Thursday , July 2 2020
Home / News / Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam fully withdraws extradition bill

Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam fully withdraws extradition bill

Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Michael Pillsbury with the latest on the protests in Hong Kong and U.S. trade tensions with China.

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  1. Puppet Carrie's announcement came too late, too little after months of sacrifices of young brave protesters. A few even got slaughtered in Prince Edward MTR Station on Aug 31 by commies PLA pretending HK Police.

  2. please be reminded that "Carrie Lam only motions to withdraw the bill in Oct. The pro-establishment LegCo members can vote out her motion." Thanks my page-fan's careful reading. Regarding to this matter, the attached Guardian coverage is imprecise.

  3. haha this is far from over though

  4. The people of Hong Kong are willing to die for what the people in the US are giving away

  5. The fox news about China is pretty disgusting, it’s like masturbating yourself to orgasm by ignoring the rest of the world.

  6. Communist of China now we know that it is just a PAPER TIGER, no more no less.


  8. You say suspension not withdrawal. Mrs Lam did say suspension but not withdrawal.

  9. How come the left is not backing the Hong Kong protesters?


  11. Yes–great pts made in this video ! SHARE ! -MAGA…

  12. The western world needs to stay out of this. The British took it from the Chinese after the opium wars. China has a legitimate claim.

  13. China wants one thing Trump voted out every present before has already filed down or been bought off by Chinese companies and governmentsenators and congressmen in America are in their pocket just like the Japanese on him to it's from taking special money in briefcase is an unmarked bills and not reporting it so God bless President Donald J Trump and he's helping Taiwan China and Hong Kong find freedom from oppressive dictators and communists but Hillary wouldn't have any problems dealing with them just like when she took money from Putin and uranium tech God bless President Donald J Trump and blue lives matter

  14. Carrie Lam must now pay for the damage to the city from her own millions then she must be captured, tortured and hung. Carrie Lam is a globalist scum.

  15. Of course China will never admit they feel the pain! They are too proud and arrogant to admit they are ready to call uncle! Duh, really China says this is nothing to them, no a big deal…REALLY??? and old dude believes that??? CHINA FEELS THE PAIN!!! They will call Trump to negotiate:) WINNING!!!

  16. I love Maria! She is so for America, and Americans.

  17. Chinese Communism will crumble just like the USSR did.

  18. China will never agree to audits, it will show how corrupt they all are.


  20. Should China move to suppress the aspirations of Hong Kongers for liberty, freedom and democracy thru Tiananmen Square type of violent operation,
    the world should not sit idly by and immediately sanction China economically and politically, and conduct a military blockade in the South and East China
    seas. If China is allowed to spread its tyranny in Hong Kong, it will also spread its evil ambitions into Taiwan and the rest of South East Asian countries.

  21. China is a boring brutal backward domain ruled by a circle of cold blooded commie killers and thieving thugs

  22. I don't understand why Trump is worried about Huawei but nobody else. China make/put together every phone that is sold in the USA.

  23. Why so many empty accounts are support protesters here? ?

  24. Hong Kong people want to pass their prefered version of the extradition bill for their leaders/police, it's Hong Kong Human rights … Act of 2019 in the US Congress.

  25. Guys, I have years of experience living in China and dealing with a variety of its people. There is one major thing that needs to be clearly understood about the mindset of some of the people: they absolutely DO NOT CARE about any promises, handshakes, agreements, standards of conduct, ethics, contracts, or even common courtesy. The focus instead is "How can I get ahead?" Granted, like I said, not all Chinese are like this, such as my friends in China. However, there is a large, long-permeating part of the culture here which has literally indoctrinated millions with this type of "screwing others to get ahead is just good business" mentality. There is a complete disregard for what we "westerners" call "ethical," because to them it is weakness. I've been told – several times – straight to my face that to convince someone into making a deal and paying for thimgs you're never planning to give is just "good business."
    The truly messed up part, which reveals the completely broken moral compass, is that they have no qualms or regret about f**king you over, don't understand why you're upset about it, and won't ever see your reasoning no matter how much common sense is given, BUT if the same thing is done to them – even on a miniscule level – they will go nuts and lash out about it.

    You people need to wake up and realize just who you're dealing with. It's not a regime with morals, ethics, or even basic human decency. There are those in China who do have such values, but sadly their lives are made harder because they live in a society built on stepping on others to get ahead. I can't tell you how many times I've been told "Everybody else does it, so why does it matter? If I don't do it that way, then it would be too hard, or even impossible." Even the good people are under pressure to do bad.

    No dealmaking to benefit the "Party." Cut them off ASAP and make it unbearably painful. Force a change. It's the only way, and not only do the American people need it, so do the Chinese people.

  26. This mens nothing. chinga commies are ready to submerge HK under shenzen and guanzho through the ‘greater bay’ plan. HK is becoming nomore. CCP is pure evil.

  27. I don’t see how tariffs on China will affect U.S. economy

  28. Don’t be fool. China won’t give up its power.

  29. I believe that the Chines are barking up the wrong tree.!!!! They are going to get this a year to late..

  30. Carrie Lam should withdraw herself from office for being subservient to Beijing. Carrie Lam should resign if she has any shame. Kudos to the brave youth that know what Red Dragon Communism is all about. There is nothing wrong for wanting to live in a free society. They clearly reject Communist Oppression and Repression. They know what it is to live within such a failed ideology, subscribed to the Pathology and Whims of a Cruel and Cynical State. Hail Freedom!

  31. It has been hard for her. I respect her so much. And the police officers. They have been hurting by rioters. Hope they safe.

  32. This is huge and great.

  33. and now they are beating up innocent bystanders who will not join them…….
    It was all a LIE……

  34. china by conceding the pullback of the law and not sending in tanks, is trying in vain to make the U.S. and the 'actual' civilizations think its not savage, criminal and the funny antithesis of civilization; but alas no real person would think commie Chinese is something other than a weed in the garden of human civilization, unable to compose art, literature, music and tech. Odd, very funny little people, nothing more.   (yawn ……

  35. support China today – KISS YOUR GRANDKIDS good bye -under China rule USA kids are slated to become spittoon cleaners in numerous Chinese Opium Dens* * * CHINA breaks other countries WILLS: by giving away opium cheaply=> then they BUSTED North Koreans Balls to control Kim & Sister

  36. Xi is the genius behind the currency manipulation – that china used to STEAL 500 Billion Dollar$ from USA- President Obama & VP Joe Biden sent relatives to Chinato collect brides +=> that Joe Biden son is still COLLECTING 9/5/2019

  37. Promise you mom is not you business what America have involve those things

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