Tuesday , December 1 2020
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How China’s Ban On American Waste Impacts U.S. Companies | NBC News Now

The United States ships nearly half of its trash to China, but the country stopped accepting America’s waste in 2018. NBC News’ Simone Boyce takes a look at where all of the recycled plastic actually goes.
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How China’s Ban On American Waste Impacts U.S. Companies | NBC News Now


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  1. So how many rapists do you have at NBC?

  2. The communist chinese burn it all, poisoning their own population and the planet abroad. They will be first to steal the technology we strive to develop to fully integrate renewables throughout our society.

  3. Western countries send their garbage to China, accusing China of polluting the air. When China rejects their trash, they accuse the Chinese market of being too closed. Perfect users of double standards

  4. I thought they went into the Pacific?

  5. This ! is ! Sparta !
    This ! is ! America !

  6. Why would we take your trash, allow you to spy on us, you report fake news regarding Hong Kong and you complain about us ? The US is absolutely shameless!!

  7. If we all got together and started an recycling company in the United States….. $$$$$$$$$

  8. why don't South Park do an episode on China banning this?

  9. If you Americans are willing, China is going to export trash to America, ok?

  10. Not only the Americans companies, but also all the companies of the world. Handling your own trash, It’s right what China is doing.

  11. You Americans should handle your own trash , don’t transport them to the developing countries. You complain the developing countries for the air quality, then transporting trash to them, it’s funny, isn’t it?

  12. Remember that one country that never got picked for anything. The one that copies success and snuffs out its citizens voice and rights. Yea exactly stfu

  13. If we threw money in to solving this problems like we do on our military the world trash problem would have been solved long time ago.

  14. The Biggest Polluters on the Planet and we send China our Trash??? They just dump it in the Ocean! Send Nothing on China – Period!

  15. It banned all foreign trash fyi

  16. good riddance to bad rubbish…

  17. the future, belongs, to patriot. Some self proclaimed intelligent people who have problem recruiting probably need to accept the fact that their occupation is not needed anymore and are to be phased out.

  18. Come on , is China your nanny? Go and work hard. Depend on yourself. Don’t always look for the Chinese pacifier.They can’t look after you for all the time. It is time to look after yourself.

  19. Haha, never a day would I see this small minded nation not complain!
    The successful ones look for solution.
    The losers look for someone to blame .
    FACEPALM 🤦‍♂️

  20. If China won't take our trash, lets end trade with China.

  21. NBC pushing the America dependent on China propaganda. 👍

  22. Ha ha thats good.I throw my plastics in Galveston bay for fish and birds to eat.Much better then hooks and seeds.

  23. Why do you always blame others ?
    In the first place, shouldn’t America handle your own wastes?
    And now you blame China for refusing your waste ? I’m sure China with such large population will have much more waste than America, why do they need more ?
    You should use LEsS and not dump your waste to beautiful South East Asia.

  24. Remember that one Futurama Episode 😃

  25. I might be able to give you folks some ideas in a couple weeks or so 😀

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