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This will be a shock to everyone that doesn’t know me in real life.. but yes I lost 60 pounds! I was fed up with being unhealthy and decided to change my life, and 4 years later it’s crazy that I’m finally here and making this video to share to everyone. I remember envisioning this moment whenever I felt discouraged or unmotivated with my weight loss journey… Honestly guys, if I can do it, YOU CAN!!! Don’t let anyone OR yourself keep you away from your goals and dreams. There’s so much more I could share but this video would be a billiofwniofjaeiofjw minutes long haha, so I’ve narrowed it down to 10 super easy tips to get you to lose weight and keep it off! I followed these tips when I was losing weight, and still continue to follow them to this day. This is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix, but it’s the only way you’ll be able to get rid of your weight and keep it off. I promise if you make these changes to your life, you will see a change in your body. 🙂

Just wanted to put a disclaimer as well: Weight is a really complex thing, and you could be unable to lose weight for a certain number of medical reasons.. soo this might not work for everyone.

I don’t even know if anyone reads the info section of youtube videos lol.. but if you did hey hello wassapppppp.. leave me a suggestion or question on what other health/fitness videos you wanna see!

ps sorry for the constant lighting changes in the video, I use natural light 🙁

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  1. Well I think you were hella attractive then, just as much you are right now!

  2. Gurl you helped someone today an that someone is meeeee!!!!!!

  3. Please make a vid about self harming

  4. 1 like on sit up until Christmas.
    *I will do it*
    😖 then I will tell you how it goes lol

  5. If I lost 60 pounds I would die. I would weigh 0 pounds

  6. I just love your honesty grullll

  7. When you drink your calories…..epic aha moment for me

  8. My tip is- any time you're tempted to eat go for a long walk instead. You forget all about eating while you're walking and you're burning calories.

  9. You are so beautiful motivates me to eating & working out more ty

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  11. I guess you could do all that or just do keto and take the keto pills from

  12. My little weight loss hack is the keto pills from

  13. Anyone can lose 1 pound/day just form taking

  14. My brother is losing 1 pound per day just from taking

  15. I use to think losing weight was hard until I found out about

  16. I am so thankful I found last month, so far i'm down 27 pounds

  17. If you are looking for a fat burner I highly recommend

  18. I’m seeing everyone else do this so
    One like=five squats and no apple juice for a week
    (I love apple juice)😭

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  20. I rlly need to lose a little bit of weight 😭 it hurts me a lot ! My dad told me I’m gonna become a fat cow ! Just to let u know ! I cried while typing this !

  21. I would stay and listen to you for hours. You're gracious, funny and spontaneous. Honestly, so beautiful

  22. Have you injected something in your lips?

  23. Came here because I weigh 231 my weight has been going up and I just felt unmotivated. Great tips ! Im going to fix my diet

  24. Can anybody tell me why I am 70kg with no fizzy drink or juice and sweets!!!

  25. How long did it take u to lose all that weight????

  26. Okay Takis are hot and there chips will that still reduce ur fat?

  27. 1 like = 1 sip of water
    I’m sorry coffee is my only source of hydration

  28. When she said stop drinking POP I thought only was the only one who called it "pop"

  29. 1 like= everyday without unwanted sugar.
    I will keep you updated so you don't think I'm lying, lol

  30. i will gladly eat healthy but i HATE working out haha

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