Thursday , September 24 2020
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How I afford luxury travel – and my pre-travel beauty routine!
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  1. You look gorgeous with out makeup xx

  2. That happened to me n was told by the vet most likely my dashound reacted to the smacking sound by becoming scared or hearing was hurt or both.

  3. Since discovering your videos, I always watch to the end even if it takes me a few hours or days off and on.

  4. What about when the forecast is wrong? I worry about not packing a rain coat & appropriate footwear and then it rains! It’s happened to me and it’s frustrating to say the least.

  5. I recently came across your chanel & fell in love with your content & how humble & down to earth you are!!

  6. thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us! all your work is highly appreciated 🙂

  7. Hi, I watched this video loved it & your Dubai video I am traveling there in Febuary I can't wait…thanks for the tips this is my first flight ever…❤

  8. Love this video👍❤️

  9. Josie….you're a genius

  10. still beautiful underneath that wet slimy looking mask lol

  11. Hi Josie – I neither smoke nor drink (habitually or socially). Wine on occasion. What you described is exactly how I maximize my hotel stays, too! Explore the hotel, decide what activities are top priority, then extract the fun within my allotted time-frame; ask for late check-out! Make the most of every moment in life! 😀 <3 Jeanne-Marie

  12. great inspirational videos Josie…really fun and interesting. Thankx

  13. Love your videos, editing, how calming your voice is 🦄 ypu are a big inspiration for my channel 😍

  14. Lovely video, but very distracted by your adorable pups! What breed are they? Asking for a friend ☺️🌸

  15. I will go to Tulum!! I hope I see you there Love your channel! 😍

  16. I love, love all your videos, they are very inspirational. thank you for all your traveling tips.

  17. I know I'm watching this late but what a lovely video!! I'm going to Italy in couple of weeks, so excited! going to Rome to an apartment and then Pompeii and then to Sicily to stay in a secluded villa, can't wait to get some great Insta content lol x

  18. Inspiring, informative and you are always so happy and polite. Great tips and agree the Kate Spade dress is gorgeous xx

  19. I am so happy I discovered your channel, you are so inspiring!

  20. could you show us the inside of the Ted Baker luggage? I am finding that many suitcases are eliminating built-in zip bags, and being nicely organized. You would save me a lot of legwork if you do a video. Thank you in advance Josie!

  21. I love to travel as well thanks for your advice and like your dress

  22. So informative !!! Have fun during your trip ! I'm flying to Greece on the 24.07 !!

  23. Great tips on luxury travel….thanks!

  24. Daddy she looks great in a bathing suit…. And… Well…. I mean…. I sure got the hots for Daisy!!!!!!

  25. Wait, how did you get a Macbook Pro in Rose Gold?!

  26. I love your videos so so much !!! always waiting for the new one <3 you are amazing!

  27. Can you do a video on what to do to be a vlogger

  28. And … LOVE your suitcase !!!! its soooo pretty with the bows and golden wheels 😄😄😄absolutely fantastic 👌👌👌

  29. Thank you so much for your great tips!!! Looking forward to a holiday myself 😄😄😄😄

  30. Loved this video. Your pictures from when you are away are always stunning. I feel weird not to be going on a beach holiday this year as I am going on an aid trip to Tanzania!

  31. your hair and this makeup look so prettyyyy…what brand is the round handbag in the background?

  32. Absolutely love your lipstick in the first part of this video could you let me know what it is please ? love the video by the way my hubby is very much a point collector and we have had some great trips subsequently

  33. LOVE watching your videos!! <3

  34. I really like those long vlogs.

  35. hey question, how do you travel with your dogs? do you just have a dog sitter or does he stay with friends and family? wanting to travel more but feel bad because of my pup!

  36. you seem to know a lot about skin care and I like that about you and I am enjoying this video

  37. Great video, Josie. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

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