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How Biden’s face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin will go down

Ahead of the highly anticipated summit, Biden told reporters in Geneva he’s “always ready.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This man sold out America and he's a total FN joke

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh so collusion basically, i see.

  3. Biden is weak and senile *

  4. Too bad they didn't catch China Joe on a hot mic telling Putin he can be more flexible after the next election.

  5. are ALL the comments coming from disappointed Ex president Trump supporters?? it’s appalling how much ‘haters’ there is..

  6. The fact that joe is representing our country is a disgrace. But the good thing is that the military isn’t even following his dumb orders😂.

  7. Trump became the most successful businessman in New York.
    Then had the number one show on television.
    Then became president of the United States!!
    Soon to become the first person in modern history to win the election for the 3rd time!
    What an incredible human being!

  8. Just wait! this will all backfire soon enough. Prepare for the worst yet to come!

  9. This is a joke right ?

  10. Biden is the best President we have ever had! We should all he so grateful for everything out President is doing for us! God Bless 🇺🇸

  11. Hey Big Media, read the comments. That's what we actually think. And we don't think like YOU.

  12. They can’t because he didn’t have a conversation with Putin

  13. The title reads "Raising Biden the Exalted One, Vibrant and Renewed" –
    ABC News

  14. So ABC how do you know how it will go down? Get your crystal ball out?

  15. Remember when President Trump got those 2 black college basketball players release from China's prison for stealing sunglasses ????

  16. Biden will embarrass USA by being completely out of his element and weak. Putin is laughing at US.

  17. The media is so out of touch it’s like pure propaganda tbh

  18. Biden is a disgusting coward and can not even handle a debate

    Durka durka

    Also who is in charge biden or the white house administration

  19. U.S Secret Service better keep those Adult Diapers Handy, its gonna be Ugly😂

  20. BREAKING NEWS: World War 3 Started, as Biden Attempted to sniff Putins Hair😂

  21. Putin is there to let the world know he is the new world alpha. Biden will have scripted press conferences afterward and Putin will be live.

  22. Biden spent Tuesday napping in preparation for the Putin meeting.


  24. Biden takes soft ball questions from selected democrat activists posing as journalists and still screws it up… good luck America… you are going to need it!

  25. At long last: a real President with his sleeves rolled up doing the hard work!

  26. Biden will crap his diaper.

  27. as soon as the reporter said Biden is ready @1:30. You start to hear sirens. I hope this isn't foreshadowing something…..

  28. This is what he does best??? Biden has literally been on wrong on almost every foreign policy stance he has ever taken. Obama even knew this. The media is destroying this country

  29. So many positive comments for Biden 😆

  30. It's easy to say than done. Putin X KGB director, nothing will go past him. The superpower nations will never go against each other. Only Hitler tried the mass invasions against all odds.

  31. Putin quivering. That will be the day. The only ones quivering would be Biden and HARRYASX. Putin might be quivering if it was trump meeting him

  32. Good morning patriots! Gasoline prices up! Inflation up! Stock market down! Border crisis and employment crisis continues! Media silent. joe calls world leader a killer! Media would have been all over President Trump if he had said that, double standard, again!

  33. "How's Biden's face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin will go down".
    Although you can bet it won't be shown on ABC "News", Biden will go down all right. Putin will chew him up and spit him out, and as an American, I actually have no problem with that.

  34. The US needs to learn not to mess with Russia.

  35. ABC is Biden's pom pom girls..good luck with that!!

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