Thursday , August 11 2022

How Abortion Access Has Changed Already In Many States

In Huntsville, Alabama, Director Dalton Johnson says his clinic saw about 30 patients a day, some women even crossing state lines for services there. But with the end of Roe v. Wade, some states including Alabama, now consider abortion illegal. Providers have stopped services in at least three other states for fear of prosecution. Doctors in Arkansas can face up to 10 years in prison if they perform the procedure. Black people comprise 38 percent of Mississippi’s population but Black women account for 74 percent of the state’s abortions, showing how certain communities will be disproportionately affected by the historic ruling. (Correction: The original version of this caption misstated a statistic about Mississippi’s population. Black people comprise 38 percent of the population, not Black women. That statistic has been updated.) » Subscribe to NBC News:
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How Abortion Access Has Changed Already In Many States


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  2. The only time I support abortion is if there is a life emergency

  3. I find it kind of sad and funny at the same time that it’s all feminine white people marching when 70% aborting are black. Its the modern kkk.

  4. I heard the chants over the weekend from these Leftists saying "burn the precinct to the ground". Do me a favor? Red China has threatened America with annihilation if we interfere in Taiwan. Please, throw these Leftists Communist lovers to the Red Chinese Army First! Please, let Red China have them.

  5. How can these women murder their own children abortion is murder if they don't want to get pregnant they should stop spreading their legs use a condom or use 99 other things they got out to avoid pregnancy no instead you don't do that no women does that they spread their legs same here of me f me. And then when they find out they're pregnant they murdered the child that didn't ask to be there all these women crying about women's rights stop spreading your freaking legs and getting pregnant and then murdering the child I'm totally against abortions that's nothing but murder and a doctor that helps with murdering that child

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    Once saved always saved.

  7. America is busy with its nose in Russia’s affairs while it’s own house is burning down. Let’s see if women will have strikes, walkouts and siitins to secure their right of CHOICE.

  8. Thank you Lord🙏for leading me to Dr Osaba on YouTube who was able to restore me & my husband back to life by curing me & my husband from HIV

  9. My prediction ! Lawmakers be put out of office for good ! Change and reform !

  10. The 2000 MULES caused the Biden Administration. Now you have to pay the gas bill. Find out who they are..

  11. I don't understand why so many women are pregnant when there are so many ways to prevent getting pregnant .

  12. Victory! This is an awesome day!

  13. Baby killers unite my body my choice

  14. Well more welfare babies will be born, domestic violence will increase,states income tax increase,more children in the system,more in prison and increase in suicides. Great job !!! 👏👏👏👏

  15. forgive me, but when I read about USA Abortion law I can't stop thinking of….

    Knocked Up 😂

  16. Ok…..Its time to be more sexually responsible. Use birth control, condoms, plan b etc…..

  17. Congratulations, Divided States of America. Alongside no maternity paid leave, and no free healthcare, you have ONE more thing in common with third world countries and dictatorships, no abortion rights.

    …And you wonder why the REAL civilized world from across the Atlantic doesn't take you seriously.

    How did you vote these people to power?

  18. DEMOCRATS have not been this mad since their Slaves where taken away !!!

  19. Help moms? There is no paid maternity leave?? No health insurance? Formula shortage? Who are they helping?!

  20. These white religious cults must have bought all the adoption agencies…

  21. Christian hypocrite

    In the same time the court rule in two cases

    First case you do not have control over my Gun

    Second case I have control over your body (you do not have control over your body)

    The history of abortion laws in America



  22. The unborn only wish they were worth “three-fifths”.

  23. No. Baby girls are much happier now that you're not scrambling nearly as many…

  24. I wonder if republicans realise how this is going to change the demographic in the long term. The orphan population will grow, as will the prison population. These unwanted children will be institutionalised from birth.
    You maybe able to force women to give birth, it will be far more difficult to stop them abandoning their unwanted children.

  25. Just come to California it's beautiful n Sunny!

  26. At this time in American history when females are very promiscuous the supreme court returns abortion to the states so I guess females will have to stop being so promiscuous or they may just have to travel great distances to have an abortion.

  27. I find ironic what the GOP christian conservatives did to undocumented children at the border and yet in the same breath say that the life of an undocumented unborn child is more important than the rights of a living US citizen. Truth is, this is about religious fascism. We the people shouldn’t have to be forced to conform to christian idealism.

  28. “Your father is also your grandfather.”
    – GOP

  29. It’s a great day to be American. Now there’s no way to take the cowards way out and have an abortion.


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