Tuesday , April 20 2021
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How Biden Administration Will Allow Separated Migrant Families To Reunite | NBC News NOW

The Biden administration will let families separated at the border be reunited either in the U.S. or their country of origin. NBC News’ Julia Ainsley reports on how reunifying in the United States will look, and if parents would be able to stay and claim and asylum even after being deported.
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How Biden Administration Will Allow Separated Migrant Families To Reunite | NBC News NOW


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  1. The point is that Latin is a weak country because it cannot prosper its people.

  2. Borders Open guys come on in. Uncle Joe will make Tax Payers foot the bill as usual.

  3. If only someone didn't put them in the cages and separate them in the first place.


  5. Great job Biden administration!

  6. who is funding this plan. the media isnt asking basic questions that the would have crucified the trump administration over. if its tax payers there needs to be accountability. americans and legal immigrants can't get aid but illegals who arent paying taxes can.

  7. Huh I remember you covering this much differently under the last administration, but then again Barry and Joe built the cages, why wouldn’t he build more?

  8. trump supporters are ugly stubborn Maxi trouble arrest those those people Re open now mad Politics people get Trump out of state Mexico

  9. Correcting one of the most indecent actions in my lifetime. You know Republicans will hate that! Decency is not in their playbook.

  10. this will not happen to all governors say that we can't Separated Families it's stupid people

  11. What people do not understand is, a huge majority of these children are part of human trafficking. Which means those are not even their parents and that’s going to cost us a lot of money we Americans can not afford this. We are doomed for 4 years, we need to take Biden out of the White House, or we are heading to be a communist poor country!!

  12. And Hispanics voted for Trump and they kicked their families out..smh

  13. Just let the kids go back to their own country

  14. All these archors should quit their jobs if they have a conscious.

  15. Every one of you news stations should be shut down. Y’all are worthless to us.

  16. I'm hoping to move out of this country next year…i can't tolerate this incompetent government no more…we don't owe anyone anything but we keep giving billions in Aid while our own people are homeless, begging all over.

  17. As a member of the democratic national Socialist american workers party. We understand it takes time to let children out of cages. It's not like Joe Biden can just sign an executive order that says No more detaining children in cages! He didn't do anything about this problem for 8 years as Vice President why are people upset at him now. People have to remember Trump is bad.

  18. Imported Welfare Dem voters.

  19. open borders makes the problem worse…… idiots

  20. That's Obiden administration!

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