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How I lost 50kgs ? | CRAZY 1 YEAR Weight Loss and Body Transformation 2019 | Fat to Fit

Hello/Namaste people welcome to TheBigFatFit , I am Chirag and this is my weight loss journey video of beating obesity and undergoing a natural fitness/weight loss transformation.

At my heaviest I found the weighing scale read 120kg+ (OMG).

I grew up as a fat kid who battled obesity and now have chiseled body which I always dreamed of.

I underwent a HUGE physical and more so a mental transformation and that changed my life (a weight loss story). This video covers every bit of it.

Found it inspiring?

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  1. HEY GUYS!

    Thank you so much for the love and support from the bottom of my heart. The weightloss was just one aspect. A transformation like this involves changing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise. Can't wait to put more content to help my fellow human beings.
    If you think this is something that you like, consider subscribing and you wouldn't be disappointed 🙂


  2. aree diet share kar naaa ye video ka kya krege dekh kar.

  3. Bro, how did you become too fair after weight loss??

  4. How didn’t you get lose skin?

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey

  6. Brother did you face loose skin issue? Kindly help me I have lost around 25 kgs and still to reduce 15 kgs.

  7. For obese Indian, lean beef with brown rice is the best diet.

  8. Good job 👍 son well done

  9. This dude really motivated me, I can't thank him enough. In June this year I weighed 104kgs. My self confidence in shambles, everything draining apart for me. I looked if front of my mirror and made a goal that I would go for rum daily and come back after 1 month to see my body. After 1 month, I had lost around 7kgs and I was really happy. By this time, going for a run daily became my habit and within 3 months I lost around 27 kgs. I am now fitter, healthier, confident and a changed person in general. To anyone reading this, with PERSEVERENCE and DISCIPLINE you can do anything. These are are mind games, nothing else.

  10. bro saw this nailed it
    What was your blood pressure when you started the journey?

  11. Bro did you get loose skin?

  12. Bro Do you use any chemicals like steroids or dianabol in small dose

  13. How tf did his skin colour changed? @TheBigFatGuy can you explain

  14. Consistency is one of the greatest key

  15. Bro wht about loose skin did u face that issue

  16. nice bruh,
    that was really motivating!

  17. How did you loose your stomach fat first

  18. Unbelievable fat loss. It's amazing.

  19. You become so beautiful Man after your fat loss

  20. I hope that I can decrease my fat body just like you

  21. Iam a fat guy just like your past

  22. Hi. When you were in gym what exercises did you do. Can you please tell me your an entire plan in terms of gym exercise.

  23. Your neck is also clean after weight loss i m r8

  24. Bro tum tumahara fitness ko choro; phele batou kese tumne tmahara body colour change kea?? I mean how you changed you colour?? Black to white????

  25. Suggest me some diets I wanna lose weight

  26. Bro did u use any suppliment medicine?

  27. My guy! Legit I was so afraid about losing weight, so worried about loose skin especially. My physique and weight is very similars to yours, only difference is I'm a bit taller. Holy fucking shit I can see myself being as ripped as you, I never could imagine that before but thanks to you I can. I'm really going to stop giving myself bullshit excuses. Better to have lots of loose skin than to not be able to do fun stuff. Best part is….. you dont even have any loose skin!!

  28. Man he became so handsome.from being a normal fat guy.

  29. Hi, how did you tackle the issue of loose skin? Hoping you reply 🙂

  30. Bro how many months did you do cardio when you were chubby?

  31. what was your age, when you started your journey?
    also, what about lose skin, did you manage to overcome all your lose skin?

  32. Bro you are just lit and I'm just like you one year ago and I'm also going to start gym you are my motivation 💕best of luck

  33. He went from scammer level 1 to scammer level 2000

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