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How Biden Executive Orders Can Set The Tone For First 100 Days | NBC News NOW

Shortly after taking the oath of office, President Biden began signing executive orders including some that would reverse Trump-era policies. Politico’s Eugene Daniels and Business Insider’s Dave Levinthal give their take on what this could mean for the president’s first 100 days in office.
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How Biden Executive Orders Can Set The Tone For First 100 Days | NBC News NOW


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  5. I Agree ๐Ÿ’ฏ Vice President Kamala Harris is going to be a great right hand woman for President Joe Biden and together they will do amazing things to get america back on top where the United States belongs . Remember Vice President Harris fear the word No she eats it for breakfast !!

  6. Trump broke America, now we need President Biden to fix it.


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  9. So many trolls out there scaring and discouraging patriots. We will never back down. Scare tactics and misinformation is their cyber weapon.

  10. I wonder if he has or will revoke the trump rule on not being able to claim charitable contributions on tax returns?

  11. The tone of voice doesnt matter. Obama and clinton had calming voices but were very deceiving.

  12. Biden regime = ๐Ÿ’ฉ

  13. Come on man no one in the Fake News has asked and important question of Joe and Ralph: is you hood out being washed and by who??

  14. All those executive orders and nothing for Americans! Democrats run on playing with your emotions! The real enemy of Americans are these politicians! You canโ€™t sit here and say that some hillbilly from the boondocks is a greater threat then these manipulators we call โ€œpoliticiansโ€

  15. Joes 1st day in office. Antifa riots in Portland, Seattle, the looting of DNC headquarters. Today 4200 people died from covid. This is Joe Bidens America now…

  16. Faked varying signing green screen videos, some show different backgrounds behind the oval office. Biden will be signing no executive orders as he has no security clearances and no legal authority. Trump still holds the nuclear codes and Biden is basically a prisoner held in a capitol hill jail by the military. Military does not recognize Biden as commander in chief and his orders have no authority.

  17. Ive never seen such a slew of orders meant to screw Americans but help China and Iran. Hey Biden? Whoโ€™s side are you on? Ours or theirs? So now fuel prices are gonna go up, taxes are gonna go up, and youre handing Iran a nuclear weapon. What a hero. Oh and by the way: F you and your masks! Done with this mask scam.

  18. Best executive order so far, mandating masks must be worn on federal property, then he goes to the Lincoln Memorial, federal property and doesnโ€™t wear a mask lol

  19. After Trump, I never thought that i would really appreciate….normal,regular even or boring everyday news.

  20. Why she is not Black she is not one of us she a foreigner and yall always put one up masquerading as african American. Jamaica isnt america and her parents are foreign. they really hate black Americans Obama wasnt one of us either. First black HOW?

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  23. How many votes did Al Gore lose Miami – Dade county by in 2000?

  24. 78 years in devotion, tested by deaths, mass experience, built for this moment, biden, by god!

  25. Why did he sign a bunch of blank pages?

  26. Biden, Pelosi represent unity and respect? Lol.

  27. I wish NBC had the manners to mute their keyboards while people talk. Rude.



  29. Now let's see what the Mueller report says now about donnyboy.

  30. Poor Biden, his checklist must be a mile long. Good thing hes planned and prepared for this. The next two weeks are going to be a flurry of activity. Looking forward to it.

  31. A Senile crook guided by Morons, Traitors, and power hungry swampers.

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