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House Bill Protecting Abortion Rights Would Set Regulations At Federal Level

The House passed legislation that would codify abortion rights protections amid threats to Roe v. Wade from a Texas law banning most abortions and a wave of restrictions in other states. The bill aims to set abortion regulations at the federal level, but is unlikely to pass in the Senate.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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House Bill Protecting Abortion Rights Would Set Regulations At Federal Level


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  1. What do people think will happen if abortion becomes illegal? What happened when weed and alcohol were illegal? People still got their weed and alcohol regardless of the potential consequences. Has anyone seen what a botched self-abortion looks like?

  2. If you disagree with abortion, then go stand in line at an adoption agency. Half a million children in the foster system waiting for pro-life families to adopt them. The foster system is already over burdened, not enough pro-life families willing to help. It is estimated that nearly one out of every four prisoners and seventy percent of prostitutes came out of the foster system. Many are homeless the moment they’re adults. If you truly love children, then if you’re going to force them into a potentially brutal life, then you ought to advocate for an increase in welfare to help pay for them as well as begin adopting.

  3. You can't say "my body my choice" if you think vaccines should be mandated by law.

  4. Hopefully you’ll understand if we don’t take advice on how to effect the abolition of human abortion from any pro-choicer, from the well-known and well-heeled politician to the anonymous Internet troll, who isn’t fazed by those awful images. Why in the world don’t they trouble you? I’m not lying here – I can barely bring myself to look at them.

  5. Abortion is gory and awful. If the truth offends you, should you not reconsider your own position?

  6. What kind of a society are we creating by killing off sick or disabled human beings? People with limitations have a right to life just like so-called “normal” or healthy people.

  7. While we cannot say that all birth control methods of contraception are abortive, and are therefore not included in the practice we seek to abolish, we do believe that the birth control mentality in America fuels the abortion industry and ought to be combated as well.

  8. In this case, we think there needs to be a careful review of the clinical studies that were conducted on those medications to fully understand how they function in a human body as birth control. If such studies are inconclusive or unavailable, then the manufacturer of the medication should devote the necessary research efforts to determine the effects of the medicine before they are made available to the public.

  9. There is an important distinction between contraception and contragestion.

  10. We will speak up and fight for the rights of the smallest, least powerful, and most voiceless members of the human race. We encourage you to do the same. Would you have wanted an advocate if you were under the abortician’s knife?

  11. The baby is not responsible for the sins of his father.

  12. We need to protect abortion righrs

  13. Look at the gleeful way nancy pelosi announces the passage of this bill: truly diabolical.

  14. Women in Afghanistan have môre rights than in Texas

  15. There is no such thing as abortion. A female bodied person is in charge of their own voice and body. No one is allowed to use either for anything. Even commenting here is pushing it. Just cause it says a news title and there is video doesn’t mean I’m allowed to acknowledge that and turn it into a conversation and comment. For one the human race was never supposed to exist so the concept of right and wrong is very subjective almost none existent with the exception of losing our loved ones to death. But it is no one else’s business what she does using her own body, with the exception of life endangering self harm cause no one should die and have their loved ones suffer.

  16. A woman has the right to decide whether the fetus remains in her body,
    a pregnant woman has the right to abort the fetus

  17. Pro-abortionists say that outlawing abortion would restrict a woman’s right to privacy. Is that right absolute? Does somebody’s right to privacy exceed another’s right to live?

  18. Show me where abortion is a right?

  19. Good things federal laws dont trump state rights.

  20. Pro-abortionists say that the unborn child is part of the mother’s body. If that is so, why does it have a completely different genetic code and often a different blood type? How do you explain the fact that it has it’s own immune system? Why is it male about half the time?

  21. If you want liberty, you need to leave Texas or work fast to change it. Texans are loosing basic freedoms almost all other Americans have and hold dear. Say no to fascism in your local govt. ❤

  22. Let me get this right. You’re going to protect woman’s rights by denying future their right?

  23. to everyone that doesnt want an abortion: DONT HAVE AN ABORTION. its really that simple.

  24. It cool dealing with mask ☝️I got my first investment successfully just today thanks guys

  25. It cool dealing with mask ☝️I got my first investment successfully just today thanks guys.

  26. Whoever gave women voting rights, should be shot. And I am a woman!

  27. As a woman who has had two not-so-smooth pregnancies, I find this legislation absolutely appalling! Regardless of how difficult my pregnancies were, I never felt I had the right to end them. Never wanted to. Have we forgotten what life is? And no, I don't just care about life in the womb and forget it afterward. That argument is exhaustive. Abortion is murder- plain and simple. I pray this fails in the Senate.

    Psalm 139:13-16
    “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

  28. Yeah. A lot of states will ignore this.

  29. Laws like this should go to the state level.

  30. Yesterday the CCP sent a plane to hang seven nuclear bombs and flew to Taiwan's Southeast Aviation Security Zone to intimidate Taiwan. What did the United States do? Meng Wanzhou was also released. How weak is the United States? Nuclear bombs must be deployed to Taiwan and the first island chain. If the United States still wants to play an obscure strategy, the people of Taiwan will not want to play such an obscure strategy. If they do not recognize the bandit country CCP, they will adopt a stronger response. The United States will fall, and be eaten by whales.

  31. Women & girls have the right to choose.

  32. When the senate votes against this I’m gonna laugh so hard hahah even pro choice senators are like this is to far

  33. Abortion is an easy solution to an irresponsible lifestyle

  34. AMERICAN ROYAL FAMILY: Kidnapping formerly known as Adoption or Foster Care is possible as long as its Justified. Threat to Society or a loved one, means Foster Care Children are going to homes of Cops and are known to house America's largest population of Adoption and Foster Care Children who have the most Victims of Human Trafficking of Children in the World.

  35. Satan will serve Nancy for dinner when she arrives at his restaurant.

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