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Hospitals Face Growing Need For Nurses Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

Across America, millions of nurses are fighting on the front lines of the pandemic, but hospitals are racing to hire more.
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Hospitals Face Growing Need For Nurses Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC Nightly News


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  2. Uhhhhh…. all the nurses here are unemployed….

  3. And the hospitals will close waiting for the government to pay them. Soon you will need that $1000 dollars to buy a loaf of bread. If anything, Nursing Schools need to incorporate an economics class. At least know something about how hospitals exist. Most important, that Nothing no Nothing is Free.

  4. sorry money cant buy ur health if u a nurse or even a cna u have to protect urself once u got this corona ull be a mess… sorry ceo wont be there at er it be u as a nurse… ur life is at risk thats reality… 2020 is a bad year

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  6. We're not information age!
    We're in entertainment age!
    Science matters!
    People can't wait to contaminated the water,air,land,sea,and space again..

  7. They need a hotel for the nurses to keep them away from the public, and keep them safe!

  8. Yeah in the future when school opens up coronavirus will be a history now…

    Stay safe and thank you for all those nurses and doctors for ur care.

  9. You know why? Because instead of like they do with every flu season, saying if you’re sick, stay home, if you can’t breathe or get a temp of over 102 come in. Oh NO! Everybody get tested! Panic! Come in! THAT’S WHY THE HEATH CARE SYSTEM IS OVERWHELMED. a LOT of this makes sense that we should do every flu season. Work from home IF YOU CAN. Dont be in crowds. Don’t cough on people, and most importantly wash your hands. This is ABSOLUTE utter overkill. 450,000 cases WORLDWIDE? Most! people recover! Cases are so mild they don’t even know they have it! Seriously? We shut down the bloody COUNTRY for this? It’s going to be a disaster. The news wants ratings, and the politicians want votes. This is NUTS. We are such SHEEP. Healthy people are not dying in the street!

  10. your still at it, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP you know it is the socialist party you want . But you have nothing good to say about socialist to the common people, because they will be abused under that government So you try to destroy capitalism with lie race baiting over burden the businesses by massive regulations sale out our country with unfair trade agreements Allow open borders so our country will fall from lazy people that get taken care of through laws forced on the American people that make us pay for their care as you invite more and more to come YES Trump Trump Trump we the people see what you have been doing and are pushing for A destroyed and destitute America we are all petty much agreed the leftest of America helped bring in this covid 19 through out the world to bring in this socialist government billions know about you democrats of America YOU WILL FAIL Trump 20/20

  11. Sorry for late Who Human read 5 times read Namaz/Salah with wudu corona virus never come with him lnshaALLAH.with guarantee.l m praying

  12. I am a recruiter for Prime Staffing, the company profiled in this segment. If any of you in the comments are a ICU or ER Registered Nurse and can come to NYC to help, please email me your resume jesse@primestaffingnyc.com

  13. Did I just watch a nurse mush her mask all over that child’s face? Isn’t that what catches the germs etc…

  14. Save our health care workers make a face mask

  15. The grate cull has begun

  16. 🙏🙏🙏🙏✊🏼

  17. Today a very young person died here in Switzerland, he was only 78…………
    The others was 80, 88,96 and 97. The one with 96 was already in the palliative care

  18. They need respiratory therapists, not nurses.

  19. To those young wise dudes who thinks they're immune to this should volunteer to help out in the front-line work. They voice out so arrogantly so let's see if they're brave enough to accept this challenge! Show me you have the guts!!!

  20. Wonderful!! Offering such support for those so needed right now.

  21. Why is the nurse allowed home to possibly infect her family, you people have no discipline and are doomed…

  22. Need to cut some red tape and let LPN work with the Nurses. There is not enough nurses nationwide and this pandemic has not even peaked yet

  23. Trained one not the quark

  24. SALUTE  Health Care Workers:

  25. Respect for all of you
    thank you so much for all of you .

  26. Keep nurses safe. We dont have enough PPE!

  27. The virus is just a regular cold . Don't be fooled

  28. They did not give job to my wife even she is amazing nurse because she smoke 🚬 no drugs no alcohol just few cigarettes a day..

  29. i have already decided to stay at a hotel instead of bringing home to my family.

  30. Pass the stimulus bill to also help front liners…stupid dems

  31. Just thinking of you sanitized one of those cruise ships it could be a refuge or a hospital bet you could monitor closelysanitize and check and monitor on the way in sanitize and check and monitor and evaluate on the way out all those beds going to waste my goodness instead of sending in a construction crew modify a soccer field use all of that skills and resources to modify a cruise ship with a hospital

  32. God bless our nurses men and women whoever they may be.. they are our true heroes right now.. be safe everyone we're All in this together God bless you all 🇺🇸

  33. I was trained in the Marines to be a medic I'm receiving VA from a purple heart and working part time as a mechanic.. it would be an honor to volunteer to serve the people with my medic skills here in Texas if we get hit that hard. An absolute honor. 🇺🇸

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