Thursday , January 21 2021
Home / News / House GOP call for immediate PPP, slam Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff

House GOP call for immediate PPP, slam Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff

House Republicans hold press conference to extend the Paycheck Protection Program.

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  1. Americans lives whom had suffered!!!

  2. Played games liked usual!!!!

  3. Wow Thankyou for this , love to all American people , and my brothers and sisters all across the world

  4. AMERICANS NEED TO GET SOME BALLS ANd Push their way in and physically drag these Democrats out and throw them into the street and literally beat them. THE TIME OF BEING REASONABLE AND PATIENT IS OVER. It's time for physical action.

  5. They are part of the problem corrupt politicians…go Trump

  6. How about the people’s stimulus?????

  7. Lost my job in October. Unemployment, I have contacted for 12 weeks. No response, its like they are on Vacation. Nothing happens on the website they will return the message in 4 days..its been 2 months no response.

  8. When America goes to civil war ….she should be first against the wall…she is just one of the inner nucleus of the Dems that have destroyed Americas society….

  9. Anybody noticed that Google has been turning down the volume of conservative YouTube videos. Listen to the volume of the commercials that are interjected periodically in this video. Just another way the oligarchs are working on controlling free speech. I'm hard of hearing. I started noticing this trend months before the election.

  10. She and a few others need completely removed from office now…then charged…bet she and those few others were voted back in by rigged election also…

  11. World would be a better place without pelosi in it, she has moved the Dems to new lows.

  12. The election IS NOT OVER UNTIL IT IS OVER!!!

  13. How about the American people as individuals? Were is our help ? We need stimulus to in order to help small business by shopping and support them…

  14. Not over yet!!! LOL!!!! He sure is NOT President Elect

  15. One person should not be allowed to have this much power !!!

  16. She is destroying America, that should be a crime.

  17. All we really want is for you to give US our money back! It’s our money, WE worked for it! Not you!
    You keep demanding OUR money and we keep sending it to you like a bunch of simps! EVERY YEAR!!! Hoping you might throw back a couple of bucks. Get up off a dime Miss Pissy Pants and give us some of our money back so that all of our life-long, hard work doesn’t end up in the trash heap. Or do we have to please your shiny white with a new president for you to play with? SOMEBODY PLEASE! 🗣 Let little miss pee pee pants dance with Biden at the ball!! if that’s what it takes to please her.
    I hope they both fall into the orchestra pit.

  18. Republicans need to stop being the word Pu** and finally stand up to the Democrats and their bull crap and Pelosi once and for all! Stand up for us people that vote for you and stop your bull.

  19. Why did YouTube lower the volume? Watch on other stations

  20. After these two put our President Mr Trump through hell they should be sent to hell immediately. God bless our President Mr Trump and God bless the USA

  21. She doesn't care she gets millions from Gates, the criminal globalists, and the CCP.

  22. Everybody take off the masks for crying out loud, its a big fraud that alone and plays into the evil sides agenda

  23. Why not make it easy make everyone join the military to feed their families and invade China


  25. AOC said months ago that it was OK to sacrifice our businesses and jobs to hurt the economy to hurt Trump's presidency. California Governor said the same. Pelosi says it too. Our lives don't matter to them. Democrats are out of touch with us the people.

  26. If they were really concerned about the people they would bypass that terrible Wicked Woman and help the people. And then fire her on the spot.

  27. I think the people in this country vote for Nancy and all her buddies that she deals with the sin office needs to be taken out of the office. It is time to put God back in the system and start living our peaceful freedom that God had gave us. Trump needs to stay in the white house because he is the only one can straighten this mess out and he wants to put Jesus Christ back in the system. Wake up people better get ready because what goes around will come around and Jesus going to be coming soon and you better be ready. God Bless America🙏🇺🇸 Trump 20/20❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

  28. Where is CNN, MSNBC, The NEW YORK TIMES and the other fake and ignorant media??? Are they not covering this event??? I'm very sure they will not because this is against their agenda. God knows JUDAS NOT PAY. God bless President Trump and all GOP faithful, sincere, dedicated, loyal leaders and supporters. God Bless AMERICA!!!.

  29. Why have the not shut down, booted out of congress Adam Schiff long ago? He is a clear and present danger to the nation!

  30. She did Nancy Pelosi said if it was Biden she would have passed it she doesn't like Trump

  31. Treasonous, Traitorous, rats schitt, swallswell and pellosi

  32. Deaths by covid, 0.03%, Small Business deaths are 20% and still counting, no matter political view. Family century owned businesses that made it through 1918 deadly flu, couldn't make it through a virus killing almost 20% less, which is nearly 0% in 2020. Democrats used Covid, to incite Black Americans, Socialists, and the Liberals they allow to run within their Party. Which is why we have Socialists in our Congress!!!

  33. No one has lost quite like Donald Trump in nearly 150 years

  34. Then these same businesses should grow some balls, and say screw you government and open WHAT CAN THEY DO ????? F YOU WOLF

  35. Shamefully, lots of you need to be out of work as well!!!

  36. Adam Schiff been mighty 🤐 quiet lately, after impeachment trial, he became a MIA👁️

  37. She needs to be investigated for election fraud😡

  38. Why is the volume ALWAYS turned down

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