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Hotel cook arrested for allegedly threatening workers with violence

An arsenal of weapons including an assault rifle and high-capacity magazines were seized at the Long Beach, California, home of Rodolfo Montoya, police said.




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  1. No profession is exempt from idiocy.

  2. they probably treated him like shit because hes just an employee very common here in america where workers treat each other like crap especially from management.but still he shouldnt have threatened people of shooting them.smh

  3. What the fuck a Hispanic terrorist? Good thing they stopped this piece of trash

  4. Mentally Ill. Also, Open Secrets dot org Donor Lookup shows one (1) Rodolfo Montoya giving money to…….Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Sorry, lefties….sounds like another one of your guys. How come most of these mass shooters are lefties?
    Sorry, Bill Ayers used bombs to kill people….my bad.

  5. Democrats would've blamed this on Trump.

  6. Fred Guttenberg, a gun reform activist and the father of one of the Parkland shooting victims, called out President Donald Trump this week for claiming that the survivors of mass shootings and gun violence "love" him, pointing out that he actually hates the president's actions. ”Mr. President, let me tell you something: I don't care about you. This is not about love or hate. I don't care about you. I care about what you do. And I hate what you are doing,” Guttenberg said!

  7. He's going to enjoy some good sausage in prison.

  8. So how would mental health checks have stopped this potential mass shooter, President Trump?

  9. Marriott hotels is a government contractor that watches it's guests, rumor has it Even in the rooms. Not surprised to see this at what is basically a government contractor.

  10. Another of orange buffoon's mentally deranged finest. His pu$$y grabbin' dear leader is proud of him and a "Presidential" pardon to come next🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Why? Why can anybody buy all that arsenal???? This 2nd amendment is stupid!!

  12. Finally, remove the guns from the people causing the trouble and leave the ones that aren't causing trouble alone.

  13. Number 10 this week…the first one who isn't an anglo.

  14. Poor working people. Machine gun, no good. Too many laws and sentences. Use fuel and lighters. Can't stop ya getting ya hands on that.

  15. 80 percent shooting come from work bullying and its gona keep growing until people start listening about work bullying

  16. good news that the threat as reported was prevented. but its not really usable in the gun crisis climate consensus that is also one of the presently positioned political priorities if we ask president clinton or dr fords constitutional competence. if we take all homicides any annual contrast them to known concerns with or without criminologist footnotes its a common denominator of right and wrong, and very very very few exceptions. thats also a majority of murders where its not the massacre but still the unacceptable offense and avoidable tragedy. that shoudnt be any new news either, unless the expectation was for this to mean more than it was. lol.

  17. What if someone who doesn’t like you or guns finds out you own them and makes some shit like this up?

  18. Gun control will NEVER work, but this is wonderful. Violent, mentally unstable people do not come up in a vacuum. They run their mouths, first. We have to listen and tell authorities EVERY TIME, not just when our senses are heightened.

  19. Notice how as soon as these phony shootings occur. Mass arrests for people “threatening “ to shoot places up. Yet this shit never occurs otherwise. This is propaganda folks. They’re getting you comfortable with gun confiscation.

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