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How 3 mass shooting plots were stopped | USA TODAY

How 3 separate mass shooting schemes were thwarted by police since the Dayton and El Paso shootings.
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Three mass shooting plots were foiled with the arrests of three men in unrelated cases since the mass shooting in Dayton and El Paso.

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  2. Anyone notice they're all young kids too.

  3. How many shootings have occured in Chicago this year alone?

  4. Norwalk CT in the building baby !

  5. It is time that we have a memorial built to remember all the victims of domestic terrorism and mass shootings, least we move all of our fallen too quickly to memory. The impact of such a memorial might move us as a country to reasonable action.

  6. Fake news. Gun grab.
    Lol fed posters. Thread babysitters. Sockpuppet accounts. Fallacy arguments. Watch how heavy the MSM propaganda arm floods the news with fake threats to poc and the tribe by "white supremacist" with nazi symbols. Expect another fake shooting involving non whites soon. Transparent.

  7. A bunch of sad disturbed people with delusions of going out with some made up sense of glory. When you take away all purpose from mens lives from birth and they don't see anyway of giving themselves purpose they either think they want to die or go in the opposite direction and think someone else wants them to die. An outward suicide.

  8. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, please help us stop all this mass shootings. I rebuke any demonic spirits that is pushing them to do this horrible things. Please Jesus Christ, keep us safe.

  9. Nobody should even know about this.
    The mass shooters of the future will learn from the mistakes of others and it will be harder and harder to prevent from happening.

  10. I’m feel as if mass shooters range from somewhat smart, to downright retarded. There’s no midpoint.

  11. Stop posting things online if you dont want to be caught

  12. Isaiah 40:1-8 I guess everyone will see Jerusalem at some point. Is there any goodliness to be found among the lillies? Lol


  14. These, were potential mass shootings. The the intent to harm unarmed citizens. Good thing they were caught. Amazing work.

    What is not a mass shooting is a drug dealer in his crib minding his own business with no intention or plot to harm civilians, then cops bust in which correlates to a shootout.

    Everything which involves guns is not a mass shooting, otherwise WWI and II were mass shootings…..

  15. Perhaps the 3 weren't able to follow their training instructions well, so they decided to dump them.

  16. Minority Report coming to life!!! Wake up people!!! Time is almost up, LITERALLY!!!

  17. The KJV is anti-Semitic according to our gooberment

  18. Guess what they also found in their homes? MAGA caps

  19. Thank god these people were stopped! Why are these 20 something males so full of hate and numb to humanity

  20. "Boost survival chances against active shooter" Buy a firearm and train how to be safe and effective with it and CARRY IT EVERY DAY!

  21. I find this hard to believe..
    I dont think anything was stopped but more made up.
    Only saying "3 mass shootings stopped" so the world can stop complaining about the new weekly mass shootings, its a routine now.

  22. There haven't been any mass shootings in weeks but these desperate hacks need to keep the story alive to continue their push for gun control… it's so tedious… the 99.99% of us who have never used our guns to victimize anyone are bored with your constant attempt to use these RARE occurrences to push your failed political agenda…

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