Thursday , December 3 2020
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‘How Dare He!’ Black Lawmakers React To President Donald Trump's 'Lynching' Comparison | NBC News

After President Trump tweeted that the impeachment inquiry against him was similar to “a lynching,” lawmakers spoke out about the comparison.
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‘How Dare He!’ Black Lawmakers React To President Donald Trump’s ‘Lynching’ Comparison | NBC News


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  1. Yes! "How dare he." How dare Biden use that word to describe Bill Clinton's impeachment …and wait 21years to apologize. How dare he!

  2. He actually used that word…
    it's amazing to have a nazi approved president…😔
    He such a James Bond villain 😣It's scary..and Surreal..

    Trump would call a Cross Burning a Old School American Barbecue.

  3. This is how trump wins the black vote lol

  4. So what's next? We can't buy CoolWhip because it reminds the weak of slaves being whipped… Gtfoh

  5. Spare us all the fake selective outrage! Many WHITE men were lynched in America, it wasn't exclusive to people of dark skin ya dumb racist fools. So much hate for the white man yet every black woman wears her hair like white girls and all successful black men dress like the white man, so please stfu. Why doesn't Kamala have an afro? Why does Booker invoke the name of Spartacus? Hypocritical piles of manure.

  6. Hahahaha hahahaha “color” me pink 💁‍♂️🤣😂

  7. All the democrats do is claim racism every chance they get

  8. What a bunch of losers hanging onto a figure of speech

  9. Kamala Harris called the Jussie Smollett hoax a modern day lynching.

  10. BIDEN is on film (on CNN Lol!!) calling the Clinton impeachment ‘a lynching’ , exact same words …..and that one was done according to the rules and in full transparency —— SO, Let’s see you sycophantic hypocrites go after creepy Joe now.

  11. Next it will be take the "hail Mary" out of football. The Dimm's are pathetic.

  12. It is time for trump to get a new american made neck tie.

  13. Why only get comments from black lawmakers when people of all colors were lynched? It's reports like this as to why people have a hatred for the media……..

  14. Last time I checked, the democrat party was the party of the klan.

  15. Got A bunch of panties in some bunches!!!!

  16. The Democrats have to act outraged about the term lynching to distract from the fact that Democrats were the ones doing the lynching. From Confederate statues to lynching and Jim Crowe, all Democrats racist history they dont want to discuss and have never been made to pay a price for.

  17. Has the trial started yet? Is there a mob screaming and having a picnic while some one gets maimed and murdered? Trump is a big spoiled cry baby.

  18. Virtue signaling corrupt politicians, worse than Trump because they pretend to be moral. Joe Biden has an interview clip with Wolf Blitzer calling the Clinton impeachment
    a "PARTISAN LYNCHING". Why don't y'all go bang on Biden for awhile for saying the same thing when he was younger and coherent. Kamala is Indian pretending to be black,
     like Warren pretends to be native American. Trump pretends to be an honest businessman. Hey Kamala, go home, light up a joint, and have a laugh at the thousands
    of poor people you put in jail for doing the same. Are those Willie Brown's pearls on your neck?

  19. From Hong Kong. Some Jewish people have come forward and defending The President of the United States of America for comparing the impeachment inquiry by using the word "Lynching" by saying that's only a simple Word. I wonder How many people would defend this President if he compare the impeachment of him to "Jewish Holocaust".

  20. Black people don't own the word "lynching". Other races were lynched too. Nice try.

  21. Some people are sharing a deep fake video of Democrats calling the Clinton impeachment a lynching! Look at this trash!

  22. From Hong Kong!  So these two buddies Trump and Graham Compare impeachment to Black "Lynching". I compare The detainment of innocent immigrant women and children by the Republican party to the Third Reich Party putting Jews in the Death camp.

  23. white people can't be lynched

  24. How dare he? Lol u people are so stupid. Only blacks are racist, white people aren't racist,, facts. U guys are lynching him. Negros still living in the past even tho they have it made in America

  25. Victim game a full swing

  26. During the western expansion fo the US, white people were also lynched for things such as stealing horses, murder, etc. Lynching is not relegated to any particular race. I guess these comments from the lawmakers is what you get when your myopic about history. Maybe if they read a little history now and again they wouldn't make such ridicules statements.

  27. Racists scream racism the loudest.

  28. Who cares if you want to see some lynching go to deathaddict reality not a bunch of stupid people talking about it be about it lynching go on every day

  29. In history both black and whites were lynched. Harris, a past prosecutor was commanded to decide if a black man was guilty, then go forth to seek evidence. She put many black men behind bars. Split up families. Wounds havent healed. Yes, the Democrats are the historical group with the pointy hats, the lit torches, dragging white and black folks to the tree for hanging. Harris is part of this group. She did her part to rid America of black men and split up families. She did the round up, supplied the rope, and found the tree. Democrats support murdering black babies who have never sinned. Emily's List superpac qualifications demand nominees to support abortion. Abortion outranks lynching by so many factors. Harris should turn up her nose about black baby killing. Abortion should be a black coded term. She kills them to become President.

  30. Let me see, back in the day before black lynchings, white people were hung by a rope. Would it please you idiots that claim the word "Lynching", is racist, that hung by a rope be better? And maybe if you cry long and hard that, they will change this word in the dictionary, that it is racist to use this word.

  31. How dare all of you. No one has a greater right to reference Democrat lynchings than members of the Republican Party. Despite popular myths, to the contrary, lynching WAS NOT an anti-black thing. It was punishment, most often used against suspected Republicans, in the Solid South, up to 1967. Racist Democrat mobs murdered over 4,000 men this way, while female suspects were generally shot. Fully 2/3 were black Republicans and 1/3 white (also considered to be “race traitors” by the Democrats).

  32. Exactly how is the word "lynching" exclusive to African Americans?

    The act of lynching someone applies to anyone regardless of ethnic
    background. There are literally dozens poor Mexicans right now being
    lynched by cartel members everyday, and are we supposed to somehow say
    it doesn't apply to them when their corpses are hanging from bridges and
    power poles? It's ridiculous. Besides, anyone with a brain stem bigger
    than a pipe cleaner knows Trump is referring to a "political lynching".
    To not understand that tells me you're purely politically motivated,
    selfish, and downright ignorant.

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