Wednesday , July 28 2021
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Hong Kong protests will get rougher: Former CIA official

Former CIA Deputy Assistant Director, Dennis Wilder, provides insight into the latest protests in Hong Kong.

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  1. Stay the course Hong Kong patriots. Time to standup and be counted or you will be serfs fir the CCP.

  2. Of course….China dresses up the Red army in police uniforms and batters innocent people. The entire world has gone mad, starting in and ending in China.

  3. xi jin pig. . .oink. . .oink and his armed forces the ccp-pla has pushed the HK to its limits, now this hypocrite blasphemous security officer of HK says the police exercises restraints, what about his decoy police dressed in civilian clothes, his triad gangsters in civilian clothes that brutally attacked protesters, of course the people of HK will react accordingly to the attitudes of HK security. why can't xi jin pig. . .oink. . oink just wait for 2047, most probably he is in a hurry to finish HK , and then invade Taiwan.

  4. Hong Kong police is incapable or involuntarily to put down the insane and brutal stupid youth volience

  5. This is not surprising China is the biggest liar in the world today All generations and all countries of the world awaken to stand against the CCP because the CCP=the Nazis.

  6. Free Hong Kong 🇭🇰 💪💪💪💪💪

  7. America should send planes to bring them to home.

  8. China let you know that "western" democracy is very bad for hongkong people.. vandalism… violence…

  9. Watta load of custom spun, totally biased & wayward opinions here. However to accord this interview with due fairness it deserved (wic unlike the usual scat-slinging what China, Russia, Syria & even a now to an extent, Germany all had at one time or other, the privied honor of sampling largely biased – insincere – spun-up – doctored-to-convenience infos). All that was replied by this correspondent individual did not accurately project what was or is on the ground, all except for only that part where the Anchor Gentleman asked ; if "the locals who's with lots a' dough (of corz most foreign visitors by now had already. As for the expats.., maybe too soon enough) were contemplating on leaving the Island ? Only that testimony alone from all what was replied, had merit. The answer to this is.., the prospect of that actually happening coud possibly be.., highly likely in the not too distant future, if this such intentioned immature "Rebel w/o Cause" anarchy or chaos perpetrated by these adolescent juvenile delinquents continue to grip this what already was, from even the time since It being rightfully handed-back to P.R.China & thus with immediate effect from that point on is under China's very jurisdiction & protective custody, "sincerely as agreed upon by an equally sincere British Empire" from under Their (120 year-old*, citation needed) Administrative Authority after the Treaty expired in '97, a little over 2 decades back to this very day even. HK continues-on to being still an entirely self (Hong Kong indigenous by birth) -governed Island-City Province, historically was & still is an integral part "of China" & continuing-on to being totally administered by indigenous Honkies open-endedly, thus long with largely zero interference from Upstate China, until the advent of this controversial Bill.
    As for the Central/Federal Admin. forwarded "Extradition Bill" (wic was in effect rather rashly put forward w/o giving much deeper thought to the implications & what unwelcomed repercussions what that! will herald eventually as a result of a misstep, "or was that really in fact at all a misstep?" in legislative undertaking. Wic now essentially handed these teen trouble-maker punks with just the pretext what was needed, (fig., onna-silver-platter) to kick-off these atrocities what we now see in & around prime HK business (hot-spot) activity districts.
    I urge China investigate & find-out if the one or ones that originally came-up with or mooted this reckless proposal, if that person or persons had any subversive motives in mind to all this escalating fracas.

  10. remove HK CEO…thn it will be ok.

  11. Hong Kong 🇭🇰 May be economically taken over as protestors are destroying the economy…

    Understand how they feel but… also those hard working iK people…

  12. Please pardon my ignorance. What are these protester protesting about and how can violence and destruction help them achieve their goals?

  13. China interfere everyone else business; this China brutal violence must be interfered by a united world army; no way out, world war III must break out because of China refusal to give in an inch; greedy to the bones.

