Sunday , January 17 2021
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House Dem leadership holds press conference

House Democratic leadership holds a press conference.

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  2. Praise God 40 States are suing Facebook. Go get Zuckerberg!!! Thank God they are looking into Hunters Taxes and also look into Joe and his Family!! Get whoever in the U.S. is in bed with China

  3. That dude is dancing around his speech what the hell

  4. You people are absolute disgrace to the United States of America you know who this is affecting the most the elderly the disabled children I understand you don't want to give 600 a week for unemployment cuz yes that will keep people from going back to work but you're also putting restrictions and lockdowns for some people not to be able to go back to work so people do need to unemployment boost 2nd and Lee we need stimulus checks we are behind in our bills because of lockdowns and restrictions and small businesses that have closed why are you giving so much money to the small businesses there's not that many of them left thanks to you guys stop playing your cat and mouse b***** games and help the American Kids the elderly the people who are doing without

  5. Corrupt government officials should swing from lamppost civil war is coming get ready

  6. Can't believe the massive amount of ignorance that comes from this guy, and the rest of them as well………

  7. "Help is on the way." Don't count on it.

  8. the dems haven't gotten anything done in 4 years but oh, now they're going to be off and running, finally getting to work? build back better, a lame slogan, but better for whom? they'll be working hard to sell out America and flood their pockets with foreign money. Take that to the bank that's the plan. Too bad for them, President Trump already won reelection and soon the world will understand the dems' fraud. They will all the be running for cover soon. wait and see. won't be long now.

  9. senate Republicans are the only ones working to help the American people. All you lying democrats have only obstructed and wasted taxpayer money. You lie, cheat – big time, steal, and collude with our enemies for your own personal gain. Traitors! You all should be in GITMO.

  10. So sick you dems are taking credit for what Trump did….omg he's working hard

  11. These people are disgusting. They think we are all idiots and it’s a shame they continue to get away with lies and pandering. They continue to push blame to a man who has done nothing but take care of the people of the United States all while being attacked for four years.

  12. And Trump had the med for COVID….you are such a liar

  13. I can’t watch this anymore God help please America from Biden so sad 😞

  14. You lieing……its Trump who is getting us help

  15. 95% of Congress should be sued for criminal negligence fraudulent elections and screwing with American people


  17. If we do get to a civil war we will go after all of the Corrupt Democrats first we know where they live and where they plan to hide

  18. Quit waisting the people's time with you lies

  19. Ahh the so called master race gathers to share intel

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