How Federal Reserve interest rate increases are impacting mortgages, auto loans

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point on Wednesday but said more hikes would be needed to bring down inflation. Senior columnist at Yahoo News, Rick Newman, joins News NOW to explain what higher interest rates means for your bottom line. 

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  1. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,200 returns from my $7,000 investment every 14days•

  2. The "Fed" is not government. They are a group of PRIVATE banks, raising rates to generate INCOME for THEMSELVES. Think about it.

  3. No Powell liars getting my vote either

  4. You all bunch liars

  5. Throw a rock in the air. At the point it starts to slow its ascent, it's still rising…. But, you know that's an indication that the rock will be coming down soon.

  6. You mean "price gouging"?????????

  7. Tha is how they make Rich 🤑 more rich they think all peoples are stupid they killing the peoples so they keep them poor and in the factory for lower pay

  8. They’re screwing the little guy. There’s your update.

  9. Cool love raising interest rates hurting average Americans all while the rich get hand outs to offset that and make record profits. If only the average person could get the same treatment.

  10. Sure, interest rates are the problem not sending 50 Billion $ to Ukraine

  11. Sorry, I don't carry cash anymore. All I got's is a company card lmao😁😆😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. The Fed spokesman says inflation is still happening, but not as fast. Are the masses supposed to rejoice at this tepid optimistic spin?! The average American is stretched to the limit, but I suppose the Fed only cares about the Investment Class. We need leadership in D.C. but the disconnect of the media and our millionaire leaders is quite apparent.

  13. People buying homes and cars right now are defined by economist as "financial idiots."

  14. Do u like immigrants😂😂😂😂😂😅

  15. Too bad for u credit is not money!😂

  16. "dis-inflationary" sounds like an attempt at a statement like un-running the train process has started

  17. A reduction in the pace of increases does not mean anything close to deflationary. Interesting how many people reacted positively to this guise of a statement.

  18. Oh look interest rates are killing the average person . Is great for the ones who have money to burn in the stock market . Remind me how people years ago like Dean Martin and others who were making 250,000 a week doing their shows in Las Vegas . Would gamble all that money away in days . Knowing another big pay check was on the way . They try and blame the consumer . Saying they are spending to much . But never mention the trillions the corporations got for a bailout . 3 times since Bush Jr was in office . And then it's let's play the game . Let's cut programs that don't effect corporations . Go after the average American making crap money instead . Because there are allot of them . They are use to be barely making it anyways . They do not need to buy their own home . Or a new car . But if they can afford one . Let them buy a Tesla for 60,000 . And feel they are saving the planet from global warming . While China and many other countries are buying more coal to burn for their power stations .They say people are living paycheck to paycheck . No they are living credit card to credit card .

  19. Given up being left in peace

    Much connect the dots

    See you tonight



  20. Like I said before. The American Government representatives need to stop working with the current banking system. Because the current banking system is controlled by evil selfish greedy people. And these so called representatives need to start a new banking system that'll never run out of funds for the people of America. And then these so called representatives can give every occupation a pay raise. And then the people's new banking system can fund so much more for the people of America. Like housing for every homeless person and family. And every person and family that needs a new free home that can replace their current old run down home. And then the people can start using hemp for all it's resources. And then marijuana can be legalized in every state of America. And then etc etc.

  21. Well I'm going to have to increase my tenants rents by another 500 bucks. But they got what they wished for. Freaking peasants always wanting more

  22. It's impossible to buy a home in this market, small houses are $1700-$2000 / month where I live.

  23. Manipulations. Fake raises to gas, meat, products.

  24. Democrat economy .. don’t believe me ? Pay attention to CA, a state ran by dems for 25 years ..

  25. The government needs to quit sending all of our hard tax working dollars over to other countries why don't any of these other country send any money to him why is it always United States always sending all of our money over there that's why it's the mess we're in right now cuz he keeps spending all of our money on these other countries what do you think out there Americans 👍💯

  26. Monthly inflation may decrease but prices will remain high. They are not coming down because the damage has already been done.

  27. Don't complain rate hike is for a good cause. Dollar will become useless so they need to do it.

  28. I don't see it!; The feds is manipulating the market

  29. Give the American people some money just like how u give billions to fight war

  30. Talk about crippling the housing market.Since his first day in office Joe has done everything he could to make life miserable for Americans.Joe did this!

  31. Everything the Fed is doing is literally to appease corporations and stock investors. If the government wanted to stop the hyperinflation they could do it over night but they choose not too because politicians become millionaires because of the stock market and their own personal investments.

  32. Federal reserve=sons of Cain, serpent seedline of satan who is their daddy.satan(false messiah) will appear in Jerusalem in the midst of the week as the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet to deceive the world into thinking he is the Messiah ( Jesus Christ). Don't be deceived by satan, as always I pray that all repent directly to God in Jesus name, and accept the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as truth because we can see all the spiritual wickedness roaming around the world today.

  33. He hasn’t mention credit card rates.

  34. During Trump's tenure, the US economy contracted 3.5% – the fastest rate since 1946.
    US average housing price = 877.12% higher in 2022 than 1967.
    US median income = 32% higher in 2022 than 1967.

  35. Everything continues to go up. And if it doesn't, there's Viagra.