Saturday , August 15 2020
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House Democrats announce next steps in Trump impeachment inquiry | USA TODAY

House Democrats expected to release draft articles of impeachment
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House Democrats were expected to release draft articles of impeachment Tuesday against President Donald Trump, culminating what Republicans have called a partisan and unfair inquiry.

The articles are expected to deal with Trump pressing Ukraine to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, while withholding a White House meeting and $391 million in military aid.

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But Trump has said he was justified in fighting corruption in Ukraine. Congressional Republicans have defended Trump as having the authority to set foreign policy. Trump has dismissed the impeachment inquiry as a partisan “witch hunt.”

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  1. This is sick! Y'all standing there with your expensive clothes on, looking miserable and instead of helping our country, their more worried about impeaching president Trump. Y'all need to be locked up in a rubber room . Y'all think your doing something right??? Hell NO! You're wasting air space. What idiots. Seriously?? WHAT IS THE POINT IN ALL OF THIS? Y'all are like vultures fighting over meat. Please spare us the every single day of this stupidity and go on with your ravish homes and clothes and lifestyles and quit making us miserable everytime we look at our phones. YALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! Instead of worrying about our country you're destroying it with your sick childish games. Grow up

  2. Trump 2020!!! The democrats lose again…on to the senate where we can clear the presidents good name and continue cleaning the swamp. Instead of show Americans why they should be elected by doing their jobs. Many have spent the last 3 years focused only on impeachment "Maxine" lol. This is a weak group of politicians and with the help of patriots the last of such laziness.

  3. Look at the like dislike ratio lol. Mainstream media fake news garbage

  4. Im surprised she wasn’t flailing her arms around like she usually does.

  5. LOL damn i have never seen a more goofy looking group of fruit cakes… they make me laugh haha they are the definition of pathological liars.

  6. When Democrat President Andrew Johnson was impeached although Republicans hated his policies, especially withholding federal protection to African Americans, enough Republicans were honest enough to vote against a false impeachment, Democrats have you no members with the same honesty and courage

  7. If the American people had anyany guts if you had the guts of your grandfather's the American people would storm Congress and Senate by hundreds of thousands they would drag the son of a b**** out hold a quick trial and hang them

  8. Trump exposed democrat corruption. They are mad he exposed them. Impeachment is a scam anyway, the democrats were depositing foreign aid into their own pockets.

  9. The Democrats first mistake was thinking that the American people are dumb. They just handed him the 2020 election and the house may very well turn red as well

  10. Useless dems….u will be voted out….dems R making Trump more votes….dems R all mouth….do nothing for the USA….

  11. But they make great lemonade

  12. Um … to set the record straight, the request was not to investigate Pres Trump's opponent. Last I heard Hunter Biden was not running for office anywhere. Nor does Joe Biden have the democratic nomination. So … there's that.

  13. Donald Trump needs to declare martial law he needs to order the arrest of congress senate and the supreme Court. they are a puppet government put in place by the global corporations the world Bank in the. U. N. The only representative the American people have at this time is Donald Trump. the reason they want to impeach him is because he was the first president duly elected by the American people

  14. It's going to dismissed on the Senate floor all for nothing,why don't democrats answer questions from the press after they drop a bullshit bomb?


  16. What Ever You Do In The Dark Will Come to Light..

  17. The American people are not dumb and can see right through what is happening. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next elections.

  18. Note their FAKE somber attitude…. pathetic

  19. No one is above the law – except the demonicratic elite and mockingbird talking heads that is….. to the demonicrats 'the law'' is Nancy Pelosi's 'House' demonicrats. What we should say is no one is above the Constitution and its Founding Principals except for God as it is clearly stated. Demons are not above the law as they worship rules for radicals and feel exceptionally entitled to make the law whatever they say it is…..

  20. Zero Evidence of because of hearsay witnesses.. haha #demoKKKrats look so stupid, weak, and incompetent. #TRUMP2020 will be a landslide win!!

  21. I'm from Canada and strongly see how important Mr Trump president ever

  22. What a great day for the Constitution😊.

  23. drink more blood vampire demons….you look half dead

  24. look at these fraudster criminals……all the government is corrupt…..the left and right

  25. He "held up money" THEY desperately needed??? I NEED MY TAX MONEY BITCHES!!!

  26. Yeah! we the tax payers are paying for this ridiculousness! Trump is doing a great job! Get over it! Trump 2020!

  27. Reluctant???? Maxine has been screaming impeachment from day one!

  28. With its president and this people, US is a joke.

  29. Hello there the true meaning of insanity to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results!!!!!!! Christopher Miller 12-10-2019-9:44am EST

  30. They should be called Articles of Democratic Fantasy. You liberals are fools.

  31. The Nazi strategy of divisiveness and scapegoating the other which Trump and his supporters use results in this confusion of his interests and their rights. As POTUS of all the people, he has no right to cheat half the people, Democrats in congress and Democrats running against him. Especially he has no right to use Russian computers and foreign leaders against Democrats. He is not above the law!

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