by the Hong Konger with their tails in between as they did in Saigon 1976.

  5. Fox News is supporting these Antifa protesters in Hong Kong?? Wtf???

  6. Hongkong police r softcock. They got too many blowjob by umbrella movement.

  7. disgraceful…
    Why British is not saying or taking any action against this matter? Soft…

    Not everything is United States or Australia or Japan’s job in Asia-Pacific region.

  8. HK residents must organize million plus person march to the police headquarters to demand the entire population be arrested immediately and turn themselves in . Make Police see how stupid they are acting , are they son's of turtle eggs? People must show they are united, arrest one, arrest all! Can you imagine government and police reaction to one million people demanding to be arrested for protesting without a permit! What will they do, use water canon to chase away million people who are turning themselves in?

  9. ….them Cats were fast as lightning 🏃🏾‍♂️⚡️

  10. ACAB … Shoot them all!

  11. Of course you won’t show what happened before the cop pull out the gun🤪

  12. When you fired your weapon, please remember the taxpayers paid for your salaries and you sworn an oath to protect the people.

  13. Pray for the people of Hong Kong…. Pray for the softening of hearts in Mainland China's approach. Pray for a miracle in Hong Kong…..democracy.

  14. my Hongkong friends I show me to show me how to disable police flowers. by putting paint on police insurance helmets. and fighting in the iron scene will not catch you .. I love Hongkong I come from Vietnam

  15. OmG. These rioters must stop. Scary…

  16. Lets arm them and we can have an advantage to china in war.

  17. Let the Communist slaughter begin! Hey American citizens, are you sure you want to give up your firearms?

  18. Those protesters/rioters are simaler to Antifa, but atleast the HK protesters/rioters are actually fighting for freedom and not fighting "facism" with facism.

  19. Tipping point for a revolution and war

  20. China keeps thinking that they can silence the protesters, they dont have a clue these people will not be quieted or coerced into submission.

  21. Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times

  22. We support you Hongkong cops! Just act like the US cops! If they want violence, give them violence! If anyone don't like China, just go away!

  23. We support you Hongkong cops! Just act like the US cops! If they want violence, give them violence! If anyone don't like China, just go away!

  24. 100 protesters vs 10 police.

  25. They never showed the real events to America, only propaganda towards China.

  26. Misleading title. It should be Police fire live ammunition as protests turn violent.

  27. Time for molotov cocktails if they are going to use live ammo.

  28. Don't play word games, the title should be "Police fire live ammunition as Hong Kong protests turn violent"

  29. Sticks = deadly weapons says communist china

  30. It has begun the revolution. When the State resorts to violence to put down protests it only fuels the conflict. Those protesters are now martyrs for the cause.

    They should have stuck with non-lethal force.

  31. We all know that the HK government has become a puppet government of China. Thankfully the citizens are ready to stand up for their democracy!

  32. Police brutality this is what’s going on not the other way around people in Hong Kong deserve better treatment from the mainland brothers n sisters it’s the end of their world very sad to witness this horrible show of force

  33. Whyd you cut the clip off right before the cop kicked the guy on his knees in the stomach?

  34. All it takes for one protester to some how get a hold of a firearm.

  35. Democracy kills dictatorship! And with that Hitler's comes in everyone mind! Democracy is person for people and by people!

  36. Watch China will level Hong Kong in September just to prove that they are powerful.

  37. Usually what happens when you use violence to control peaceful protest. Called defense.

  38. FOX is not telling the truth and lying again! The fact is that the Hong Kong rioters turn extremely violent and then the Hong Kong police was forced to pull out weapon to warn them!

    The Hong Kong riot has been going on for months. The police in Hong Kong did not even fire a single shot of bullet at the extreme violent rioters even when their own lives are threatened by the brutal attack from the rioters.

    If FOX really values human-right, why FOX doe not tell the world how many peoples have got killed in the yellow vest movement in France so far? If FOX truly respects the rule of law, why FOX does not show what these so-called "peaceful" demonstrators actually did in Hong Kong?

    Attacking the police and others with violence and weapons, storming important government buildings, vandalizing public properties, paralyzing public transportation and airport, kidnapping and limiting the freedom of others including journalist, attacking and insulting family members of the police and damaging their ancestor's graves are serious crimes in any country. These violent rioters in Hong Kong are criminals who must be punished by the rule of law. These violent rioters are lucky that they are in Hong Kong. If they commit these same crimes elsewhere including in the US and UK, they may not even have a chance to face the law alive!

    After the US failed to crash Huawei/China through the technology and trade war, the US picks up its old dirty human-right tactic again to attack China. The US orchestrated this Hong Kong riot just like it did in the 1989 Tiananmen incident. If this Hong Kong violent riot happens in the human-right filled US/UK, these extreme violent rioters would have been gunned down by government force.

    Hong Kong facts and history: In the 19 century, the British bullied China to buy its opium and China refused. Then the British started the Opium war and forced China at gun point to agree the takeover of Hong Kong by the British and the unfair treaty to allow the British to sell opium in China. The UK never gave a single day of democracy to the Hong Kong people during the entire UK colonization. Hong Kong is now governed and running strictly based on the Basic Law of Hong Kong which was set out and agreed by all related parties in 1997. The Basic Law clearly states that the British has no administration or sovereignty right over Hong Kong after 1997. It is also stated in the Basic Law that China has the full right to take over Hong Kong's administration right before the end of the promised 50-year autonomy if there is any uncontrolled event like a riot that threatens the life of the Hong Kong peoples and/or the smooth running of the Hong Kong government.

  39. HongKhong Separate Country,freedom from administration of china on HongKhong is the Demand,GoBack China

  40. Their going back to what always worked in the past.

  41. So does Hong Kong people own guns…? If not get a few semi trucks and run those cops over… if I didn’t have a gun and someone was pointing one at me I’d be thinking about anything hard and heavy I could use make
    A refillable air canoe and put marbles in it.. just because you don’t have a gun doesn’t mean you have to be a sitting duck either lol

  42. Hồng Kong,đang bạo lực với dân

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