  14. I think the protestors are on a pay agenda. If they manage to get PLA to come out and crack down, the protestors will get payment from the people behind the scene. But the shrewd CCP just won't come out, driving the protestors absolutely crazy!

  15. Finally, the police fight back. Great, get rid of the thugs and terrorists. The bad guys deserve it and the rule of law prevails.

  16. Hongkongers are traitors even without cia support, that's who they are. Gate openers.

  17. it may be time to be exiting China, there is no rule of law for foreigners . so what cost will there be in staying????? time to leave????

  18. He knows because they are orchestrating behind the scene? Is this a prelude to credit grabbing from protesters?

  19. China army tanks coming to Hong Kong. The Democratic communist party. Is stealing our freedom of speech too. Millions blocked from Facebook messenger twitter google.

  20. He is no longer a deputy assistant director. He has every right to be in HK on his own accord.

  21. You know ..I could support this for a few times , but after that ..I think they're just copying France …They know that Beijing is readying to crush these people .

  22. If only usa would butt out of HK, HK will be peaceful.

  23. CIA has inside information – lol – we lie we cheat lol


    Let’s look at the definition of democracy:

    Democracy is a political system that allows the citizens to participate in political decision‐making, or to elect representatives to government bodies. (Oxford Dictionary)

    Here’s how democracy works in China:

    China’s citizens vote for their representatives at the village level. Then these representatives vote for the next level from among them. And that process continues to the level of National People’s Congress.

    That’s democracy. It may not look the same as the US version of democracy, but it is democracy none the less. And it has an advantage compared to the US version of democracy: most voters know the candidates personally, at all levels of voting.

    The candidates who compete at village level are known personally to the villagers who vote. Then, the elected village committee members know who they are voting to the next level because they have been working together in the village committee. And this process goes on all the way to the national level elections.
    In Hong Kong, the elected Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam will able to vote for next level (after full return of HK to China) for People's Congresses and the next level the People's Congresses will elect up to the National People's Congress.

    Since the voters know all candidates at each level of voting, they get to choose the best candidates all the way to the national level.

    The US version is different. Most voters do not know the candidates personally. Voters only know the candidates from afar. So those who can campaign well wins, even though they may not be the best for the job.

    The other difference is that China’s version of democracy gets everyone to work together as a team. There is no opposition. The US version, on the other hand, splits the elected candidates into two teams who spend a lot of time fighting each other, that they have less time to get something done.

  25. NOT INTERESTED in teenage tools of the CIA rioting for no good reason. How on earth are they being "oppressed"? I have yet to see a rioter over the age of 25.

  26. I think you under estimate the people of Hongkong.. And there ability to realise there young are been played…

  27. What a brave brave young man!! God Bless and protect him. In Jesus name Amen!!

  28. If by some slight of hand and switch of fate President Trump looses in 2020 i fear this will be us in the USA

  29. Of course! The Yankees have been funding all these riots with the mandate for bloodshed. Isn't it what you CIA people have been waiting for – bloodshed? Since the Hong Kong police have been so patient and careful in avoiding blood, what can we do? I think we can only escalate the level of violence in each riot until the police make their first mistake? We have enough stupid youth that will offer their skulls for a bigger pay cheque…

  30. Xi, Carrie Lam, the police are already showing around the world how brutal, riots, threaten, beaten the protesters with the worst pictures.

  31. More blood for democracy because of Xi and Carrie Lam. If she wants to use the "War Law" to fight the protesters, is it solving the problem or worse? and how she can apply it to millions of people. Ridiculous!

  32. Good! Keep communism out of Hong Kong

  33. kick china out of the WTO and cease all trade with China

  34. If other Chinese cities follow suit China could be overthrown.If i were a Chinese official Id be a little worried.

  35. Of course it will get more violent. CIA is pumping in more money, NED also increasing it's support to the rioters.

  36. HongKong need to burn the bridge or any road connection from china to Hongkong

  37. I guess the order has been passed down.

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