Monday , November 30 2020
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House Intelligence Committee expects to hear from whistleblower 'very soon': Schiff | ABC News

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif., discusses the impeachment inquiry on “This Week.”

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  1. Rudy was 100% right, Cream Puff Interview….

  2. House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff is a qualified pathological lier. You don't get four Pinocchios without reason:

  3. This time schiff got it all wrong ….

  4. When are the republicans going to get off their butts, stand up and do something about this crap?

  5. conspiracy theorist trash shiff cospiracy shit head and he couldnt inspect nothing but boy butt

  6. I love our fantastic hardworking Hero Rudy Giuliani and President Trump, The do Nothing DemoRats like Shifty Shift needs to go before military trial for treason and then punished by hanging and
    that would be too nice for drunk worthless Pelosi. This a very important time
    in our government… We must learn so much about the Obama administration's
    corruption from Giuliani's research. Thank You, Fox News for bringing the
    American People some real truth and facts. We need some jail time for bunch
    thugs and some hangings for treason, such as lying shifty shift. What's more
    important is to clean the Corruption of Joe, Hunter, Mitt R, Obummer
    Administration for simply controlling gas deal up, trying to control Russia Gas
    sales to Europe. Why? If you study what has happened this corruption has cost
    10,000s of lives and disruption in Ukraine, Russia, and Seria. I feel for sorry
    for the Russians and Ukraine people as they were pushed into the issues by deep
    state actions. Putin did not want to take Crimea back Putin was forced too, by
    evil Obummer policies, deep state, and evil prince Bandar Bush of Saudi Arabia.
    But also ties back into Biden/Obama's corruption. The USA must heal
    relationships with other countries clean up our corrupt politicians, polices,
    CIA, and FBI. The people of the USA must stop listening to fake media and
    search for the truth and the United States Government and Policies need to be
    the more honest and upfront government. I am very disappointed with the last
    several United States evil presidents. We may have finally got a great one
    President Trump.

  7. The president is withholding because he wants to make sure it's not wasted in Ukraine politics

  8. Ans then we fine out shift lied. lol

  9. "I think I just Schiffed my pants."

  10. Stephanoplolis is as big a laugh as Schiff. Schiff doesn’t know it yet, or perhaps he does and doesn’t want it to start today, that his life is all about the next 10 min. Lies take you this far and then…

  11. Trump made his fortune as a private businessman. The Clintons, Bidens, and rest of the Swamp Rats made their fortune as "public servants".
    Yeah….. that's called CORRUPTION. If you can't tell the difference, then you're part of the problem.

  12. What a Liar…….Shifty Schiff should be tarred and feathered

  13. I just love how smug this George is on a what a jerk

  14. Ask him if he knew about this before he said he did…. LIAR!

  15. This guy needs to be kicked out of Congress. It’s weasels like him that make Congress the circus that it’s become.

  16. I would like to apologize to the Democratic Party. I know that you want President Trump out of office. I know it's all you've wanted since he won the election. I have a two year old little girl. Every time she get's told no, she gets mad and starts throwing things. Every time she gets caught in something her first reaction is to lie. That is the entire Democratic Party to me that continues to push this story, every other story they've tried and failed with, and what I'm sure will be to come as nothing else has worked. Now that your investigation into Ukraine has failed to produce what you wanted and has in fact uncovered evidence of true wrong doing in your own party will you not accept it. What does it honestly take to convince people that maybe your President is innocent? At this point I think it would take a literal angel of higher being to suddenly appear, put their hands on President Trump's shoulders, and declare "This man is innocent." Even then, I believe Democrats would try to disprove the existence of the celestial being before they would try to listen and take it to heart.

  17. I thought this was the onion network! LOL

  18. Holy shit conspiracy theories are the norm now

  19. We're making america great again since china keeps outsmarting us

  20. THANK GOD the Dems won the House. I can't imagine what would be going down if the Republicunts controlled everything. Trump's supporters could find out that Trump is a serial killer and they'd still support him. I stopped trying to reason w/ them long ago. They just need a good Thrump upside the head.

  21. You have the recording shit head. What did he say?

  22. This Schiff bloke is making it up as he goes along.  Fabricating faux premise by "braille" Desperate Democrats it sounds and looks like. So very pathetic.

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