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House Republicans vote to remove Cheney from leadership | WNT

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney was voted out of her GOP leadership position on Wednesday following her ongoing criticism of former President Donald Trump and his attacks on the 2020 election results.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. The only one that’s lying about the election is the pole sucker that’s given the report and BTW I’m one too but I’m sick and tired of my people being stupid and brainwashed. Listen to this nationalized brainwashing news the election was rigged the only one that’s lying is our nationalized newsThe election was a lie it was a blatant undermining of the constitution and nothing and no one is going to convince me otherwise I watched it happen I know what happened I’ve been watching elections for over 50 years and I’ve never seen anything so blatantly rigged in my life. Fk ABC!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good riddance finally something the republican party has done that I can believe in! This wasn’t a vote to just get this thing away from them this was a vote to let the world know that they know the election was rigged watch out 2024 we’re coming for it

  3. Persecution is inevitable always, for anyone revealing Truth!!! When one Stands for Truths…They are Sure to be Persecuted by their fellow man!!! ✝️ Does anyone see that Trump laid in bed with the Russian's & as soon as his term ended, the US was hacked & in three states the US suffers from lack of gas…in turn effecting the United State's commerce & commodity. This effects all Americans Across Our Nation!!! Transport of many goods & supplies. We are experiencing higher gas prices etc. Trump's term in office is OVER…Let Us Embrace Change & Support Betterment for Our Nation…"I pledge the allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation Under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

  4. First casualty once Trump took power? The TRUTH. And the trend continues.

  5. I was firmly anti-Cheney since her first Congressional run in Wyoming, but I will move to Wyoming if I need to in order to vote for Liz Cheney, a true Patriot. (I do t know why YT autocorrect wants to capitalize the “P” in patriot.

  6. That's it. Kevin McCarthy has to go. The Republicons have shown their true colors. Vote these lying bigots out of office next November.

  7. Other people got the power. They want to have new prestigious positions. The American people are paying for it…

  8. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  9. The Chinese have a saying "point at a deer and call it a horse".

    The Chief Eunuch wanted to check the court for loyalty. He brought out a deer and called it a horse.

    The loyal ministers ( like Cheney )i nsisted it was a deer. They were eliminated.

    The sycophant ministers ( like McCarty ) agreed it was a horse. They remained in court.

    The GOP is now a party of eunuchs for King Trump.


  10. Capitalists are now, in the pocket of Communist China. They have shown that currency, any currency has more value than our
    Constitutional Republic. Authoritarian! That seems to be the new watch word for capitalists. DJT, himself in a video as a N. Korean
    general saluted, and was saluted back by Trump, also stated that he wished he was shown more respect in America, like he was
    given in N. Korea, a authoritarian government. YouTube has the videos. Liz told truth, and was struck down for that truth. What does
    that convey, is it not time for truth, or does the Republican party want to become authoritarian? Several states controlled
    by Republicans have changed the voting rules in their states. Why, and, for who's advantage. We the people, must step forward
    to stop this attack on our rights as Americans, and vote in every election going forward. It will be crucial to tap down this attack on
    a free peoples. At my advanced age, the clock ticks a little faster, yet I'll be voting in all national elections till I'm through the gate
    of the ever lasting. All that are of age, and have their rights, I hope you will do the same, to tap down this assault of our freedoms.
    vida brevis!

  11. Let’s face it. Republicans like McCarthy, Hawley, Green and Stefanik, amongst others, are NAZIs, disguised as Republicans. Their support of Trumpf is typical of the 1930s support of Hitler during his rise to power.

    Supported by under-educated religious freaks who believe freedom is being able to put your fellow countrymen at risk with their irresponsible behaviour, the country is well on it’s way to a civil war.

    Americans were never well liked in the world, with all their credit taking for winning wars, stealing scientists from the conquered enemies and being the only country in the world that justified dropping two nukes and killing millions. Fortunately, Trumpf was erased before he could drop a few more.

    But that is not the end of this story. The decline of this country will be led by these NAZIs and their cult supporters.

  12. They have need if her military expertise in beautiful Kabul….

  13. Republican colleagues, you are a bunch of cowardly and classless people who have decided kissing the ass of Donald (scumbag) Trump is more important than being ethical, moral, or intelligent. The GOP has been destroyed by a band of village idiots with zero moral fortitude to stave off a goof who only cares about himself and his organized crime family. Just sad!

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