‘HORROR SHOW’: Biden’s numbers have Dems ‘very worried,’ Varney says #shorts

‘Varney & Co.’ host Stuart Varney analyzed a recent FOX poll showing Donald Trump expanding his lead while Biden loses ground with all key voting blocs. #foxbusiness #shorts

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  1. Dummies! Keep the Presidency. The GOP will increase their lead in the House and flip at least two seats and retake the Senate. A Republican Congress will cancel out Sleepy Joe.

  2. Well you know you keep lieing and cheating sooner or later it's gonna catch up with you.

  3. Coke in the white house 😋

  4. Those people will never admit to voting for him I say I dare you to admit to it! The administration has even admitted to canceling the keystone pipeline was a bad idea. Good job you idiot democrats!!!! They admitted it was a bad idea!!!! Fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. When a "president" has done EVERYTHING wrong that can be done, that's your answer. Biden is just a MEAN & CORRUPT old man who has never been a good guy.

  6. Varney I don't trust you, I think your a back bitter, you don't care for trump all

  7. No one put him into the WH. He didn't win.

  8. King biden doesn't even know he is president….. this time around he will get 300 million votes. No question asked or else

  9. The cheaters put Joe in the White House and is absolutely stupid nobody make them accountable!

  10. What were seeing is a Stand off. Deep State wants Biden out of Office because they know Biden will not win.
    Biden won't leave Office because he knows once he does, without the protection of the White House, he will be convicted of Treason.
    A Stand Off, neither one will win.
    Biden has put himself in the CrossHairs of the C.I.A.
    They don't dare Touch a Hair on Trump, they know if they do they'll Wake Up to a Country On Fire!

  11. Praise the Lord for exposing the corruption of the socialist/ communist party.

  12. How convenient you forgot to mention his corruption and other crimes or did Fox intentionally leave that out food for thought on Fox's trustworthiness and reliability of facts and figures


  14. You’re not American if you vote for Joe Biden….💯‼️ sound familiar🤔?

  15. Perhaps biden should change either brand of ice cream, or flavor. Maybe that will help him in the polls.

  16. People might finally be waking up to the fact that this corrupt buffoon is the greatest destructive force America has ever seen.

  17. If the laptop "hunters" had been studied and information released sleepy china/russian joe won have lost. If I or anyone else would lie on the form to buy a self-defense weapon would be in prison.

  18. fox FAKE news SUCKS
    rinos and liberalcraps NEED TO GO OUT OF AMERICA
    WE THE PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH THE CORRUPT politicians AND government

  19. Watch out for voter fraud in 2024.

  20. Thak God people are realizing what they did. Also Brandon's not the president just a puppet. But it is all of his fault they're losing voters.

  21. Over stuffing ballot boxes is what got Biden in the white house Biden got more votes than Obama that's a joke God bless America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  22. Quadruple those numbers and you'll be much closer to reality, probably lower than even that. Faux fox is just like the rest of the msm, they just don't be as obvious.

  23. Even the brainless morons who voted for him won't do it again

  24. Incompetent administration and Racist

  25. He's a perverted traitor. Nuff said.

  26. Naturally only 5% of Hispanics hate him. The Other 95% love the idea of seeing America turned into Mexico's Septic Tank!

  27. The Dems ARE a horror show. They're sick people.


  29. yes can you imagine!? they think we are silly , simple people. i fear its so corrupt unless we get a majority , this country will be destroyed , im glad more people that havent spoken out are speaking now. they work for "we the people" not the other way around , they have forgotten who their employer is.

  30. Potato Biden going down big time. You will never convince me 81 million voted for this fraud. Vote Red. TRUMP 2024

  31. Biden was not voted into the whitehouse!!