Sunday , November 1 2020
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House Dem leaders hold post SOTU press conference

House Democrat leaders hold a press conference following SOTU.

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  1. What does a Democrat know about Truth? Absolutely Nothing!

  2. The more the Democrats run there mouths people are running away from the party and the ignorance that they promote and here are to prime examples of this

  3. These people are sick, pathetic, embarrassing, and desperate.

  4. Unamerican pos! Vote all the Democrats out!

  5. I gave this video a Thumbs Down because I don’t trust ANY plan the Democrats come up with. I feel certain their ONLY concern is lining their pockets with ill gotten gains from MY tax dollars.

  6. Dems are trash. VoteDEMout

  7. Liberals were like


  8. Did you say that you're going to root out corruption lady? Your entire party is corruption everyone in it is corruption so I would suggest you just dismantle the Democratic party and that will get rid of corruption and take some of those nasty Republicans with you not all of the Republicans but the ones that you have in your pocket

  9. What a bunch of propaganda horse$hit.

    Gender based pay discrimination? Every academic study says this is propaganda. There is no discrimination.

  10. We can't believe the Democrats. For all they've done have all been lying.

  11. Liars, do nothing Dems are successfully doing nothing but segregate, separate, and label. You, the do nothing Dems cripple AMERICA!

  12. Trump is already doing this

  13. LOOSERS. ALL DEMS ⛓⛓🔗🔗🚽🚽🤣🤣😤😤😤😤😤😤🌀😤

  14. What the f***'s puerto ricans are not citizens of the United States it is a national territory that we take care of. We come to the aid for that little country just like we do every other country

  15. Here's a bubba for the babies…… 🍼😲

  16. LOSERS

  17. They have done ZERO FOR AMERICANS….but the sky’s the limit for illegals, MS13 scum, their own pockets….USMCA was solely the President’s doing, scumbag pelosi jumped on it to pretend she was major factor, it wasn’t….it would’ve NEVER BEEN DONE OR EVEN taken up without President Trump

  18. Why is everything they say an attack on Trump? Looks like a "look over there" scenario where the guy pointing the finger is the culprit???

  19. These are also Americans. They should bring them all to America an condeme the island unlivable. They will never be safe from floods, hurricanes, Democrats and tsunamis. Store southern fence jumpers there until processed.

  20. The fact that our politicians can go on national TV and push a false narrative without any proof to back it up is insane. To many sheep in this country that eat up this false info and believe it to be true with nothing to Back it up.

  21. I heard a Democrat state that Pelosi would be the next President if Trump was out. Darn right they lie. It’s the Vice President. Can you imagine Pelosi. I really heard this this morning. If I am wrong, please correct me.

  22. Time to turn the tables. And reveal the truth or this narrative will go …forever. That’s what Dems promised .

  23. I love how the reporters ignored their talking points and went straight for the gossip.

  24. All they do is cry because he's doing things a different way.

  25. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. Democrats are ridiculously transparent? Trump 2020. I am blue collar under Trump I have received raises and bonuses from my company for the first time in 9 years. Democrats have done nothing but try to impeach President Trump! You have accomplished nothing but the ruin of the Democratic Party.

  27. Lets see how serious they are about wanting to work with the president on infrastructure funding or anything else for the rest of this year. Lets see if they can stop acting like children and stop throwing temper tantrums every time the president tries to help the American people.

  28. how can he say this with a straight face , every one is back to work, if giving a job to someone isnt being on their side , what is?

  29. FAKE News 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. President Trump smashed it at the SOTU but Pelosi trashed it. TRUMP will beat the impeachment charges. Dems lose today, tomorrow and overwhelmingly in Nov 2020.

  31. There is proof that you are lying. Cant you just stop. America will speak loudly towards what you have done…. I weep for the USA on what you continue to do lie lie lie!

  32. democrat leaders are for unions so they get the kick back money,(mob money)PR-the President has giving a lot to that country but the government did not give the supply out, but held it back for the people of their country,something the democrat leaders would and will do to any American if they could away with it, for One Obama care is a crappy health care program, you don't keep your dr. and for another thing, Nancy Pelosi should have never took 250,000,000. out of the SS funds to pay for the impeachment fund, Obama started putting children in cages and he also started tracking them as well a long with the help of Hillary Clinton, No one will say it But I will

  33. Democrats have undermined unions and blue collar workers for decades by fighting to allow massive illegal immigration. Those illegals work for wages Americans couldn't support their families on, resulting in job losses for American workers. Trump's curbs on illegal immigration is probably the single greatest reason for the reduction in black unemployment, as more entry level jobs are now available to them. Another example of Democrats playing lip service to a constituency they take for granted, while they actively undercut them.

  34. These Dingaling Democrats are getting more and more Pathetic as time goes by. Compulsive Haters and Liars are their character.

  35. Just because you have practiced hand movements doesn't mean the dribble coming out of your mouth makes any sense.

  36. Barack Did Not Know where the Magic Wand was.. but he did know how to talk well….. that's all folks

  37. This clown thinks he is Obama jr and wants to be president. The issue of Puerto Rico, that island has to be cut loose from us and let them take care of their island nation

  38. Climate change is not real then going on for thousands of years. She sound like CNN fake news now we know why vote republican

  39. How funny their doing damage control now it's a little late for that vote Republican

  40. How many years have we've been pouring gobs of money into Puerto Rico?? How much of it was actually used for what it was intended for?? How much of if was abused by corrupt government leaders?? There has to be accountability and a paper trail to show how ever dime is spent, otherwise the flow of our tax dollars must end.

  41. These people are delusional. It’s a sad state of affairs in the Democratic Party.

  42. She is the one who is lying. Can’t pass drug reform until you get past the impeachment you insisted on. The bill would have been signed but you wanted an impeachment instead. Liars. The whole lot of you.

  43. You guys have 1000 thumbs down and 50 thumbs up lol
    By Ripping the speech
    You All Lie
    Trump just 2020 again lol 😂

  44. Stop lying dems or just don’t open your mouth because it’s a lie

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