Wednesday , January 27 2021
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HOW DID WE LET IT GET THIS BAD // Fashion Mumblr Vlog

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  1. U could do it Charlie!! Just make sure the sand is level an pressed down (use a large leveler)

  2. Josie vinegar, salt and water mix sprayed regularly on your sidewalk w control weeds!

  3. Unbelievable how many ads are ok your video

  4. One of my favorite vlogs of yours 🙂

  5. It's not cement between the stones, (well I hope not for your sake) it's mortar🙂

  6. Wow the gardens has really grown

  7. A lovely mix vlog 😁 Love 💕 the gardening content 🌱🌳 Well done in the heat 🥵 Late to the game posting this #QOTD Does your gardener do all the lawn mowing and you & Charlie attend to the rest or is it more of a spilt in gardening work? Those larger topiary trees 🌲🌳 look like a lot of work to maintain their shapes 🤔😁

  8. Josie, can you please indicate what top or dress with the bow at the neck you are wearing when filming in your then still empty walk-in wardrobe room? THY

  9. Charlie’s green choice for the bath tub 😁
    The sage colour looked too brown on camera …

  10. I agree with Charlie on the dark color. 😊

  11. You don’t seem to have bugs there! I cannot go into my garden as I fear bees,wasps, hornets, lantern flies, ugh!!! For the veggies, you don’t have animals there that eat the veggies? No bugs…I’m moving there!

  12. Josie, I don't understand what Soho Farmhouse is. A shopping center, a gym, a spa, a pool?

  13. Charlie and Josie: the BGE can seem intimidating to begin with, and tbh the setup IS tricky. You might consider having the workers from the store you bought it from come out and assemble it for you, but there are lots of good videos with instructions, regardless.

    I HIGHLY, H I G H L Y recommend joining a FB BGE group; the members have so much good info and so many good suggestions that you'll be a pro in no time. Here's a link for the UK BGE group: . I used to help moderate the largest American group and if it weren't for them, we'd probably never use ours out of sheer ignorance. Here's the link to that group, which, btw have a ton of members from all over the world:

    Here's a link to my IG feed with a bunch of photos of things we've cooked on our Eggs [we have three of them] including pizza and apple crisp and fish etc. . I just grilled fish for dinner tonight, as a matter of fact. I almost never use my actual oven for anything besides like, frozen french fries.

    You will LOVE your BGE and after the first steak you'll wonder why you waited so long, I promise.

  14. You are lucky with Charlie, if he's not in the kitchen he's up the scaffolding! I think he can turn his hand to anything.x 😊

  15. You are a ray of sunshine, Josie!

  16. Hi Josie, I think the darker colour would look awesome in Charlie's space. It would look superb with the dark wood. Thanks for bringing us along.

  17. I love your videos but 10 adverts! That’s so many compared to others I also watch

  18. I would suggest only putting mint into pots and placed on tiles. It is impossible to control.

  19. I just ordered the Aigle pink cardigan it’s so pretty and classy 😍

  20. The third one for the bath…..I’m with you Josie😀

  21. The herb is salvia! Very good for cooking meat or paprika zucchini and others

  22. My husband just said, "She needs to get electric shears" and "Too big of a garden for manual tools" when we watched your time-lapse of gardening work (pom-pom trees)!

  23. I’ve always known it to be “slimy, yet satisfying” 😂 no Mandela Effect there!

  24. I like the third colour too!

  25. Take care your herbs and veg don't 'go to seed' or 'bolt' X

  26. New subscriber here, love your videos.

  27. I don’t mind adverts but ten in one video??!!

  28. I think the dark color in Charlie's office would take away from the beauty of the paneling. You want to show off the paneling not hide it. I think the lighter color would look gorgeous. Accent with darker items. Just a suggestion.

  29. With the mint, you can actually have the best of both worlds and you should probably do it now. Mint "travels" by runners under ground and if you wait until next year to corral it, it will probably have literally taken over your entire bed with eyes on the lawn! Dig up all the mint, discard the plants you don't want, take your chosen plants and replant them in heavy duty plastic pots with gardener's fabric or a coffee filter in the bottom to block the drainage holes. Then sink the potted mint back into the bed where you want it to be permanently. This is an old trick used by professional gardeners to control rampant plants in a beautiful bed! Good luck!

  30. Mint will overtake any flowerbed – need to be planted either in a bed just with mint or separate from other plants. JEALOUS of your garden it's gorgeous!!! <3

  31. Josie, would you ever freeze or dry your leftover herbs? There’s so many! Honestly I know nothing about food…

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