Friday , December 4 2020
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House Dems didn’t do their job in impeachment hearings: Rep. Buck

Rep. Ken Buck, (R-Colo.), discusses whether or not the Senate will call for witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial.

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  1. What's next? Is Trump going to put Reporters that ask tough questions in Guantanamo?
    Talking about a deep state. Americans are being duped. Democracy ie slipping away. Jawohl Pompeo!

  2. Senators wish wish we would move on……lol

  3. First person to say there should not be equal witnesses.

    Allow witness but don't give dems any.

    Trump is anyway not going anywhere.

  4. DEMARATS getting played by the media food on the table DEMARATS getting played by everybody out of touch worthless DEMARATS

  5. The senate should vote YES for votes – 100%…BUT refer it back to the House…and when they are finished – take it up again AND clearly state that ALL the witnesses of BOTH sides is called and send a "complete" case over to the senate for consideration

  6. The Supreme Court judge needs to throw this case out of court. End of story. Anything less is illegal.

  7. Any other witnesses should be outside the impeachment trial made into a separate trial. Should have called them when they were trying this nonsense in the house. Looks like the senate is being bullied by the democrats. If the senate caves then it’s just like how the democrats ran the the house. A sham.

  8. yes, there should not be any voting on witnesses, because it is not the job of the Senate to redo or extend the impeachment investigation , instead by the Constitution it was or is the job of the House, DEMS have no legal basis to ask for John Bolten or others as witnesses, they simply want to extend this nonsense forever thereby influence the forthcoming elections, this Romney and few other GOP Senates must be persuaded strongly to remain loyal with the GOP and not to help the DEMS in this regard, it will hurt the cause of the GOP Romeny must show his maturity and wisdom as a pragmatic politician, all the GOP must pursuade Romney and others attempting to sabotage the GOP interests ….

  9. The Republicans obviously should get at least 20 Witnesses questioned first before any of the Democrat even gets one. We do want this Fair as Schiff said. Or they can end this trial mark it void. And start all over.

  10. House Democrat's rebelled against Constitution-Judiciary-CFR_ORG of USA🇺🇸. How this is allowed to continue and how many times and foreign policies meddling?

  11. FOX news is 50 miles behind the curve… PLEASE NOTE… VICTORIA NULAND… STATED…. IT COST $6 BILLION US PAID FOR BY THE US TO OVERTHROW/ REGIME CHANGE UKRAINE … WITH THE AID OF GEORGE SOROS AND HIS AFFILIATES .. PLEASE everyone…just how STUPID are the US people…this was during the OBAMA crime scene not Trump for those that are still idiots.

  12. If the smear don't fit you must acquit.

  13. Lock up the Democrats in prison!!!🇺🇸😡🛡🗡🪓🏹🔫⚒⛏💥💣

  14. WE THE PEOPLE are paying attention

  15. Representives, Senators and committee time to honour God and trust him and,let his Holy Spirit to intervene in their ,hearts and minds,to Destroyed evil power and authority but do the right the House should fear God and trust him,let God bless President Trump and the Country

  16. Get rid of the Swamp! They can’t do their real jobs and have blown Billions of Our Tax Dollars over a childish scam! They need to be sued to pay back that money and fired, never to be in any Government job, and not be aloud to collect their retirement from Our Government!

  17. The rino's will ask for witnesses as it will end up taking biden out of running for president. Bernie is the next popular candidate and they will try and push socialism. Remember aoc runs the dems and not polosi. Then communism will push even harder.

  18. Brainy!!! The Senate is to judge the arguments presented. PERIOD. With new planted "BOMBSHELLS" the remedy is for the house to start another investigation. What kind of Nit Wits are in DC?

  19. Democrats were in such a hurry to go on vacation that they didn't have time to call "the witnesses that matter" (as of today). Now they want the senate to do their job and find some actual evidence of wrongdoing. I don't understand why more witnesses need be called after Schiff and Nadler have been telling us their case was "open and shut", that they have "inarguable evidence" and "stone-cold evidence about Russia collusion". Now we see what they really have….one hand is full of lies and the other hand is full of BS.

  20. This is a moral pathetic joke. Stick to the rules. The Dems will just impeach again anyway. They'll get the next round and find out they have nothing. Great timing for an election year. They don't care about their own candidates they want Trump gone so much like no one sees this. Talk about abuse.

  21. The Democratic Communist are the Redcoats…We got that. I have only watched about 10 min grand toll and have seen this movie before entitled Russia Russia Russia. The Communists will not stop until we stop them.

  22. This is a can of worms that needs to be opened. Drain the swamp.

  23. “In the name of Jesus, we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.  We declare that anything that’s been conceived in satanic wombs, that it’ll miscarry. It will not be able to carry forth any plan of destruction, any plan of harm.” 
    — Paula White, Trump spiritual advisor, January 16, 2020

  24. I'm sufferings mental impairment from this impeachment.

    Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary

    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

    The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time


  26. It's not the Senate to do the house's work. No witnesses. Finish it.


  28. The Epstein Crew Is taking Beats on who’s getting who’s first. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  29. Let’s not call any witnesses otherwise the truth with get out !! Maga brain 2020

  30. Since the Democrats called 18 witnesses then the Republican Senate should have 18 wittness per single Democrats wittness called. God bless you all God bless America God bless Donald Trump

  31. The difference between Trump’s kids and Joe Biden’s kids, is: some kids are born with a Silver Spoon, and some kids are born with a Stolen Silver Spoon! Biden’s corruption with the Ukraine signifies Hunter’s eating utensil as he was growing up!

  32. Once the Biden's case is investigated, the Paul Pelosi Jr. and Kerry's stepson cases are bound to follow. If the whole congress is looked at we may be supporting all these people and their children in prison for the next 20 years.

  33. Republicans are like pedophiles they both make really bad decisions and both know what they are doing is wrong.

  34. Everyone knows the house dropped the ball and embarrassed themselves, even democrats. It will be very interesting to see who in the Senate has the balls to do the right thing.

  35. Call Schiff and the whistleblower

  36. this is all such an embarrassment for the country.on both sides.i really do hope there's some sort of secret shadow government or something really running the world from behind the scenes because clearly all of the asshats that we think are doing it are not possibly capable of doing it.

  37. I’m commenting on the Tom Steyer advertisement. He brags about preventing a fossil fuel plant in a low income area of Oxnard.. This means that hundreds of low income residents were denied gainful employment. Disgusting.

  38. "Giving President Trump's team a chance on national television…" WTH? That sounded pretty stupid…

  39. Next election, out goes the Swamp Rats and there are 4 in the Republican Party, specially the old lady, who elected this?

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