Friday , October 23 2020
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House delivers articles of impeachment to Senate (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Engrossment ceremony for the final document with the articles of impeachment will be sent to the Senate.

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The House voted to send articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate for a trial and to name the seven lawmakers who will prosecute him.

The House voted 228 to 193 largely along party lines to send the Senate the two articles accusing Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Opening arguments in the trial are expected to begin Tuesday.

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  1. The media has mistreated my dad worse than ANY president in history. But they’re wrong, and his record speaks for itself. America wants 4 more years, and the #TrumpArmy is going to get us there. Join us for a National Day of Action on Jan. 18! #LeadRight

  2. The never ending CLOWN SHOW

  3. I guess we’re our own enemy now, we’re crumbling from the inside if this happens and soon it’ll be outside towards us ridiculous, KEEP trump. It’s almost a new re-election anyways

  4. This is going to be awesome. Now the real criminals will be exposed and President Trump will be re-elected. It’s a shame Speaker Pelosi will be impeached for obstruction of the senate.

  5. What is actually the implication of impeachment on Trump's status as POTUS ? 🔥 🌹 👍

  6. I pray God keeps his hands on Trump. He has help Israel and has continued to do so. God Bless Trump and Israel.

  7. Donald Trump has been an embarrassment to America and all that we have traditionally stood for, hopefully after he's impeached he'll leave and go continue his political career in North Korea or Ukraine where he belongs.

  8. Thank God! God willing he's impeached soon and we vote someone into office who's not a worthless shitstain on society.

  9. Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! It Took way to Long.The Thing going down in History as the Sad Thing he is.Sad we all have to all go though this.But History Shows What he was and is.But Russia and People who think of Power and Money and not think of the People 🇺🇸 Will Lose every time.

  10. Today it has to be acknowledged that ridding our WH of #45 is no longer a partisan issue, but a moral obligation!!

  11. The Dumbocrats really like losing to Trump, don't they? LMAO! He's just gonna get the last laugh on them again like he always does.

  12. She just signed their death warrant. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  13. Just say Uncle Trump step down?
    Who's will vote for the dc rats? I guess only those dogs who eating American food? But worship the Devils.
    You vote for them ? Not me in millions year.
    Go Uncle Trump no one better than you at this time , USA need you specially the world.
    I pray for you always in good health Uncle Trump.
    God bless.

  14. Holy shit she's drunk again. The House needs to do an intervention for their fearless leader.

  15. The US Democratic Party is a laughingstock in the eyes of the world it is run by a geriatric Corrupt old woman who cannot string two sentences together they are a disgrace to the American people

  16. i'm glad that democrats waited i figured to make the case more bulletproof and they did, lev parnas has provided significant evidence against not just trump but mark zuckerberg ,zuckerberg had a couple of lunches ,dinners with the president parna's used what's app witch is owned and operated by facebook where russians has purchased lots of ads in 2016 william barr has talked about what's app's enqrypting the messages mark zuckerberg is a very good friend of trump and billions of dollars in cash thanks to the trump/republican tax reform so trump's retirement is the collection of dues after the tax reform pays handsome dividents to trump and republicans like a ponzi scheme.

  17. You libbies are so easy! We love the fact that Trump lives inside your little liberal heads, rent free. Nancy Pelosi belongs in rehab. She’s a lush. I bet she goes through withdrawals and cold sweats, without her hourly Botox injections.

  18. Yes take your pens to wripe to your loved 1s . Or discusting old hag . Fat nadler lol evil through to the bones

  19. Unfortunately not today…but 2020 baby baby…bye bye!!!! Blue 2020… I bet you all!!! From Sao Paulo-Brazil.

  20. Republican are hurt for being minority in the house .they are siding their president and not the oath to the constitution and to the American people.

  21. Is it significant that she waited until Martin Luther King's original birthday to impeach Cheeto Face? If so bravo. If not, waiting worked out perfectly.

  22. Cry babies!…….Ridiculous.! Trump 2020

  23. This will not end well for the democrats

  24. Who else loves USA TODAY


    I’m gifting my next 10 subs 😍❤️

  25. Who else loves USA TODAY

    I’m gifting my next 10 subs 😍❤️

  26. I will believe it when I see it he's a actor not a President what a joke can't believe people voted for him. Especially any women wow !

  27. Great job Nancy! I am so proud of you and the work you've done. It's so obvious to most of the Americans with common sense that this president does not deserve the title of leader….based on character or skill. Look at the disgrace that he has made of himself and now he is impeached. You speak for me and mine Nancy and our prayers are with you. And if we can't get him impeached we will get him out in November. Also…if he don't get impeached I ain't paying no taxes this year….on God ….i ain't paying for his bullshit

  28. He needs to be put out. That man is crazy. All he has done cause trouble. He only sent them people over there to fight to try and stop his impeachment. I hope they put him out.

  29. Over half of America will make her regret this sham!
    What will they do then?

  30. Remember, If the inquiry was equitable, both sides would be able to call their own witnesses. Yet, the House of Representatives Democrats, when it conducted it's Impeachment Inquiry, passed it's own rules giving Schiff the right to veto any/all GOP witnesses. He rejected every single request. SO WHY WILL THE REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE ALLOW ANY….ANY witnesses the Democrats want? WHAT DID ADAM SCHIFF HAVE TO HIDE IN THE IMPEACHMENT INVESTIGATION?????

    Until THIS is answered, Democrats should not be allowed ANY witnesses by the Senate.

  31. @28:10 on .. I wished someone would have slapped that smile from her face

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