House Speaker Kevin McCarthy weary on more Ukraine funding #Shorts

Kevin McCarthy on additional $24 billion in Ukraine funding: “I want accountability for whatever the hard-working taxpayers spend their money on.”

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Zelenskyy is scheduled to address Congress on Thursday morning before visiting the Pentagon. Afterward he will meet with President Joe Biden at the White House.

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  1. Biden is getting his cut too!!!


  3. Good job, this is our speaker. I love him ❤️ praying 🙏 for you and your family

  4. He didn’t answer the question

  5. Secure the invasion at our border 😢 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 Trump 2024🎉❤

  6. At least there isn’t anything going on right here on our own soil. I guess Hawaii doesn’t count.

  7. We shouldn't help Ukraine anymore. If we do you know what's next. Help Maui, help the homeless here in the USA 🇺🇸

  8. In a way I agree with him .heck we give ulkrain every thing they need to fight that war like ammunition thanks missiles now Jets so just what does he need billions of our dollars for . Heck they could give that money to people like me on SSDI an all the other people in SSI SSDI so we wouldn't have to live in poverty but know they won't help us an here we are living in America they rather give that money to ulkrain an not know a damm thing where it goes is it going in zielinski pockket because he sure as hell goes to all the other countries asking them for help also

  9. Neocons just gotta have war. The people pay for it and the neocons take in money… stop this relentless stream of our money flowing into UKRANE. We have paid over and above our fair share. Perhaps Biden is bought and sold to them…let him pay!

  10. I need to see a list of what all the money went on

  11. This is president mentality for we the people he's absolutely correct

  12. And the early 1960s I was in the US army we were put on alert because Russia was sending missiles on ships. President John F Kennedy told Russia that if they did not turn them around that the US would sink those ships and start a war. So 70 years later the US wants to put Ukraine and NATO on the border of Russia. What did they expect Putin to do?

  13. The American people would like to have the same answer from you Kevin about you and your maga friends

  14. Kevin McCarthy wants to help Putin

  15. NO more money for Ukraine and that criminal Zelensky. We need the money here to repair our infrastructure. We pay taxes just to see it be sent off to another country. We have homeless vets that have faithfully served our Country and we do nothing for them. But we have billions of dollars to give to Zelensky. I'm sick and tired of all this BS that's going on in our government. You need to demand honest answers as to where all the money went that has already been spent over there.

  16. No more$$$.. Why absolutely no talk about ENDING THE WAR?

  17. Ukraine has other country's helping. I believe American tax money should go to Maui to help them rebuild their homes.

  18. Zelenskyy wife was seen in Paris 6 months ago shopping, she spend $40,000 US dollars 😢😢

  19. We need to help Ukraine win against Russia.

  20. Stop giving Ukraine any money. Patriots do NOT support it! Support we the people! The Veterans! The legal USA hard working citizens! Not everyone else!!!

  21. You mean Nazi zelensky and his fascist regime are currupt and are war criminals

  22. Russia 🇷🇺 is listening

  23. Zelensky spends American money fast 💨