Wednesday , August 12 2020
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Hospitals suing US government to keep prices secret: Report

President Trump’s health care initiative is causing hospitals to fire back by filing a lawsuit against the government. FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos with more.

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  1. Imagine buying any other product or service and not knowing the cost until the good is consumed or the service is rendered. It's insanity.

  2. I don’t feel bad for them they should have been doing this all along. They never wanted to itemize bills since that would make customers hold them accountable for price gouging.

  3. Don’t get big bandaid mad at you.

  4. Violate first amendment act? Is that a joke?

  5. Such BS on the part of hospitals. Medical care became a business thanks to Ted Kennedy, it stopped being a social service. Hospitals should be forced to reveal their prices just like restaurants and grocery stores do. If they're going to pay their CEOs so much money they should let us know how much that drives up the cost of our care.

  6. What's there to hide Hospitals?

  7. $300 a day is nothing to the health care industry. They simply will not comply and absorb the fee. It would be more advantageous for them to do this and not reveal their prices. They make more money this way.

  8. It's almost like hospitals have something to hide.

  9. LOL! We have a free market, don't we? You don't see automotive repair shops keeping their rates secret until you go into their office and haggle. LOL… rediculous, hospitals are just like every other service, post your rates or don't get any business.

  10. Hospitals are crooks , health care is the biggest scam ever

  11. I support the Trump’s transparency plan

  12. Wow, there's literally corruption all around us. 🙁

  13. This is gonna be interesting reading lol

  14. No moron. It's called a database and it uses sql files. It's so easy to search. That's what stores that sell both online and offline use. You know, when Home Depot tells you exactly which isle you can find an item and how many there are?

  15. Trump will clean this up,He need all of congress to agree with him,but as we are seeing,the corrupt are doing their damnest to impeach him.For the People.Democrats are making millions off this.and some Republicans.they're known as "The Swamp"

  16. $300 a day? How about $3,000,000 a day! God bless 🙏 Trump!!!!

  17. I rather not go to the hospital

  18. You cant have secret prices if every patient publishes their bill

  19. Congress could fix healthcare in a day with mandates of transparent pricing.

  20. This is absolute evidence of price fixing if you ask me…its like a drug dealer with the cops at the door desperate to hide the drugs…

  21. If you dont think hospitals should show their prices I guess none of you have been hospitalized and charged $900 for aspirin twice a day for a week…

  22. If I need health services I go to Mexico 5 star hospitals not these money making machine US hospitals.

  23. The prior administrations passed legislation to allow hospitals to overcharge patients for the ones that don’t pay, it was supposed to help offset costs but it was used to increase prices until healthcare was unaffordable for the poor so the government could take its natural place ruling our health care.

  24. all this is going to do is hurt small businesses…….

  25. $300..
    Not one hospital will comply…….

  26. The Dims won't fight this for us, they're probably getting kickbacks from the hospital lobby.

  27. As it's been said, those who would do evil love the darkness, in this case, especially when they claim their being caring and/or helpful..

  28. This is most secret pricing businesses there is! And they pray on sick people! Been a. Victim for years! Why not publish prices? The whole chain of greed will fall! The most insidious people on earth! Vicious, sadistic, control freaks!

  29. Abominable administration.

  30. How about charge every person they see and instead of giving them a bill also give them a check of 300 for not being transparent

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