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Hong Kong protests, Venezuela and Zimbabwe: World in Photos, Oct. 1

A look at the top photos from around the globe.


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  1. I live in HK for 32years, i have never seen this chaos before, the protester destoryed anything, yesterday, a 78 years old man r killed by them, just cuz he disagreed them, they have already taken over the city, they go to our house, to ask if you support them, if you don't they begin to destory anything, today , more than 17 subway station are destoryed. they fired anything , who can help us . the HK polices is beaten by them all day. the western media r confusing right and wrong, who can help us ,we wanna live ,we wanna survive.

  2. I love these protests: they show us that most "west" countries absolutely do support a destruction of private property… If it's property of the Chinese. It was brilliant revelation for me.

  3. Dark Zimbabwe lol! We are doomed

  4. Arrests them all. Ban face masks, laser lights and bats n sticks in public lic

  5. 〔Eng/Chi Sub〕Hong Kong, Have You Seen The Big Picture?|香港的朋友們,你真的看清大局了嗎?

  6. Maybe Hong Kong should purchase military weapons from USA to defend the self from China. I believe Trump will approve it. USA will use the money to build the border wall.

  7. I spent a fair amount of time in Zimbabwe in the mid to late 80's. At the time, it was doing well. Refugees from Mozambique were coming there. It's the reverse now and had been for a long while. I hope now, that Mugabe is gone, it can start to recover from within as well as without.

  8. Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 🤦‍♂️

  9. I see all this about save Iraq but if you knew anything you’d know people like me tried , but all you did was throw us out. No matter how much good we did .

  10. Should president Donald J. Trump be impeached because he:


    1 – Sides with foreign adversaries – like Russia's PUTIN in lieu of accepting the FBI & CIA's proven 2016 election tampering findings !

    2 – Looks the other way when the Saudis MURDER a US journalist – Jamal Khashoggi !

    3 – Falls in LOVE with Kim Jong-un – North Korea's murdering tyrant leader !

    4 – BROKE his promise to build the WALL and have Mexico pay for it !

    5 – Spewed over 12000 lies in less than 3 years !

    6 – Credits the KKK as being 'Very fine people' !

    7 – Is a RACIST dictator currently expelling immigrants of color from the USA all the while hiring illegals to run his property holdings !

    8 – All but ABANDONED Puerto Rico – a US territory – during their time of utmost need following the total devastation from hurricane Maria in 2017

    9 – BROKE his promise to rejuvenate the Steel and Coal industries !

    10 – Disputes and denies the USA's own scientific proof of GLOBAL warming and climate change

    11 – Has achieved well deserved honor from the international community by being the inspiration for the naming of DERMOPHIS DONALDTRUMPI – no doubt a reward for having withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement.

    12 – Applied sanctions to various countries – friend and foe alike – all the while lying to Americans about who would be paying increased prices for imported goods !

    13 – Is withholding his TAX returns from the American public out of fear that he will finally be unmasked as the WORST deal maker of all time !

    14 – Blackmailed Ukraine for his PERSONAL BENEFIT and then suggested that those responsible for reporting his indiscretions be treated as spies and executed !

    15 – Please feel free to add your own reasons…

  11. A message from the Iraqi people to international human rights organizations
    The Iraqi people are being subjected to injustice, beatings, killings and acts of violence because they went out for peaceful demonstrations and fired tear gas at the demonstrators and throwing smoke bombs and bullets at them.
    Save the Iraqi people before the bloody massacres


  12. Hello world
    Now the Iraqi people are revolting against the criminal and unjust government and the world must support and protect the Iraqi people
    And protect peaceful demonstrations and human rights and eliminate the corrupt and terrorist so that the world can live in peace #Save_the_Iraqi_people

  13. #Hello_world 🇮🇶
    #There_are_people_Making #Revolution_now_in_iraq !
    #Show_your_support_for_the #right_of_Iraq_people_to #protest_peacefully
    #مرحبا_بالعالم_هناك_أشخاص #يصنعون_الثورة_الآن_في_العراق! #اظهر_دعمك_لحق_الشعب_العراقي #في_الاحتجاج_بسلام

  14. there is no button down on the right for html please configure your YouTube with a button for us thx

  15. Yes 70 years of slavery. THE STUPIDITY HAS GONE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

  16. All these entitled American University children need to be shipped over there to see what socialism and communism truly are about

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