Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrating the life and legacy of iconic civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

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  1. Peace Love and Democracy 💙💙💙

  2. Martin Luther King Jr is a healer 💙

  3. When we judged some BLM and Antifa members on their character we were called racists by this very establishment.

  4. I had a dream and it came true.

  5. Go back to Europe devil's 💯

  6. martin Luther king would be absolutely disgusted by black lives matter

  7. Your ancestors delivered Jesus to Korea. God is alive.You'll see it soon. Our eyes and ears are so dark that we can't recognize him or see him or express him. The Lord will be our Sullivan teacher.

  8. Happy birthday black history month Martin Luther King Junior

  9. 💜2021✨
    an Angel's promise & invitation
    ⌚YouTube: Millennium-Lance and the Open Scroll
    keeping the Faith
    honoring St. Martin de Porres

  10. Martin Luther King Jr would be VERY ASHAMED of what this country has become with the government Impeaching Trump, a innocent President, censoring freedom of speech and cheated the election and most definitely against BLM and black people blaming cops after breaking the law. Dispicable! 😡😡

  11. Stop exploiting that one speech mr king did. You talk about the ones he was for reparations 🤔 Do you also talk about when he said he has integrated his ppl into a burning house

  12. Diversity is Humanity's Greatest Strength.
    All Patriotic Americans despise White Nationalism.

  13. We knew what the news would do something involving kids looking at the date yesterday…😒

  14. Martin Luther King was right . A man should be judged on the quality of his character and not on his skin color . I agreed with it when he dais and I agree with it now . Anyone who disagrees can just go to hell !

  15. Thanks for the day off whatever your name is

  16. Ya the left wanted to honor Dr king by putting us back in chains how nice

  17. I have a dream… That every SINGLE Trump supporter will be locked up in Reeducation camps!

  18. King was hardly an original,womanising Marxist to be exact. Martins handler & speech writer was the Communist Stanley Levison.

  19. The 4 thumbs down to this video come from PINK people.

  20. Those little ones gave me chills and brought a tear. Our future is bright.

  21. Happy Martin Luther King Day

  22. So funny to me that you idolize a man that cheated on his wife with multiple women😁

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