Thursday , November 26 2020
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How Does The Temporary Cease-Fire Impact Syria, Turkey And The Kurds? | NBC News Now

Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo announced that Turkish President Erdogan has agreed to a cease-fire in Syria. But what does this actually mean for everyone involved?
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How Does The Temporary Cease-Fire Impact Syria, Turkey And The Kurds? | NBC News Now


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  1. No ethnic cleansing, Turkey supports kurds on both sides of the border

  2. This deal is good for Turkey and USA, only Israel loses

  3. Good! Israeli agents upset about this deal

  4. Erdogan is a Kim Jong Un of Europe … the 5% European-ness is perhaps the cause

  5. The guy of the white house is a puppet of V Putin and Xi Jinping that's all!

  6. FAKE NEWS Maker. are you sure this is Syria not Kentucky? hahahaha. no one believe the US news media anymore

  7. Everywhere there is a war in the world why we find american hand in it…
    Because war favour american defence industry…
    World have to understand US have no allies only economic interest….

  8. No ceasefire a 120 h pause !
    What a mess !

  9. As much as we don’t like to admit it if Russia backs Syria I’m sorry but then America will come in and probably a lot of nato(not all some countries are just scared) which will probably lead to another world war. A good thing is that due to mutually insured destruction a nuclear weapons we’ll probably be avoided.

  10. Kurdish people are different , terrorist organization PKK or YPG or SDF are different this terrorist origination support by mostly France and Germany This organization well establish in eorupe and mostly they are controlling drug business and they are making money this way, PKK or YPG or SDF whatever using the name dont make a difference they are push over 4 million people to Turkey and euro , Support to Turkey for the peace operation and let the people return to Home

  11. I love how these countries criticize pres Trump when they don't even have any skin in the game.

  12. Lets keep this straight with facts.
    * the founder of modern Turkey 'Ata Turk' will be turning in his grave now watching the direction that Turkey is heading under Erdogan.
    * Turkey has jailed more Journalist in the WORLD than Iran and China combined. (there goes the freedom of expression).
    * NATO with Turkey in that now is a big Question Mark. Time NATO evolved.
    * I hope the World has the guts to recognize the Armenian Genocide when it is a known fact that Ottoman Turks massacred more than 1.5 million Armenians'
    * If Trump does not understand these basic facts, I am switching my allegiance with Trump. Period.

  13. Ah yes, but if Turkey is invaded by Russia through the rear, you think Greece will help? 🤔🤣

  14. The bottom line is, the fighting stopped for now. Further more American personal are safe which I feel most important. So what dose the Democrat and the left media suggest. Leave American wariour in harms way and die when turkey invaded Syria. It is a knowen fact that Terky was going to invade even with Americans in harms way. These middle east wars has cost American tax payers 8 trillion dollars so far. That's almost half of the American depth AD no benifit to the American people. That money would he much better spent on American and its militery.

  15. Erdogan keeps claiming he's building a "safe zone" for Arab refugees in Syria. There are 3 problems:

    1. It's not their land to give, it belongs to Assad, it's an illegitimate settlement
    2. The "keepers" of that safe zone will be the FSA (Free Syrian Army) , who is an Islamic, anti Assad rebel group. It will be like living under ISIS.
    3. Establishing this zone will kick out all the Kurds from their native land, which means Ethnic Cleansing

  16. we the U.S.A. should have done this to mexico, and still may have too..

  17. The kurds lost because they made deal with Russia so fast now they don't control land ouch

  18. Who cares as long as there’s no more ugly poopoo smelling Kurds

  19. Could the news be presented more incorrectly?

  20. No the SDF are not disarmed and there are still clash in Ras al-Ayn.

  21. Obama's pullout of Iraq was praised by the MSM as brilliant and good strategy move. Shortly after ISIS grew into a huge caliphate and moved into Syria. This is all Obamas mess Trump has to clean up.

  22. They are using Syria as a playground to play cricket

  23. It's changed how I feel about my country. I honestly didn't think this could happen here. It's changed my view of the Republican Party, to see how they've fallen into a lockstep behind this man. It's changed how I feel about my neighbors. (This was the worst, by far, the day after the election, when I was literally in shock, and couldn't look at anyone, anywhere without a feeling of suspicion and rage: Did YOU vote for him?

    It's changed how I feel about the right-wing media, from annoyance and irritation to fear and loathing, having now seen the overwhelming power of propaganda, and a feeling of impotence to fight against it. It's changed how I feel about the Evangelical Christian community, from a quirky variant of Christianity to a malevolent force for evil. It's changed my perception of humanity in general, to see how easily people can be reduced to mindless, tribal allegiances, and to fear Trump's campaign promises

  24. This area has majority of Arabs for your information

  25. Turkey stopped the Ypg terrorist organization and american occupation.! this is how the US al-Qaeda terror organization used it. Dont forget please!!
    Americans please do not make your children soldiers for imperialists.
    when will you begin to criticize your imperialist racist law???

  26. I'm not going to speak to no one but trump or stop my offensive. 1 day later sits down with everyone except Trump and stop offensive.

  27. I don’t understand look at Pence., he like a Duracell (Albino) bear but out of battery 🔋 and when I look Pompeo guy., he smirking like he’s high with Angel dust/PcP … what is this?

  28. Turkey never had a problem with assad it was the kurds, now the kurds are weakened , all parties are happy. win win for everyone.

  29. Turkey was worried about kurds having a "country" next to its border. Americans supported the "idea" That is it!!

  30. The "Kurds" (PKK) were digging terror tunnels into Turkey, what do you expect Turkey to do about it?

  31. hahaha what a spin…. didnt Turkey's minister yesterday say that Turkish aim was to eliminate the terrorists now before it becomes more difficult tmr…. Trump saved Kurdish lives without starting a new War while not involving US troops…… keep spinning ur lies

  32. PKK killed 72000 Turkish people. Western outrage is unjustified.

  33. This guys talked for the purpose of talk only!

  34. Well you wouldn’t understand but just sit back and watch you idiots 😆😆

  35. Ok…… that's make America great again

  36. On one famous occasion recorded in the chronicles, he invited all the elderly, the poor, and the sick of his realm to gather in a splendid wooden banquet hall, where he plied them (a bit suspiciously) with roast meats and fine wine. As the grateful peasants were digesting their repast, Vlad’s soldiers sealed the doors and windows and set the building on fire, incinerating all inside. “I did this so that no one will be poor in my realm,” explained Vlad, an early pioneer of compassionate conservatism.

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