House lawmakers vote to expel George Santos

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives hold a vote on whether to expel New York Rep. George Santos as he faces fraud charges. #foxbusiness

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  1. So many bad people or evils than good one these days…..Very sad

  2. More than 100 Republicans voted not to expel him. Meaning even a chronic Liar who lied about pretty much every aspect of his career, disrespecting 9.11. and the Holocaust does not give any concern and is used for political power-play.

  3. Based on this, we can now expel many democrats!!!!!!

  4. Of course, Matt Gaetz the drugged up pedophile must defend the thieving imposter.

  5. They should expel Rashida Talib (or whatever her name is). She is a terrible person and should not be in our government!!

  6. You can bet the Republicans who voted to expell Represent districts that could go either way in voting while the ones supporting Santos are in heavily gerrymandered ones they can't lose. It will be interesting to see the breakdown on that.

  7. Choose happiness every day. 😃

  8. The republicans which voted no need to explain their vote. Did they vote that way because he had not been convicted yet or did they vote that way for political reasons?

  9. Who is voting for him to stay????

  10. How were there any NAY votes?

  11. I think it is political when she is expelled before fake politicians who have been lying longer. Lets start with Biden.

  12. Campaign funds are used to host dinners & events. Who you people kidding ? Representatives write off business suits & cleaning bills for work

    What about the candyland bill illegally passed in government with representatives voted out of office.

    They voted on this too.

    A Republican from Ohio interfering with NY elections trying to make a name & some money. It's filed in court and what did the DOJ do….
    What a soda jerk…he sent his mother to jail.
    You don't know what's going on because of news.


  14. sHe can always take the “Drag Queen Kitara Ravache” routine on the road! 🥰

  15. Over 100 republicans voted NOT to expel him. Party over country with these guys. No surprise there.

  16. Now he can continue focusing on space exploration and taking over at Apple.
    Between heart surgery and signing a 12 picture deal.

  17. Its like giving out speeding tickets at the Indy 500, both parties.

  18. "Whatabout?!" – this comment section.

  19. Trump is next.
    Get rid of trump and Santos and the republicans come roaring back.
    Keep them and continue swirling down the turlit.

  20. I guaranty u the communist aka dnc would never have voted against one of their own cannibals. What is the matter with u GOP

  21. By this time he will have already paid his house and cars off all at the waste of the taxpayers money.

  22. Crook. Just becsuse Trump got away with it….😂😂😂

  23. Bide is worse then Santos – when will he be prosecuted?

  24. If you lie on your job applicat

  25. Glad he is gone. I'm surprised he hasn't become a Democrat because he lies like one.


  27. That p.o.s. Jamaal Bowman needs to be next!

  28. The Republicans should have 100% expelled him long ago….he cheated voters with real lies and deception…period…

    Voting not to expel him is part of whats wrong with our government…too much criminal crap is accepted when it should be dealt with

  29. You can see the mental sickness in his eyes

  30. Speaker Johnson is a Constitutional Scholar. His concern is setting a precedence. Might be good to consider his warning.

  31. But why are the sqad is in office?. These terrorists and traitors are still running their mouths. How can the Democrats get one republican out and the republicans can't get traitors to our country. This is BS. The Republicans are cowards.