Sunday , January 17 2021
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House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana At The Federal Level | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Leigh Ann Caldwell reports on the bill passed by the Senate that would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, decriminalizing the drug on a federal level.
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House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana At The Federal Level | NBC News NOW


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  1. There are 3 proposed stimulus relief bills: 1.) We don't get a penny of stimulus but the businesses get a 3rd bailout 2.) We get $1,500 in stimulus, but we are forced to take the 75% effective government vaccination in return or 3.) We only get $600 in stimulus.

  2. Legalize it, grow it, sell it, put lots if people to work in thw cannabis industry, let the poor people rotting in jail for it out, how dare they take what was given to us by God anyways

  3. Isn't it great with everything going on lets pass a bill on weed. IGNORANT

  4. So I guess we lost the war on Drugs

  5. nancy is a con artist and a team player

  6. Wow the republicans are really against this?

  7. Republicans are going to be left behind if they don't recognize the power of cannabis

  8. Congratulations! Long overdue

  9. Understand that this is important for those in the states running businesses in this market as I believe this opens up access to use the federal banking system… like every other business in the country.

  10. This is what those dumb Demoncraps spend our money on? While her son works for a Ukraine company, her nephew Newsome businesses received covid money she refused to give to Americans out of work, being evicted, starving.

  11. It's about time, and Leigh Anne…. Cool mask!

  12. Don't start celebrating. Now it has to go to the Senate and those old Republican toads will NEVER pass it. They're reason will be that they saw the 1930's movie "Reefer Madness".

  13. 🗳🪴💙Go Blue Georgia💙🪴🗳

  14. So can I join the Army now?? 🤣

  15. Oh wow. She went from a ridiculous 3 trillion proposal back down to a more reasonable 800 billion proposal after her house won the election. Nicely played to weaponize a relief bill to help your own political interest over the financial health of the people you were voted to represent.

  16. Please lord please legalize everything

  17. Oh come on..legalize it already! Oh sure! Keep the legal heroin and meth you can get from the doctors legal that kills millions every year. But looks at marijuana like the devil and classify it as a schedule 1 drug? That’s worse than heroin or cocaine..are you kidding me?

  18. can the House pass an Act of decriminalising Nancy Pelosi ??

  19. In all honesty though, is de-criminalizing weed more important right now? You got people and families dying, losing jobs and becoming homeless, but Lord forbid if that one guy from my high school who smoked pot can't get his fix legally.

    If these idiots think putting the entire US back into a lockdown for just a month is going to "help", then it's no wonder everyone on the Right thinks the Left & Democrats are insane. It won't even take a week until half the country is on fire if they pass that decision; and don't even get me started on the duality of stricter gun control and "defunding the police" being two things they want.

    Something tells me 2021 is not going to be better after all.

  20. Joe biden ? Hopefully he can turn this around idk ? Think its gonna get worst then better .. Stay inside and protect your families.. The government works and gets no where .. Just a bunch of talk nothing gets passed maybe with biden ?

  21. Exactly what l will each approved vaccine give?

  22. Someone replace this senile hag…


    How many people tested to approve each latest covid vaccines?
    Are any unserved medical conditions killing people…not covid-19?

    What protection will vaccinations provide? 4Health

    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes


    94.5% of what result…of what number of people tested for each vaccine?
    Before asking/requiring Public to take any Approved covid-19 vaccine… Make Public vaccine pretests and participant data as follows:

    What are:
    1. "All" ingredients in each proposed vaccine?
    2. Under what formats for each vaccine test?
    3. How many "Actual" people were tested in each test?

    For each Test:
    4. What were "Actual" results?
    5. What were "Actual" general side effects?
    6. What were "Actual" Sicknesses
    7. What were "Actual" Deaths/Causes


  24. ditch the crying Moscow Mitch

  25. 158 republicans are NOT representing their majority of constituents.

  26. Marijuana is not bad for you its the politicians who use this to create jobs . Jails , police courts. Its all a business plan

  27. I hope they pardon all the people in jail for being charged with the use, possession, and sale of weed. It should of never been a crime it is a natural growing plant.

  28. Legalize weed in India please

  29. All the people that disliked like being treated like children

  30. If you smell, test and fire.

  31. Pothead: Is there not a better definition? Unkempt appearance, no morals and reeks of pot.

  32. We need Covid relief so we can buy more weed.

  33. Parents getting stoned, do not care. Kids go hungry.

  34. OK.. I gets to smoke weed on the Fedural Level. CCool.

  35. I'm a full blown Trump supporter and Republican, but I'm also in favor of legalizing marijuana. Our Senate needs to vote yes on this..

  36. Gee. Glad they have their priorities straight. I mean, there's no real plandemic

  37. Does this mean I don’t need a waiver to enter the states anymore?

  38. Republicans taking your money and funding corporations and taking workplace safety issues and putting them at the bottom of the barrel.
    Being high is an escape from the miserable 4 years of the Trump presidency.

  39. And your description is wrong, the House passed it, -not the Senate. FAKE NEWS IN PRINT.

  40. Sure, work on pot NOT the People. I think They have been smokin too much.

  41. Marijuana saved me. I was a firecracker.

  42. Let's try to make it legal but not. Fair middle ground.

  43. Does this mean you could smoke on probation

  44. What burns me up is that the same people who want to keep marijuana illegal want CBD oil for their old, achy joints and muscles. So cannabis is okay when it suits their purposes only. This is why it needs to be legalized at the federal level, so all of the red states will have to legalize it too and put an end to this prohibition.

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