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House Intel Chair Schiff reacts to release of Trump's Ukraine call transcript | ABC News

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  1. Why can't he go a month without threat of impeachment. If biden is guilty it's actually a bigger deal.

  2. Sorry, fell asleep during this story, what did I miss?

  3. Jump to 9:09 very poor editing on this vid.

  4. Schiff you’re a real dumb ass 😂

  5. The real story are the corrupt af Bidens but of course the MSM don't go there, pot calling the kettle black on this one hardcore!

  6. Resign you piece of shit

  7. He has totally lost his mind . What shakedown???

  8. I find it hilarious how he read the transcript and suddenly the right is so Furious they have to say that he lied about it. Even going so far as to make up their own transcripts


  10. Anyone who has actually read the transcript knows this is the pinnacle of Fake News. Trump Derangement Syndrome is on full display.

  11. we no longer have a president who dishes out millions and billons of our dollars all over the word without a question. Voters want the foreign aid to stop and that money invested in America for a few decades. Or that money used to reduce our debt. Spending is out of control and one sure way to help america is suspend foreign aid.
    Adam Schitt is the most repulsive POS in that congress. There should be a team of FBI on his trail at all times notating his vast corruption. Nothing he EVER says can be trusted, everything has proved to be lies.

  12. when will Shifty come out from under his rock again….does he bite or just hiss a lot?

  13. This is an outrage and shows how desperate the Democrats are that the actual text showed NOTHING so nut job Schiff makes up what he WISHED it had said so they could impeach Trump. We now go from FAKE lies about Trump to Fake News Media who repeat Schiff.

  14. Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXA–dj2-CY evidence

  15. Democrats hate Trump more than..they love America..as we all suffer….sigh

  16. Trump said he held the money back because 'Other' Countries didn't help Ukraine. Germany France, The truth is ..

    After 2014, the European Union and its financial assistance agencies put together $15 billion mainly in loans but also in direct grants to Ukraine. Spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic told PolitiFact in statement that described it as "the largest support package in the history of the European Union."

    The package includes over 2 billion euros in grants, 49 million euros to monitor the truce in Eastern Ukraine, and a 3.5 billion euros loan package to develop and restore the county’s banking, agriculture and transportation systems.

    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development data shows that in 2016-2017, the European Union provided $425 million in development aid, with the United States spending $204 million, Germany $189 million and Japan $180

  17. Adam SHIT. caz his brain is shit

  18. Holy these Dems are pathetic

  19. Schiff why in hell don't the democrats investigate Biden and his Son, that is your job you dumb ass.

  20. Schiff is a lying son of a bitch ! he said that the blower had given all the bad information about the President, and he said he had seen all the things Trump had said. what a snake Schiff is, and a the truth is not ii him.

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