How a bacterial infection linked to eyedrops brand could cause vision loss or death

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning a bacterial infection, possibly linked to a brand of over-the-counter eyedrops, has left one person dead and three others with permanent vision loss Dr. Akshay Syal outlines the symptoms of the infection and what preservative-free EzriCare Artificial Tears have to do with it.
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  1. Wouldn't surprise me that some of the chemicals to make this stuff originated in china.

  2. Bruh I hate this country so much the fact that we, the consumer are always being exposed to stuff like this and there still aren't any regulations smh

  3. Why the f do we have anything made in India or China. F. Stop

  4. Most medication is ment to make us sick and die.

  5. If it's sold from Amazon, then how do they not know exactly where each product was shipped? And where were the drops made?

  6. If it goes into the bloodstream it can cause death pretty quickly.
    I used these eye drops before work in the mornings and noticed my eyes have been very itchy but I thought it was dryness also it made me see everything blurry so I stopped using them

  7. You get what you pay for. these are litterly the cheapest lubricant drops🤦‍♀️

  8. Stick with Visine y'all. Never heard of this off brand

  9. I work in a specialty pharmacy and my focus is on cystic fibrosis patients. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is very commonly found to be colonizing in their lungs so they have to inhale tobramycin via nebulizer every day, usually one month on and one month off. It’s not a cheap drug! And if the tobramycin doesn’t eradicate the bacteria they usually move on to inhaled aztreonam, if not already being admitted for IV antibiotics.

  10. Another report said these drops didn't have any preservatives in them so the bacteria grew but CDC thinks they are still ok to use.

  11. Right when you need to use eye drops in this pandemic because of itchy eyes with the spread of infection – what a solution to the problem, just make one of the brands of eye drops a killer brand to add to the pandemic.

  12. She REALLY was affected by this story!!! I'm going to go out on a limb and sau she uses eye drops regularly…..

  13. It's probably the user expose it on a contaminated place like their bag. Also, their dirty crusty buggy eyelashes is the cult.

  14. I hope this company gets closed for good, guilty parties put to jail for good, and big money paid to the victims. Loss of sight cannot be restored by money.

  15. I bought these from Amazon I went back in November and I went in today to file a return and IT'S NOT LISTED ANYMORE NOR POSSIBLE TO RETURN. 😡

  16. The caliber of reporting at NBC is second to none. These journalists effortlessly dispense the mother’s milk of emergency life saving awareness to spare our communities death or illness without overlooking comic relief for the viewer. NBC really seems to care about doing good in the general community. Bravo!

  17. I also used them i stopped after two uses my eyes were on fire after using them , I ordered them from Amazon they came in 2 packs , no wonder I have blurry vision I was sick for a week or so thinking it might be
    a viral flu it was quite a wierd sickness

  18. How about report where they were sold.

  19. 50 cases & recalling is an abundance of caution …

  20. Does this explain McCarthy's lack of vision?

  21. Funny thing is, I went to put eye drops in my eyes the other day. The darn bottle was all dried up. Huh?

  22. How can this not trigger a recall???!!!!!

  23. Mr. beast will get your vision back

  24. These females are very annoying 😳

  25. Time to fly to the Bahamas and disappear with whatever money left in the bank. Bankruptcy incoming 😁

  26. So sorry for anyone suffering from eye drops$! Please don't ever use anything with side effects!! And most medicine has serious side effects!!

  27. Can cause death if you use it, makes harry potter joke.
    These people are too disconnected from reality.

  28. Good grief those newscasters (esp the women!) are awful.

  29. Look they may have a recall, but when you have no money to get a lawyer, then you never make it court. Like me 5 times, being homeless, no one tells you anything but I'm not paying you!

  30. The women need to stop making noises when the other person is talking

  31. Benzalkonium chloride (BAC), the most common preservative in ophthalmic preparations, plus is in nasal and oral otc meds, topical meds, lotions & creams, cosmetics, beverages & foods, pharms, hand sanitizers, spray cleanera, listed as either a disinfectant or preservative….
    …. leads to subconjunctival fibrosis, alters lipid homeostasis and impact neurodevelopmental processes, and causes DNA strand breaks in human corneal epithelial cells, and much much more. It's been grandfathered in since the 40s, usually under a fed grant, despite thousands and thousands of attempts to get it banned.

    It literally causes an inflammation of mucus membranes, and is in otc preparations that are to relieve inflammation.. and eventually settles in the lungs. Talk about creating a problem to sell the solution! In multiple ways.

    Look it up!

    Was the agent responsible for this horror disclosed? If not, why not? If this to help people they need to know what the harmful agent is, and what ingredient it's affiliated with, otherwise no one knows anything more than fear of it all. Is that helping or hurting?

    We're responsible for how we influence others lives, wether we believe it or not. Gaining anything from negatively influencing others, is what has gotten us into this mess, and is what the ancients warned us about saying the cannibalistic spirit was caused by a brain eating parasite that would take over the world. They called it Wetiko. Don't be a Wetiko.


  32. I searched this up a few days ago…. Wtf

  33. Did the CDC do a study on people dropping dead like flies from heart conditions yet?

  34. Guessing they actually just had too many boosters

  35. Made in India. When we get our critical manufacturing back into the USA, we’ll all be better off!

  36. Great! As if I didn't have enough other stuff to worry about!